Boris Sapir Papers

Finding Aid Prepared by Ellen Scaruffi
April 2002

Date Range: 1898-1992
Size of Collection: 30 linear ft. (24,000 items in 71 Boxes).
Date of Acquisition: The Boris Sapir Collection was given to the Bakhmeteff Archive, Columbia University in 1990 by Dr. Sapir's family. Special thanks are due to Mrs. Boris Sapir and Dr. Anna Sapir Abulafia for making this gift possible. Prof. Marc Raeff must also be acknowledged for the important role he played in helping to bring the Collection to Columbia University.

The detailed cataloging and description of the Collection was made possible thanks to a grant from the Leo Lande Foundation in 1992.
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The life of Boris Sapir (1902-1989) spanned most of the twentieth century and was touched by some of its most tumultuous and important events. In the obituaries written about him, he was often termed the last Menshevik. This refers to the fact that he joined the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party Mensheviks in 1919 at the age of seventeen and far outlived all other party leaders most of whom were a generation older. But he was also an historian and archivist and editor or author of several important works on the history of Russian radical populism and socialism.

Boris Moiseevich Sapir was born on February 24 1902 in the city of Lodz then part of the Russian Empire's Polish provinces. His father Moses Sapir was a Jewish businessman in that rapidly growing industrial city. At home the family spoke Russian but the young Sapir acquired some knowledge of Hebrew and Yiddish as well. Boris Sapir attended the Vitanovskii Gymnasium in Lodz until 1914. After the occupation of Lodz by the Central Powers in December 1914 the Sapirs settled in Moscow and Boris continued his education at the gymnasium division of the Lazarevskii Institute of Oriental Languages. After the February 1917 Revolution the young Sapir became more and more politically involved. By mid-1918 he had come to sympathize with the Mensheviks. He formally joined the party in November 1919. He served in a noncombatant role.

Following the line of its leaders at that point in the Russian civil war when the White armies seemed close to victory and to restoration of the old order he joined the Red Army. He served from November 1919 to January 1921 by which time the Bolsheviks were sure of victory and were beginning to move ruthlessly against their erstwhile socialist allies. Many Mensheviks Socialist Revolutionaries and others were exiled imprisoned or killed. Sapir spent most of the period from February 1921 to December 1925 in prisons concentration camps including the notorious Solovki complex in the far north and Siberian exile because of his Menshevik affiliation and activities. He finally escaped abroad in 1926.

Sapir then settled in Germany. He remained an active Menshevik working in the Foreign Delegation of the party Zagranichnaia Delegatsiia RSDRP and representing it at the conferences of the Socialist Youth International in the late 1920s and early 1930s. He was also a regular contributor to the party's journal Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik Socialist Herald He attended Heidelberg University graduating with a degree in law Dr. juris utriusque in 1932. His thesis Dostojewsky und Tolstoi über Probleme des Rechts Dostoevskii and Tolstoi on Problems of Law was published in Tübingen in 1932 and republished in 1977.

In 1933 when the Nazis came to power in Germany he left the country. By the end of 1935 he had settled in Amsterdam. There he began his many years of work with the International Institute of Social History. Together with Boris I. Nicolaevsky director of the Institute's branch in Paris he organized its work collecting and preserving, materials on the history of Russian socialism and populism.

The outbreak of World War II, and the German occupation of the Netherlands started Sapir moving westwards again beginning an important new phase in his professional and political life. In 1942 he reached Cuba where he found himself again working as an historian. This time however his topic was Jewish history specifically the development of the Jewish community of Cuba. The results of his work appeared in articles in several languages German Yiddish and English. In English the result was The Jewish Community of Cuba Settlement and Growth New York 1948

In 1944 Sapir entered the United States. He settled in New York where he became an active member of the sole surviving significant group of exiled Mensheviks. Led by such party veterans as Fedor and Lidiia Dan Raphael, Abramovitch, Gregor Aronson Boris Nicolaevsky and others they continued to publish Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik until 1965 and to discuss the present and future of Russia. At the end of the forties a dispute arose among the Mensheviks about the question whether political cooperation with the Russians who had fought on the German side against the Soviet Union in World War II was permissible.

Sapir and some others denied this and went into the opposition. Sapir became an American citizen and in 1948 he married Berti Willikes-MacDonald a Dutch citizen. They had two children Leo Alexander born in 1949 and Anna Brechta born in 1952 He remained active in historical research as the Director of the Research Department of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. He was also one of the initiators of the Inter-University Project on the History of the Menshevik Movement. He was one of the authors of The Mensheviks From the Revolution of 1917 to the Second World War Chicago and London 1974 contributing its thoughtful concluding section Notes and Reflections on the History of Menshevism.

In 1967 on his retirement from the Joint Distribution Committee Sapir returned with his family to Amsterdam. There he took up once more the work he had left a quarter of a century before. He remained for the rest of his life at the International Institute of Social History collecting and editing archival materials advising scholars and students and publishing several important works on the history of Russian populism and socialism. These were Vpered 1873-1877 Materialy iz arkhiva Valeriana Nikolaevicha Smirnova Vpered 1873-1877 Materials from the Archive of V. N. Smirnov 2 vols. Dordrecht 1970, Lavrov, gody emigratsii Arkhivnye materialy v dvukh tomakh Lavrov the Years of Emigration Archival Material in Two Volumes Dordrecht 1974, Fedor Il'ich Dan: Pis'ma, 1899-1946 F. I. Dan Letters 1899-1946 Amsterdam 1985, and, Iz arkhiva L. O. Dan From the Archive of L. O. Dan Amsterdam 1987

He also wrote numerous shorter essays book reviews and introductions to others' books. His professional, bibliography, as both an historian and a socialist covers seven decades 1926-1989 and includes materials published not only in Russian and English but in German Yiddish Dutch and Hebrew as well. In 1985 he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Amsterdam. Just before his death on December 11 1989 he completed an introduction to a collection of the letters and writings of Menshevik leader L. Martov. He was also working on a history of Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik including the decipherment of the many pseudonyms used by its authors. The index was published posthumously in 1992.

Just as his adult life had commenced in the years of the Russian revolutions and civil war he died as communist power was rapidly declining in the Soviet Union and indeed already collapsing in many countries. In an announcement of Sapir's death his family noted We are grateful that he was able to experience the beginning of the disintegration of communism in Eastern Europe.

On December 6 1991 on the eve of the dissolution of the, USSR, Soviet legal authorities officially recognized that Sapir's arrests and convictions in 1921-25 were illegal and he was rehabilitated along with many other former political prisoners. Sapir's family in the West was notified, and of this a few months later by which time the USSR had ceased to exist. The relevant documents, listing his alleged crimes and resulting punishments can perhaps serve as a coda to the history of Russian Menshevism and its apparent complete defeat by the Bolsheviks and the Soviet state but then the subsequent collapse of that state itself as the century neared its close.


       This collection of papers thoroughly documents most aspects of the life and work of Boris Sapir, particularly his activities as a Menshevik leader and writer in the Russian emigration, and as an historian of Russian populism and socialism. Materials on his work as a Menshevik include correspondence with his colleagues, significant files on the "Foreign Delegation" in Germany in the 1920s-30s, and on its "New York Center" in the 1940s-50s, an extensive collection of photographs of his fellow Mensheviks, and files and manuscripts relating to the Inter-University Project on the History of Menshevism from the 1960's. Concerning Sapir's career as an historian and archivist, there is material he used for his many publications in the field, correspondence with scholars and students (mostly asking his guidance, or thanking him for it), and some of his own manuscripts. There is a great deal of material on his personal life as well, in particular in his correspondence, in files on his biography, bibliography, and posthumous "rehabilitation, " and in his manuscript and photograph collections. Less well documented are his two decades of work with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

Besides the importance of the papers generated by Sapir himself, this collection is an excellent source for work on the Mensheviks because he was entrusted by his friends and colleagues with their own papers. These materials help to document the history of Menshevism particularly from the still hopeful years of the "Foreign Delegation" in Germany in the 1920s, to the last years of the "New York Center, " including its internal disputes in the 1950s, soon followed by the deaths of those Mensheviks who had survived the many years of wars and persecutions. Some of the materials go back to the pre-revolutionary era, through memoirs on the early years of Russian Marxism (1890s-1917).

The entire collection consists of approximately 24, 000 items, spanning 1898-1992. Most of it consists of Sapir's own papers (Series 1). This series includes extensive correspondence (chiefly post-1945); manuscripts by Sapir and others (many on the history of Menshevism); Sapir's research notes; several subseries of subject files, among which are copies of papers of P.B. Aksel'rod at the International Institute for Social History, biographical files on Mensheviks and others, the "History of Menshevism project, Petr Lavrov and Russian Populism, and Sapir's own life and career; an extensive collection of photographs, many documenting the history of Menshevism; and printed materials. While most of the correspondence consists of letters from Sapir's friends, family, and Menshevik colleagues (with carbon copies of many of Sapir's letters), there are also letters by P.B. Aksel'rod, Isaiah Berlin, Willy Brandt, F. Dan, Lucy S. Dawidowicz, Michael Karpovich, Victor Serge, and George Vernadsky. This series includes approximately two-thirds of the total collection. The file of correspondence from Boris Sapir to Marc Raeff was a gift of Marc Raeff in 1995.

Series 2 includes two boxes of papers of Raphael A. Abramovitch (1880-1963), Menshevik and Yiddish and Russian journalist. Much of the collection concerns the mysterious murder of his son, Mark Rein, who was evidently killed by communist agents in Spain in 1937. Abramovitch corresponded with many socialist colleagues in an attempt to ascertain the circumstances of his son's death, including Abraham Cahan, Emma Goldmann, Karl Kautsky, and Norman Thomas.

Series 3 consists of four boxes of the papers of Gregor Aronson (1887-1968), also a Menshevik and journalist. There are chiefly manuscripts, notes, and subject files, from the post-1945 period, but also Aronson's correspondence with prominent Russian émigrés such as Mark Aldanov, Michael Karpovich, and Gleb Struve, as well as his fellow Mensheviks, and photocopies of letters from Marc Chagall.

Series 4 has six boxes of the papers of Fedor Dan (1871-1947), and of his wife, Lidiia Dan (1878-1963). Cataloged correspondence consists of letters by Leon Blum and Fedor Dan himself. Most of this series is made up of materials from the 1940s-60s, including correspondence, Lidiia Dan's diaries and notebooks, files of Fedor Dan's journal, Novyi Put', and subject files and printed materials.

Series 5 is made up of three boxes of papers of another Menshevik couple, Petr (1881-1944) and Sofiia (1885-1958) Garvi (or Garvy). Besides a limited amount of correspondence, this series chiefly consists of drafts of Petr Garvi's memoirs, which were published in 1964 as Vospominaniia sotsialdemokrata (Memoirs of a Social Democrat).

Series 6 is papers of Boris Gurevich (alias Dvinov, 1886-1968), another Menshevik and writer. There are two boxes of mostly post-1945 files, including correspondence, manuscripts, and subject files on right wing Russian émigré political groups.

Series 7 consists of one box of papers of Abram Lazarevich Vigderzon (d. 1984). It has Vigderzon's correspondence in the 1970s-80s with Sapir, and manuscripts, including one concerning the Zionists imprisoned at Solovki in the 1920s.

Series 8 includes four boxes of records of the Zagranichnaia Delegatsiia RSDRP. These records include correspondence of the 1920s (among them letters from Mensheviks in internal exile in the Soviet Union in the 1920s); notebooks and transcripts of the minutes of the Delegation's meetings in the 1920s-50s; files on the "Berlinskii klub im. Martova" (1920s-30s) and the "New York Center" (1940s-50s); Sapir's notebooks from the 1920s-30s; and files on the conferences of the Socialist Youth International, in which he participated as a representative of the Delegation in the late 1920s and 1930s.

Series 9 was the gift of Mrs. Leon Shapiro to the Bakhmeteff Archive in 1985. It consists of one box of letters from Boris Sapir to Leon Shapiro covering the period 1974 through 1984. The correspondence deals primarily with contemporary political events in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. It also contains extensive critical commentary on a wide range of publications including the Russian émigré press, world literature and the social sciences. Of special interest are Sapir's discussion of his own works and the events leading up to their publication.

Series I

   --Cataloged Correspondence & Photographs


1  Aksel'rod, P. B. (Pavel Borisovich) (1850-1928)
     To Evgenii Arkad'evich Anagin [Anaguine]
       [v.p.], Jan. - May 1920
       5 autograph cards signed
       11 autograph post cards signed (with envelopes)

1  Berlin, Isaiah, Sir
     To Boris Sapir
       Oxford, 3 June 1965
       1 page t.l.s. (with carbon reply)

1  Brandt, Willy (1913-)
     To Boris Sapir
       Bonn, 27 June 1985 and 21 Oct. 1985
       2 t.l.s. (with copies, replies, and related materials)

1  Dan, F. (Fedor) (1871-1947)
     To Boris Sapir
       New York, 10 June and 1 July 1942
       1 a.l.s.
       1 t.l.s.

1  Dawidowicz, Lucy S.
     To Boris Sapir
       Elmhurst, NY, 2 Feb. 197
       1 page t.l.s.

1  Karpovich, Michael (1888-1959)
     To Boris Sapir
       Cambridge, Mass. and New Haven, Conn, Nov. 1946 and Sept. 1958
       3 a.l.s.
       1 t.l.s. (with envelope)

1  Serge, Victor (1890-1947)
     To Boris Sapir
       Mexico, Sept. 1942
       1 page t.l.s.

1  Vernadsky. George (1887-1973)
     To Boris Sapir
       New Haven, Conn., 7 Aug. 1957
       1 a.p.c.s.


1  Aksel'rod, P. B. (Pavel Borisovich) (1850-1928)
       [v.p.], [n.d.] and 1922-1928
       40 photographs

1  Blum, Leon (1872-1950) and David Dubinsky (1892- )
       [n.p.], no date
       2.25 x 2.2 in photograph

1  Breshko-Breshkovskaia, Ekaterina Konstantinovna (1944-1934)
       [n.p.], [n.d.]
       3.55 x 5.45 in. photograph, signed

1  Kautsky, Karl (1854-1938)
       [n.p.], [n.d.]
       3 photographs

1  Kizevetter, A.A. (Aleksandr Aleksandrovich) (1844-1934)
       [n.p.], ca. 1907
        3.4 x 5.3 in. photograph

1  Lavrov, P.L. (Petr Lavrovich) (1823-1900)
       [n.p.], no date
       5 x 7 in. photograph

1  Martov, L. (1873-1923) [IUlii Osipovich TSederbaum]
       [v.p.], [n.p.] 1916-1923
       12 photographs

1  Radek, Karl (1885-1939)
       [n.p.], 1909-1910
       3 photographs

1  Trotsky, Leon (1879-1940)
       [n.p.], 1918-1939?
       3 photographs

   --Arranged correspondence

2  A miscellaneous

2  Abramovitch, Raphael A. (1880-1963)

2  Adler Family

2  Alloi, Vladimir Efimovich

2  American Joint Jewish Distribution Committee

2  Andler family

2  Aronson, Gregor (1887-1968)

     B miscellaneous

2  Bal'zamo, Elena Grigor'evna

2  Barents, Jan

2  "Bibliographica Judaica"

2  Bienstock, Gregory (1885-1954)

2  Blit, Lucjan and Barbara

2  Bogdanova, Nataliia Borisovna

2  Brancovan, Constantine

2  Brovkin, Vladimir N.

     C miscellaneous

2  Caffi, Andreas
     To Mikhail Andreevich Osorgin & Tatiana Ossorguine-Bakounine

2  Cherikover, I.M. (1881-1943) Tcherikower

3  D miscellaneous

3  Dallin, David J. (1889-1962) with Raphael A. Abramovitch (1880-1963)

3  Dalina, Liliia
            2 folders

3  Dan, Lidiia

3  Dediulin, Sergei Vladimirovich

3  Dickman, Irving R.

3  Devreese, Daisy Eveline

3  Dietz-Verlag

3  Donald, Moira

3  Duker, Abraham G. (Abraham Gordon) (1907-)

3  Einsele, Helga Hackmann (1910-)

3  Eiter, Richard

3  Elwood, Ralph Carter (1936-)

3  "Encyclopedia Judaica"

3  Erlich, Alexander

3  Estrin, Samuel Efimovitch

4  F miscellaneous

4  Fel'shtinskii, IUrii (1956-)

4  Fieseler, Beate

4  Fine, Morris

4  Francl, Herbert

4  G miscellaneous

4  Garvi, Petr A. (Petr Abramovich) (1881-1944) and Sofiia

4  Garvy, George

4  Goldenberg, Boris

4  Gordon family

4  Gour'evitch, Annie

4  Gringauz, Samuel

4  Grunfeld, Judith

4  Gul', Roman (1896-)

4  Gurevich, Boris L'vovich [Dvinov] & Sofiia

4  H miscellaneous

4  Haber, Samuel L.

4  Heine, Fritz
            2 folders

5  Heinz, Karl

5  Heller, M.IA.

5  Henke, Ingeborg

5  Hilfman, Mona

5  Hunink, Maria

5  I miscellaneous

5  Imnaishvili, I.P.

5  International Herald Tribune

5  J miscellaneous

5  Jansen, Marc

5  Jasny, N.M.

5  Jewish Labor Committee (U.S.)

5  Jordan, Charles H.

6  K miscellaneous

6  Kadt, Jacques de

6  Kalnins, Bruno

6  Kammermacher, Julia [Kamermakher]

6  Kaplan, S.N.

6  Kats, Iu.E. [Kac, Katz]
            2 folders

6  Kautsky family

6  Kern, Karl

6  Khoundadze-Sombart, Thamara

6  Kisselgoff, Lilia

6  Kohn, Hein

6  Kolatchevsky, V.

6  Kordysh, Inna Georgievna [Kordish, Kuchina]

6  Kun, Nikolai Nikolaevich

6  Kushev, Evgenii (1947-)

7  L miscellaneous

7  Lehning, Arthur

7  Levin, Meier Ovseevich

7  Liebich, Andr

7  Lopatina, Elena Brunovna

7  Lounz, Gregory [Lunts]

7  Lšwinsohn, Hans

7  M miscellaneous

7  Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co.

7  Mazel, Liza [Masel]

7  Meijer, Jan Marinus

7  Mering, Berta Borisovna

7  Minkoff family

7  Mishkinsky, Moshe (1917-)

7  Mozer, Alfred

7  Nicolaevsky, Boris I. (1887-1966) with David J. Dallin (1889-1962)

7  O miscellaneous

7  Ollenhauer, Erich (1901-1963)

7  Oriental Research Partners

8  Ossorguine-Bakounine, Tatiana
            4 folders

8  P miscellaneous

8  Peters, Jan

8  Pirogov, S.

8  Popova, TamaraIUl'evna

8  Pospielovsky, Dimitry (1935-)

8  Posthumus, William H.

8  Quast family

8  R miscellaneous

8  Radbruch, Gustav (1878-1949)

8  Raeff, Marc
            4 folders

8  Reich, Nathan

8  Reiman, M.P.

8  Roginskii, Arsenii Borisovich

8  Roodselaar, Gysbertus

9  Rubinstein, Nina

9  "Russkaia Mysl'"

9  S miscellaneous

9  Sapir, Boris
     To Marc Raeff

9  Scheltema-Keefstra, Anna Catharina Adama von (1884-1977)

9  Scholing, Michael (1954-)

9  Schwartz, Solomon Meierovich

9  Shapiro, Leon

9  Shchupak, S. [Stchoupak]

9  Silberner, Edmund (1910-)

9  Sturmthal, Adolf

9  Souvarine, Boris [Suvarin]
            5 folders

10  T miscellaneous

10  Tas, S.

10  Theen, Rolf H.W. (1937-)

10  Thomassen, Wim (1909-)

10  Troitskii, N.A. (Nikolai Alekseevich)

10  U miscellaneous

10  V miscellaneous

10  Vail', Boris (1939-) [Weil]
            4 folders

10  Vakar, Gertruda Pavlovna

10  Veen family

10  Vol'skii, Nikolai Vladislavovich

10  Vorrink, Koos (1891-1955)

10  W miscellaneous

10  Walter, Franz

10  Weinfeld, Eduardo

10  Weinreich, Max (1894-1969)

10  Winsburg, Benjamin

10  Wolin, Simon [Volin, Semen IUl'evich]

10  World Union of Jewish Studies

10  Woytinsky family [Voitinskii]

11  Yakobson, Sergius (1901-)

11  Yapou family

11  Yivo Institute for Jewish Research

11  Zarusky, JŸrgen

11  Zweers, A.F.

11  Unidentified

11  Greeting cards
       2 Folders

   --Arranged manuscripts

12  Abramovitch, Raphael A. (1880-1963)

12  Anan'in, E.A.
     "Iz vospominanii revoliutsionera, 1905-1923 gg."

12  Aronson, Gregor (1887-1968)
     "Men'shevizm v 1905-1914 gg. (ch. 1-a)"

12  "Pravovoe techenie sredi men'shevikov"

12   Blau, Bruno
     "The Jews in the Third Reich"

12   Broido-Cohn, Vera
     "Unfreedom:Socialists under Lenin

12   Bukhgol'ts, Vil'gelm Adol'fovich
     "My First Meeting with Lenin"

12   Dan, Lidiia
     Transcripts of Her Interviews
       2 folders

12   Denike, George
     "Men'sheviki v 1917 g."

13  "Posle razgona Uchreditel'nogo sobraniia"

13  Gershuni, Jacques Malinovsky

13   Fel'shtinskii, IUrii (1956-)
     "Razgovory s Bukharinym"

13   Getzler, Israel (1920-)
     "Martov in 1917;" "The Mensheviks, a Post Mortem"

13   Gurevich, Boris L'vovich [Dvinov]
     "Moskovskii sovet rabochikh deputatov"

13  "Pervaia mirovaia voina i Rossiiskaiasotsialdemokratiia"
       5 folders

13  "Shtrikhi moei zhizni"

14  Janouch, Frantisek
     "A Voluntary Trip to Siberia"

14  "Report on a Trip . . . 1988"

14   Lande, Leo
     "Men'shevizm v 1917 g."
       3 folders

14  Research notes

14  Levin, N.
       2 folders

15  Liebich, Andre (1948-)
     "Marxism and Totalitarianism"

15  Mozer, Alfred
     "Eine Reisebericht, U.S.A. 1960"

15  Nicolaevsky, Boris I. (1887-1966)
     "Gruppa sibirskikh tsimmerval'distov"

15  "RSDRP (men'sheviki) ... s dekabriia 1917 po iiul' 1918"

     "Men'shevizm v period voennogo kommunizma"

15   Pipes, Richard
     "Russian Marxism and Its Populist Background"

15  Pospielovsky, Dimitry (1935-)
     "The Role of Ethics in History"

15   Sapir, Boris
     "Die Arbeitsvertrag nach dem Entwurfe eines allgemeinen Arbeitsvertragsgesetzes"

     "The Displaced Jews"

     "Entstehung und Entwicklungsprozess der juedischen Kolonie in Kuba"
       2 folders

     "Fedor Il'ich Dan i ego poslednaia kniga"

     "Jewish Socialists around 'Vpered'"

     "Die jugendlichen Arbeiter in Russland"

     "The Last Chapter"

     "Liberman i russkii sotsializm"

16  Sapir, Boris
     On Dostoevskii

     On Solovki

     "Origin and Growth of the Jewish Community in Cuba"

     "Poslednaia glava"

     "Predshestvenniki men'shevizma"

     "Sobiranie materialov po istorii evreev v Kube..."

     "Die Staatsschuldenproblem und die Klassiker"

     "Study of the History of the Menshevik Party"

     "An Unknown Correspondent of Andrey Bely"

     "V okkupirovanoi Gollandii"

16  Schwartz, Solomon Meierovich
     "Komissiia Shidlovskogo"

     "Men'shevizm i bol'shevizm v ikh otnoshenii k massovomu rabochemu dvizheniiu"

16  Volin, Semen IUlevich [Wolin]
     "Deiatel'nost' men'shevikov v profsoiuzakh..."

     "Men'shevizm v 20-kh i nachale 30-kh gg."
       2 folders

17  Welcker, J.M.
     "Zwischen Wirklichkeit und Traum"

17  Windsburg, Benjamin
     "Last Days of the Gush Etzion Field Hospital"

17  Unidentified authors

18  Sapir's notebooks
       16 items

19  Sapir's notebooks
       10 items and assorted loose papers

19  Sapir's miscellaneous notes and short essays
       5 folders

20  Sapir's notes and photocopies in binders (chiefly on Russian Marxism, populism and early socialism)
       7 items

21  Sapir's notes and photocopies in binders (chiefly on Russian Marxism, populism and early socialism)
       5 items

22  Sapir's notes and photocopies in binders (chiefly on Russian Marxism, populism and early socialism)
       8 items

Subject files

23  American Joint Jewish Distribution Committee
     JDC Primer

23  Minutes ... of Department Heads' Meetings

24  "Arkhiv Aksel'roda IISH (International Institute for Social History)"
     A collection of typed transcripts and letters to and from P.B. (Pavel Borisovich Aksel'rod (1850-1928)

24  Aksel'rod
     On Potresov's "V plenu u illiuzii"

24  Aksel'rod
     Letters to Dan F. [Fedor]

24  Aksel'rod
     To Dan and Trotsky (1879-1940)

24  Aksel'rod
     To Garvi, Petr A. (Petr Abramovich)

24  Aksel'rod
     To "Zhizn'"

24  Bliumenfel'd, I.S.
     Letters to Aksel'rod

24  Broido, E.L.
     Letters to Aksel'rod

24  Chkhenkeli, A.I.
     Letters to Aksel'rod

24  Ermolaev, K.M.
     Letters to Dan

24  Ezhov, Sergei Osipovich
     Letters to Aksel'rod

24  Garvi, Petr A. (Petr Abramovich) (1881-1944)
     Letters to Aksel'rod

24  Garvi, Petr A.
     To Martov, L

24  Kalafati, D.P.
     Letters to Aksel'rod

24  Levitskii, V.O. [Tsederbaum]
     Letters to Aksel'rod

24  Maevskii, E.
     Letters to Aksel'rod

24  Maiskii, I.M. (Ivan Mikhailovich) (1884-1975)
     Letters to Aksel'rod

24  Maiskii, I.M. (Ivan Mikhailovich) (1884-1975)
     To Martov

24  Miscellaneous correspondence

24  Piletskii, IA. A.
     Letters to Aksel'rod

24  Potresov, A.N. (Aleksandr Nikolaevich) (1869-1934)
     Letters to Martov

24  Rakovskii, Khristian Georgievich (1873-1941)
     Letters to Aksel'rod

24  Roshchin
     Letters to Aksel'rod

24  Schwartz, Solomon Meierovich
      letters to Aksel'rod

24  Semkovskii, S.
      letters to Aksel'rod

24  Valetskii, Maks
      letters to Aksel'rod

24  Viaz'menskii, G.M. & Bebutov, D.I., Kniaz
     letters to Aksel'rod

   --Biographical Series

25  Abramovitch, Raphael A.

25  Aksel'rod, P.B.(Pavel Borisovich) (1850-1928)

25  Aleksandrova, Vera (1895-1966)

25  Aronson, Gregor (1887-1968)

25  Dallin, David J. (1889-1962)

25  Dan, F. (Fedor) (1871-1947)

25  Dan, Lidiia

25  Denike, George

25  Gurevich, Boris L'vovich

25  Kammermacher, Julia

25  Lande, Leo

25  Lopatin, G.A.

26  Martov, L. (1873-1923)

26  Meijer, Jan Marinus

26  Nicolaevsky, Boris I. (1887-1966)

26  Schapiro, Leonard Bertram (1908-)

26  Schwartz, Solomon Meierovich

26  Shub, David A.

26  Souvarine, Boris

26  Svirskaia, Mina L'vovna

26  TSereteli, I.G. (Iraklii Georgievich) (1881-1959)

26  Woytinsky, Wladimir S. & Emma

   --History of Menshevism Project

27  Biografii men'shevikov
       2 folders

27  Contribution by Leo Lande

27  Copies of resolutions, etc.

27  Correspondence with Leopold H. Haimson

27  Obituaries
       2 folders

27  Proposals, plans, drafts
       3 folders

   --Numbered files on Populism

Note: Typed transcripts of correspondence, clippings and notes

28  Aleksandrov, V.M. (1)

28  Anderson, F.N. (2)

28  Armashevskii, P.Ia. (3)

28   Aronzon, M. (4)

28   "Beverlei" (5)

28   Munich library (6)

28   Zurich library (7)

28   Brovkov, A.P. (8)

28   Buturlin, Aleksandr Sergeevich (1845-1916) (9)

28  Vainer, L. (10)

28   Vaisman, Boris Abramovich (11)

28   Varzar, V.E. (Vasilii Egorovich) (1851-1940) (12)

28  "Vpered" (13-15)

28   Ginzburg, L.S. (16-17)

28   Glasko, I.A. (18)

28   Golubov, Natan (19)

28   Gol'denberg, Latar' Borisovich (20)

28   "Grazhdanin" (21)

28   Gurevich, G.E. (22)

28   Dalgat (23)

28   Denike, Iosif Egorovich (24)

28   Dekhterev, V.G. [Morozov] (25)

28   Drizo, Aleksandr Akimovich (26-27)

28   Zaslavskii, Evgenii Osipovich (28)

29  Zdanovich, Georgii Feliksovich [Petrov] (29)

29  "Zemlia i volia" (29a)

29  Zubku-Kodreanu, N.P. (30)

29  Zundelevich, A.I. (31-32)

29  Ivanchin-Pisarev, A.I. (33)

29  Idel'son, R.Kh. (34)

29  Il'in, Vasilii Mikhailovich (35)

29  Jochelson, Waldemar, [Iokel'son] (1855-1937)

29  Karganova, L.A. (37)

29  Karpov, Valerian Porfirovich [Federov] (38)

29  Kviatkovskii, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (38a)

29  Klaver (39)

29  Klements, D.A. (40)

29  Kobylianskii, Erast Aleksandrovich (41)

29  Koval'skii, Ivan Martynovich (42)

29  Kropotkin, Aleksandr Alekseevich (43)

29  Kuliadko-Koretskii, Aleksandr Grigor'evich (44)

29  Kuliadko-Koretskii, Nikolai Grigor'evich (45)

29  Lavrov, P.L. (Petr Lavrovich) (1823-1900) (46)

29  Lakier, E. (47)

29  Lin'v, Aleksandr Longinovich (48)

29  Linev, Ivan Longinovich (49)

29  Lytkin, Dmitrii (50)

29  Mandelbaum, A. (51)

29  Margolin, Moisei Isakovich [Moiseev] (52)

29  Melenchuk, Vasilii Sil'vestrovich (53)

30  Natanson, Mark Andreevich (1851-1919)

30  "Nachalo" (54a)

30  Nikiforov, Lev Pavlovich? (55)

30  "Obshchina" (56)

30  Pavlovskii, Aaron IAkovlevich (57)

30  Pereiaslovtseva, Sof'ia Mikhailovna (58)

30  Podolinskii, S.A.

30  "Rabotnik" (58a)

30  Rennekamp, S.F. (59)

30  Rikhter, Dmitrii Ivanovich (60)

30  Romm, Maksim (61)

30  Riabinov (62)

30  Sazhin, Mikhail Petrovich (63)

30  Saper, Grigorii Davidovich (64)

30  Smirnov, Valerian Nikolaevich (65)

30  Solov'ev, P. (66)

30  Staroborskii, A.S. (67)

30  Stepanov (68)

30  Sudzalovskii, N.K. (69)

30  Takin, AntonFeliksovich (70)

30  Tveritinov, A.N. (71)

30  "Travailleur" (71a)

30  Tumanov, S.B. (72)

30  Turskii (73)

30  Finkel'shtein, A. (74)

30  "Frichi" (75)

30  Tsimmerman, Emilii Emil'evich (76)

30  Chaikovskii, N.V. (Nikolai Vasilevich) (1850-1926)

30  Chudnovskii, I.L. (78)

30  Shtakov, Vladimir Semenovich (79)

30  Shnee, Samuil Abramovich (79a)

30  Elpidin, M.K. (80)

30  El'snits, Aleksandr Leont'evich (81)

30  Epshtein, Anna Mikhailovich (82)

30  Ianvyn, Mikhail Ivanovich [Kapitan] (83)

30  Varia (84)

   --Populism P.L. (Petr Lavrovich) Lavrov & "Vpered"

31  "Arkhiv Smirnova"

31  Copies from "Arkhiv P.S.-R."

31  Dekhterev-Morozov
     Manuscripts and letters

31   "Lavrov and the commune of Paris"

31  "Lavrov and Tkachev"

31  Lavrov to Valerian Nikolaevich Smirnov
Typed transcripts of letters

31  Lavrov, P.L. to R.KH. Idel'son and Valerian Nikolaevich Smirnov
     Notecards with quotations from letters

31  "Nenapechatannye materialy iz arkhiva 'Vpered'"

31  "Opis' arkhiva P.S.-R."

31  "Predrassudki nashikh sotsial'nykh revoliutsionerov protiv Evreev"

31  Voshchakin, Iakov V.
     To Valerian Nikolevich Smirnov

31  "Vpered!Neperiodicheskii sbornik"

32  Populism and Lavrov
        Miscellaneous notes, photocopies and transcripts of letters - (loose notecards and folders 1-7)

33  Populism and Lavrov
       Folders 8-17

   --Miscellaneous Topics

34  "Arkhiv Samuel Efimovich Estrina"

34  Berlin, Isaiah, Sir

34  Bolsheviks

34  "Dvizhenie upolnomochennykh 1918"

34  Early Russian Socialism
       2 folders

34  Emigration

34  Emigre Mensheviks and 2nd Emigration

34  Esenin, Sergei Aleksandrovich (1895-1925)

35  General history

35  Goldenberg, Boris

35  Goldman, Emma (1869-1940)

35  Heller, M.Ia.

35  History of "Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik" and Social Democrats

35  IAkir, Petr Ionovich

35  International Institute for Social History

35  IISH materials on Russian Social Democracy

35  Iz arkhiva red. "Sots. Vestnika"

36  Jansen, Marc
     "Show Trial under Lenin"

36  Jewish Bund

36  Jews in Cuba

36  Jews (miscellaneous)

36  Korolenko, Vladimir Galaktionovich (1853-1921)

36  Kronshtadt uprising (article)

36  Michael Confino
     Kropotkin, Petr

36  Kuskova, Ektarina Dmitrievna

37  League for Russian Freedom

37  Lenin

37  Leo Lande's work with ORT

37  LŸbbe, Peter ed.,
     "Kautsky gegen Lenin"

37  Luxemburg, Rosa (1871-1919)

37  Marx and Marxism

37  Materials received from A. Kimball
        ca. 1970

37  Materials received from L. Kisselgoff

37  "Miles" (Kurt Menz, Walter Lowe)

37  Mishkinsky, Moshe (1917-)

37  Nechaev and "Kolokol"

37  "Osvobozhdenie Truda"

38  Paris Commune

38  Pollak, Oscar, and Marianne
      Austrian socialism

38  "Protiv techeniia" and disagreements among NY mensheviks

38  "Rabochaia Mysl'," 1898

38  Raeff, Marc

38  Reviews of and responses to Boris Sapir's publications
       2 folders

38  Russian 1917 Revolution and Civil War

38  Russian culture, philosophy, etc.

39  Russian Social Democracy
       4 folders

39  Sapir, Boris
     "Bibliografie van de werken van B.M. Sapir" by Marc Jansen

39  Sapir, Boris
     Biographical material (miscellaneous)

39  Sapir, Boris

39  Sapir in Denmark

39  Sapir's exchange with Isaac Deutscher over Menshevism

39  Sapir's flight from Europe

39  Sapir's "Rehabilitation"

39  Sapir's trip to Europe

39  Socialist movement in Soviet Russia

39  Socialist Revolutionaries

40  Soiuz bor'by za osvobozhdenie narodov Rossii
        1948-49; 1950

40  "Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik"
        1940s & 1950s

40  Starink, Laura

40  Stalin

40  "Stikhi saratovskikh poetov"

40  Talin, V.I.,

40  Totalitarianism and "1984"

40  Trotsky, Leon (1879-1940)

40  Trotsky's correspondence with his wife
Photocopies of typed transcripts

41  Wiedijk, C.H.
     "Koos Vorrink"

41  World socialism
       2 folders

41  Yivo Research Conference on Jewish Participation in Movements devoted to the Cause of Social Progress

41  Zagorskii, S.

41  Zasulich, Vera Ivanovna (1849-1919)


42  Abramovitch, Raphael A.

42  Adler family

42  Aksel'rod, Aleksandr Pavlovich

42  Amal'rik, Andrei (1938-)

42  Andler family

42  Arkavina, Vera IAkovlevna

42  Aronson family

42  Baturskii, B.S.

42  Bauer, Otto (1881-1938)

42  Ber, Boris Naumovich

42  Bienstock, Gregory (1885-1954)

42  Blit, Lucjan

42  Bogdanov family

42  Bronshtein, Mikhail Adamovich

42  Brouckre, Louis de (1870-1951)

42  Caffi, Andreas

42  Chlenov, Boris Arkad'evich

42  Ciliga, P.

42  Dallin, David J. & L.

42  Dallin family

42  Denike, George

42  Dubua, Anatolii Edgardovich [Dubois]

42  Elias, Norbert

42  Erlich, Alexander

42  Ermolaev, Konstantin Mikhailovich

42  Estrin, Samuel Efimovich

42  Ezerskaia, F.

42  Garvi, Petr A. (Petr Abramovich) (1881-1944) and Sofiia

42  Getzler, Israel (1920-)

42  Ginzberg, Rafail IAkovlevich

42  Gofenberg, Iosif

42  Goldenberg, Boris

42  Grinfel'd, Iu.A.

42  Gringauz, Samuel

42  Gumbel, Emil Julius (1891-)

42  Gurevich, Sof'ia Il'ianovna

42  Heine, Fritz

42  Herzen monuments

42  Ingerman, Sergei Mikhailovich

42  International Socialist Congress
            Vienna, 1931

42  Isuv, Iosif Andreevich

42  Iudin, Isai L'vovich [Aizenstadt]

42  Iugov, A.A.

42  Iushkevich, Pavel Solomonovich

42  Jewish Labor Comittee (U.S.)

42  Jordan, Charles

42  Kalnnins, Bruno

42  Kammermacher, Julia, & M. Kefali

42  Kautsky family

42  Khundadze, Mikhail

42  Kranikhfel'd, Andrei Sergeevich

42  Krivinskaia, Anna Leopol'dovna

42  Kuchin family

42  Kun, Mikl-s, and Gerebon, Agnes

42  Kushev, Evgenii Igorevich

42  Kuskova, Ekaterina Dmitrievna

43  Lande, Leo

43  Landysheva, Evgeniia Aleksandrovna

43  Latvian Social Democrats

43  Lavrova, Antonia Khristoforovna

43  Levinsky, Eva

43  Litkens family

43  Lodyzhenskii, IUrii Il'ich

43  Lopatin, German Aleksandrovich

43  Makadziub, Ida Solomonovna and M.

43  Mandel'shtam, Maksim Osipovich

43  Menshevik graves

43  Menshevik groups

43  Mensheviks in Berlin

43  Mensheviks in New York

43  Mering, Berta Borisovna

43  Minkoff, I.

43  Miscellaneous

43  Negreskul, Maria Petrovna

43  Nicolaevsky, Boris I. (1887-1966)

43  Norton, Barbara

43  Novakovskii, IAkov Solomonovich

43  Olberg, Paul

43  Ollenhauer, Erich (1901-1965)

43  Ossorguine-Bakounine, Tatiana

43  Panina, Sofiia Vladimirovna, Grafinia (1871-1956)

43  Picture postcards of socialists

43  Pop, Adelaida

43  Potresov, A.N. (Aleksandr Nikolaevich), 1869-1934

43  Rabinovich, I.G. (Iosif Genrikhovich) and P.A. (Petr Abramovich) Garvi

43  Rozanov, V.N.

43  Rozenfel'd, Orest Ivanovich

43  Rubinstein, Nina

43  Rubinstein, T.

43  Sapir, Boris, family, & colleagues
            2 folders

43  Sapir, Boris
            Heidelberg, 1928-1931

44  Schwartz, Solomon Meierovich

44  Shtein, Aleksandr N.

44  Silberner, Edmund

44  Skomorovskii, B.A.

44  Souvarine, Boris

44  Svirskaia, Mina L'vovna

44  Tabachnik, Mark I.

44  Tsederbaum family - L. Martov

44  Tsederbaum family - Sergei Osipovich Ezhov

44  Tsederbaum family- V.O. Levitskii

44  TSereteli, I.G. (Iraklii Georgievich) (1881-1959)

44  Tuchapskii, Pavel Lukich

44  Vainshtein, V.S.

44  Vasil'ev, Boris Stepanovich

44  Vigderzon, August L.

44  Volin, Semen IUl'evich

44  Vorrink, Koos (1891-1955)

44  Woytinsky, Wladimir S.

44  Yakobson, Sergius (1901-)

44  Zborovskii, Mikhail Solomonovich

44  Photos from Abramovitch family:from Lidiia Dan (2 folders)
       --From Sofiia Garvi
       --From B.A. Kalchen
       --From T. Rubinstein


45-46  Miscellaneous clippings, offprints, fliers, booklets, journals, ephemera.

Series II: Papers of Raphael A. Abramovitch (1880-1963)

   --Cataloged Correspondence

47  Cahan, Abraham (1860-1951)
     To Raphael A. Abramovich
       New York, [n.d.] & Feb. 1937 - Jan. 1938
       1 a.l.s.
       1 t.l.s.
       8 telegrams

47  Dan, F. (Fedor) (1871-1947)
     To Raphael A. Abramovich
       Issy-les-Moulineaux and Saint-Nizier-du-Moucherotte France, 15 Sept. 1936 and 10 July 1957
       2 a.l.s. (with carbon reply)

47  Goldman, Emma (1869-1940)
     To Raphael A. Abramovich
       Paris, 6 Aug. 1937 & 12 Aug. 1937
       2 autograph letters signed (with carbon replies)

47  Kautsky, Karl (1854-1938)
     To Raphael A. Abramovich
       Vienna, 5 March & 4 April 1947
       2 autograph letters signed

47  Thomas, Norman (1884-1968)
     To Raphael A. Abramovich
       New York, March - Nov. 1937
       4 typed letters signed (with carbon reply)

   --Arranged Correspondence

47  Correspondence and clippings concerning the disappearance of Abramovitch's son Mark Rein in 1937

47   Rein Case - Numbered files 1a-1e.

48   Rein case - numbered files 2-11

Series III: Papers of Gregor Aronson (1887-1968)

   --Cataloged Correspondence

49  Aldanov, Mark Aleksandrovich (1886-1957)
     To Gregor Aronson
       [v.p.], 1941-1957
       1 a.l.s.
       19 t.l.s.

49  Chagall, Marc (1887-)
     To Gregor Aronson
       [v.p.], [n.d.] & 1945-1955
       5 autograph letters signed (photocopies)

49  Karpovich, Michael, (1888-1959)
     To Gregor Aronson
       [v.p.], 1946-1959
       24 a.l.s.
       8 t.l.s.
       1 a.p.c.s.

49  Struve, Gleb
     To Gregor Aronson
       BerkeleyCa., 5 Jan. 1960
       1 t.l.s. (with envelope)

   --Arranged Correspondence

49  Aronson, Gregor (1887-1968)
     To various people

49  Kliachko, Konstantin & V. [Klatchko, C.]

49  Kuskova, Ekaterina Dmitrievna

49  Mel'gunov, S.P. (Sergei Petrovich) (1879-1956)

49  Nicolaevsky, Boris I. (1887-1966)

49  Shchupak, S.

49  Soloveichik, Samson (1930-)

49  Vol'skii, N.V.,
     To Aronson - typed transcripts of letters to various people

49  Miscellaneous and unidentified

   --Arranged Manuscripts

50  Aronson, Gregor
      "Evreiskii vopros v epokhu Stalina"

      "Iz vospominanii provintsial'nogo zhurnalista"

     "Kommentarii o rukopisi Aronson-Nikolaevskii"

     "Masons in Russian Politics"

     Miscellaneous notes, short essays, etc.
       4 folders

     On emigration

     On Jewish topics

     On literature

     On "party themes"

51  Aronson, Gregor
     On "various themes"
       3 folders


     "Revoliutsionnaia iunost'"

     "Right Menshevism"

     "Tvorchestvo M.A. Aldanova"

     "Zamechatel'nye liudi russkoi emigratsii"

     "Zapiski sekretaria ORT-a"

52  Aronson, Gregor
       10 items

52  Basil, John D.
     "Menshevik Foreign Policy in 1917"

52   Miscellaneous and unidentified

52  Aronson, Gregor
     Documents (migration, citizenship, etc.)

52  Subject files:Biographies of Mensheviks

52  Subject files: Deaths of Anna and Gregor Aronson

52  Subject files: "Focus on Soviet Jewry"

52  Subject files: Mensheviks in emigration

52  Subject files: Menshevism History Project

52  Subject files: Reviews of Aronson's "Rossiia v epokhu revoliutsii"

52  Subject files: Russian emigre politics

Series IV: Papers of F. (Fedor) (1871-1947) and Lidiia Dan

   --Cataloged Correspondence

53  Blum, Leon (1872-1950)
     To [F. Dan?]
       Paris, [n.d.] & Aug. 1940?
       2 a.l.s. (photocopies; one signed with initials only)

53  Dan, F. (Fedor) (1871-1947)
     To Berta Borisovna Mering
       Berlin, 1924-1932
       3 a.p.c.s.

53  Dan, F. (Fedor) (1871-1947)
     To Lidiia Dan
       various places, 1940-1945
       5 a.l.s.
       4 a.p.c.s.

53  Dan, F. (Fedor) (1871-1947)
     To P.Z. Ivlev [Levinson]
       various places, 1940-1946
       23 a.l.s.
       2 t.l.s.
       5 a.p.c.s.

   --Arranged Correspondence

53  Adler, Ekaterina IA.
     Various people to her

53  Adler, Friedrich

53  Balabanova, Angelica

53  Dan
     To P.B. (Pavel Borisovich) Aksel'rod

53  Dan
     To A.N. (Aleksandr Nikolaevich) Potresov

53  Dan, Lidiia
     To various people

     To Ekaterina IA. Adler

     To Gregor Aronson
       2 folders

     To F. (Fedor) Dan

     To Samuel Efimovich Estrin

     To Nina Rubinshtein

53  Elkin, Boris I.

53  Heroys, H.

53  IUgov, A.A. [Yugow]

53  Kuskova, Ekaterina Dmitrievna (excerpts)

53  Meiksins, Gregory

53  Rozenfel'd, Orest Ivanovich

53  Vol'skii, N. V. (excerpts)

53  Miscellaneous

   --Arranged Manuscripts

54  Dan, F. (Fedor)
     Miscellaneous notes
     Notes for "Novyi Put'"

57 54  Dan, Lidiia
     Diary excerpts
       --"Neozhidannyi vizit:Bukharin u Dana"
       --Notes on F. (Fedor) Dan's letters to Berta Borisovna Mering
       --On Vera Figner
       --On Val'ter Krivitskii
       --"Zapisi" - (2 binders)

57 54  Kliachko, S.L.

57 54  Miscellaneous and undentified notes

55  Dan, Lidiia
      1947 & 1948

56  "Novyi Put'" files
       8 folders

   --Subject Files

57  Compensation for losses by Dans in World War II

57  Death of F. (Fedor) Dan

57  Death of Lidiia Dan

57  Lectures by F. (Fedor) Dan

57  Malinovskii, Roman

57  Martov, L. (1873-1923)

      --Publications of Menshevism History Project

58  Aronson, Gregor
     K istorii pravogo Techeniia Sredi men'shevikov

58  Revoliutsionnaia iunost' vospominaniia

58  Nicolaevsky, Boris I.
     Men'sheviki v dni oktiabr'skogo perevorota

58  Miscellaneous clippings and publications

Series V: Papers of Petr A. (Petr Abramovich) and Sofiia Garvi

   --Arranged Correspondence

59  Aronson, Gregor (1887-1968)

59  Garvi, Petr A. (Petr Abramovich) (1881-1944)
     With various people

59  Garvi, Sofiia
     With various people

59  Sapir, Boris

   --Arranged Manuscripts

60   Petr A. (Petr Abramovich) Garvi
     "Rabochaia kooperatsiia (1917-1921)"

60  "Vospominaniia ... ch. 2-a"

60  "Vospominaniia ... Peterburg 1906 g. ... tetrad' II"
        (2 folders)

60  "Vospominaniia ... 1907 g.;" "1917 god"

60  "Vospominaniia ... posle 3-go iiunia 1907 g."

60  "Vospominaniia ... 1912 g."
       2 folders

61   "Vospominaniia sotsialdemokrata"
        1899-1904 & 1905
       2 volumes bound ms.

61  Essays in German

61  Notes & drafts
       2 folders

Series VI: Papers of Boris L'vovich Gurevich [Dvinov]

   --Cataloged correspondence

62  Dan, F. (Fedor) (1871-1947)
     To Boris L'vovich and Sofiia Gurevich
       [v.p.], [n.d.] & 1926-1942
       2 a.l.s.
       14 a.p.c.s.

   --Arranged correspondence

62  Miscellaneous

62  Abramovitch, Raphael A.

62  Dan, Lidiia
            2 folders

62  Garvi, Sofiia

   --Arranged Manuscripts

62  Fainsod, Merle
     "Controls and Tensions in the Soviet System"

62  Miscellaneous

62  Subject files: Bratstvo russkoi pravdy & L.N. Nol'de

62  Nikolai Evgenyev'ich Khokhlov case

62  Nationality question

63  Natsional'no-Trudovoi Soiuz
       2 folders

63  Nazi documents
        copies (folders1-2)

64  Nazi documents
        copies (folders 3-4)

64  Rightist Russian emigre groups (miscellaneous groups)

64  Soiuz bor'by za osvobozhdenie narodov Rossii (SBONR)

64  "Trest" & "Vnutrenniaia liniia"

64  Alexander Trushnovich case

64  Vlasov movment

64  Clippings, miscellaneous

Series VII: Papers of Abram Lazarevich Vigderzon

65  Arranged Correspondence with Boris Sapir
       4 folders

65  Notebooks

65  "Sionisty na Solovkakh ... 1925 g."

65  "Dokumenty, zametki, stat'i, 1916-80 (k istorii odnoi sem'i)"

Series VIII: Papers of Zagranichnaia Delegatsiia RSDRP

   --Cataloged Correspondence

66  Dan, F. (Fedor) (1871-1947)
     To Boris Sapir
       Berlin, [n.d.] & 1929-1932
       4 a.l.s. (with envelope)

   --Arranged Correspondence

66  Miscellaneous

66  Letters from Soviet Russia
       3 folders

66  Letters from exiled Social Democrats

66  "Evsei"

66  Iakubson, Izrail' Solomonovich

66  Iakubson, Lev Solomonovich

66  Kogan, Lidiia Evseevna

66  Paletika, Elena Konstantinovna

66  Rashkovskii, Ivan Grigor'evich

   --Arranged Manuscripts

66  Transcript of minutes - "K zasedaniiu zagr. deleg. 21.5.30 g. "
       4 folders

67  Notebooks of minutes "Protokoly ZDRSDRP" with related notes, documents, and correspondence

67  Boris Sapir
       17 items

68  Subject files:Berlinskii klub im. Martova
       4 folders

68  Petr A. (Petr Abramovich)
     Garvi's report on party conference on socialism & war

68  "K raskolu ZD"

68  "New York group"

68  "New York group" (materials kept by Leo Lande)

69  Sapir

69  Socialist Youth International

69  "Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik" mailing list

69  Miscellaneous notes and clippings

Series IX: Papers of Leon Shapiro

Note: [gift of Mrs. Leon Shapiro, 1985]

   --Cataloged Correspondence

70   Sapir, Boris
     To Leon Shapiro
       [Blaricum, Netherlands], 1967-1984
       30 autograph letters signed (with 1 envelope)
       183 t.l.s.(with 9 envelopes)
       9 a.p.c.s.
       3 t.p.c.s.

Series I (oversize)

   --Printed Materials

71  Bich: Satiriko iumoristicheskii ezhenendel'nik
       Petrograd: 16, Aprelia1917 g

   --Photocopies of Russian Newspapers

71  Den'

71  Edinstvo; Nashe edinstvo

71  Iskra

71  Luch; Novyi Luch

71  Rabochaia Mysl'

71  Vpered