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Series II: Project Drawings

Mrs. Dudley P. Allen House, 1188 Hillcrest Avenue (Pasadena, Calif.). Alterations.   Edward H. Angle House (Pasadena, Calif.)

Edward H. Angle House, 58 Bellevue Place, New London Court (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Residence, Los Angeles, Cal., for Dr. Edw. H. Angle. : [and garage] / D. St. Donnelly, arch't. n.d. 18 sheets various media 40.2 x 51.9 cm. (51 7/7 x 20 1/2 in.) or smaller +

Scale varies.
Many of the prints have water damage.
This set consists of 13 blueprints on paper, 5 blueprints with pastel on paper, and 1 pencil drawing on paper. Set also contains a booklet of plumbing specifications.

Index Terms
Subjects: 1. Houses. 2. Entablatures. 3. Garages. 4. Edward H. Angle house, 58 Bellevue Place, New London Court (Los Angeles, Calif.) Geographic Names: 1. Los Angeles (Calif.) Genre/Media: 1. Detail drawings. 2. Orthographic drawings. 3. Blueprints. 4. Pastel drawings. 5. Pencil drawings. Associated Names: 1. Angle, Edward H. 2. Donnelly, Dudley St. Clair.

List of Drawings (View All Thumbnails)

1. NYDA.1960.001.00076. East elevation JPEG | Zoom

2. NYDA.1960.001.00077. South elevation JPEG | Zoom

3. NYDA.1960.001.00078. West elevation JPEG | Zoom

4. NYDA.1960.001.00079. North elevation JPEG | Zoom

5. NYDA.1960.001.00080. Basement plan : 148 JPEG | Zoom

6. NYDA.1960.001.00081. First floor plan JPEG | Zoom

7. NYDA.1960.001.00082. Second floor plan JPEG | Zoom

8. NYDA.1960.001.00083. Attic floor plan Tag attached with no. "33...", half of tag missing. JPEG | Zoom

9. NYDA.1960.001.00084R. Outside details -- main cornice, brackets, dormer rake, rake [for] main cornice, dormer cornice, [other entablature] JPEG | Zoom

10. NYDA.1960.001.00084V. [Rough sketches of joints] JPEG | Zoom

11. NYDA.1960.001.00085. Outside details -- cornice on butler's pantry extension, part elevation [of] balustrade, main cornice above sleeping porch, balustrade & cornice over bay windows, sleeping porch windows, cornice over staircase windows, sill & seat [for] staircase window, mullion for sleeping porch windows JPEG | Zoom

12. NYDA.1960.001.00086. Details [of] window frames, etc. -- double hung windows in shingled walls, double hung windows in cement covered walls, mullion, French windows, wood grilles, basement windows JPEG | Zoom

13. NYDA.1960.001.00087. Main staircase -- elevation & section, part plan, details [of newel, balusters and handrail] JPEG | Zoom

14. NYDA.1960.001.00088. Pantry drawings -- elevation looking north [and] elevation looking west [of] butler's pantry, elevation [and] section [of] kitchen pantry : Sheet A "Note - see sheet B for details". JPEG | Zoom

15. NYDA.1960.001.00089. Pantry details : Sheet B "Note - see sheet A for scale drawings". JPEG | Zoom

16. NYDA.1960.001.00090. [Detail drawings] -- half elevation of seat, etc. ; front ent[rance] door ; veranda doors ; rear entry doors ; first, second & third story doors ; half plan of seat ; seat & arch details ; door details "Note - see 1/4" scale drawings for sizes of doors". JPEG | Zoom

17. NYDA.1960.001.00091. Part elevation [and] section [of] trim for dining room ; part elevation [with] elevation & section [of] trim for first & second story halls ; [details in sections of] head & jambs [of] trim for living room JPEG | Zoom

18. NYDA.1960.001.00092. Mantel, etc. [in] dining room -- front view [i.e. elevation], end view, plan, details ; mantel, etc. [in] living room -- front view, end view, plan, details JPEG | Zoom

19. NYDA.1960.001.00093. Garage -- plan, north elevation, west elevation : 131 "58 Bellevue Place, New London Ct.". JPEG | Zoom

Mrs. Dudley P. Allen House, 1188 Hillcrest Avenue (Pasadena, Calif.). Alterations.   Edward H. Angle House (Pasadena, Calif.)