Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library

Series I: Personal Papers

  Sketches by Charles Sumner Greene

Creative Writings by Charles Sumner Greene

Box:1 Folder:1
Thais Thayer, n.d.

Typescript of an unpublished novel written under the pseudonym, Evelyn Everleigh. 411 p.

Box:1 Folder:2
Poetry and Prose1896-1898, n.d.

Manuscript materials sent to Charles' daughter, Mrs. Alice Sumner Penha, Carmel, Calif. by Chester Stock, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. Envelope postmarked Jan. 11, 1950 and inscribed: C.S.G. - Manuscript Poems. The following items were included in the envelope:


Cover inscribed, Book no. 1. Notebook contains:

Two poems, one titled Soul and the other unititled.

Prose writing titled, The Path of the Petty Poets

Two dated entries, Sun., Dec. [18]97 and Sun., March 6 [18]98.

Three holographic sheets found loose in notebook: two poems, Faith and On Shaking Hands with a friend, and prose writing on a bank deposit slip, Moddern [sic] Don Jaun [sic]

Two small sketches found in notebook were removed and are described in Series I, subseries: Sketches by Charles Sumner Greene.

Via Kansas,n.d.

Title page of manuscript reads: Via Kansas by Sumner Greene, 368 Arroyo Terrace, Passadena, Calif. 20 p.

Poetry1896, n.d.

Handwritten poems, includes:

Six titled poems: Autumn, Ego, History (with typescript transcription), Inceptions, Tomorrow (dated Mar. 28, 1896), and Ruins (dated Aug.22, 1896)

Six pages of untitled poetry.

Miscellaneous writings,n.d.

Includes the following:

One page of prose

Text of a meeting or service given to Charles by his grandmother.

Two page (pages numbered 3 and 8) writing on the subject of beauty. Handwriting.does not appear to be Charles'.

  Sketches by Charles Sumner Greene