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Series IV: Jean Murray Bangs' Research Files on Greene & Greene

Research Materials  

Greene & Greene Project Records in Jean Murray Bangs' Research Files

Box:9 Job Lists

File card records transcribed by Jean Murray Bangs from the Greenes' job book. Three sets of cards: 104 handwritten cards, 3x 5 inches; 14 typewritten cards, 3 x 5 inches; and 139 handwritten sheets of paper folded to approximately 4 1/2 x 5 1/2, inches. Each set is arranged alphabetically by client. Transcribed information includes client name, job number, year, and value of the contract

Box:7 Folder:6
Project Drawings,n.d., 1906-1907

The nine drawings listed here were the gift of Harwell Hamilton Harris, accession 1987.003. Duplicates of the drawings, except for the Cordelia A. Culbertson house and the Unidentified project (which is the only drawing of this group of nine not by Greene & Greene), are also included in Series III: Project Drawings.

S. S. Crow house (Pasadena, Calif.). Grounds.n.d.

1. NYDA.1987.003.00539 Block plan of residence and grounds of Mr. Edward S. Crocker at Oak Knoll Blueline print

Copy of NYDA.1960.001.04517.

Cordelia A. Culbertson house (Pasadena, Calif.)n.d.

1. NYDA.1987.003.00540 Floor plan and part plan of basement Blueline print

(Note that this item is stored with Cordelia A. Culbertson Drawings described in Series III: Project Drawings)

Freeman A. Ford house (Pasadena, Calif.). 1907

1. NYDA.1987.003.00541 [Ground] floor plan ; Sheet no. 2, Sept. 21st, '06, revised June 26th '07. Blueline print

Copy of NYDA.1960.001.01225, minus the notes.

2. NYDA.1987.003.00542 East elevation; west elevation; [interior elevation]--bedroom #3 north side, [and] south side; den east side, south side [and] west side : Sheet no. 3, Sept. 21st '06, revised June 26th '07. Blueline print

Copy of NYDA.1960.001.01226.

3. NYDA.1987.003.00543 [Elevations] -- court east side, court south side, south side of nursery, north side of dining r'm, south side of dining r'm, west side of dining r'm, east side of dining r'm, east side dining r'm, east side of hall, east side of living r'm, west side of living room : Sheet no. 4, Sept. 21st '06, revised June 26th '07. Blueline print

Copy of NYDA.1960.001.01228.

F.W. Hawks house (Pasadena, Calif.). Unexecuted design.1906

1. NYDA.1987.003.00544 [Ground] floor plan : Sheet no. 2, July 12th '06. Blueline print

Copy of NYDA.1960.001679.

2. NYDA.1987.003.00545 West elevation, east elevation : Sheet no. 3, July 12th, '06. Blueline print

Copy of NYDA.1960.001.01680.

3. NYDA.1987.003.00546 Front elevation, section showing south side of living room, sectional elevation looking north, section thro living rm. looking west : sheet no. 4, July 12th '06. Blueline print

Copy of NYDA.1960.001.01682.

Unidentified project.n.d.

1. NYDA.1987.003.00547 Basement floor plan, drawn by Harwell Hamilton Harris. Blueline print

Edward R. Bosley identified this floor plan as the work of Harwell Hamilton Harris.

Box:1 Folder:9

Prentiss house specifications for concrete retaining wall, steps and paving, job. no. 514. Two copies: Set no. 1 office copy and Set no. 3.

Research Materials