VII. Projects (72 boxes)
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P. Committee on International Economic Policy

The Committee on International Economic Policy grew out of a long-standing association between the International Chamber of Commerce and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The Copenhagen Congress of the International Chamber held in June 1939 created a Committee for International Economic Reconstruction under the chairmanship of Mr. Thomas J. Watson who, in June 1944, took the initiative in forming the Committee on International Economic Policy in order to carry out the research plans of the International Committee under the new conditions created by World War II. The Committee's form and purposes were the subject of agreement between the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the International Chamber of Commerce. The Committee thus formed, under the chairmanship of Winthrop W. Aldrich, consisted of a group of United States citizens, drawn mainly from business and educational circles. It worked closely with such bodies as the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, the National Foreign Trade Council ,and the United States Associates of the International Chamber.

General Correspondence , 1937-1949
289 1937-1946 May

290 1946 June-1948 Sept

291 1 1948 Oct-1949
Authors, 1944-1948
2 Basch, Antonin "Industrial Property in Europe"
3 Behrendt, Dr. Richard H. "Inter-American Economic Relation"
4 Bidwell, Dr. Percy W. "A Commercial Policy for the United Nations"
5 Condliffe, Dr. John B. "The International Economic Outlook" also "Exchange Stabilization"
6 Davis, Dr. Joseph S. "International Commodity Agreements"

292 1 Deperon, Paul "International Double Taxation"
2 Fox, Melvin J. "Imports and Wages"
3 Gerschenkron, Dr. Alexander "Economic Relations with the USSR"
4 Gulick, Robert L. Jr. "Imports - the Gain from Trade"
5 Letiche J.M. "The Reciprocal Trade Agreements in the World Economy"
6 Reed, Philip D. "Reciprocal Trade Policy and European Recovery"
7 Ridgeway, George "Merchants of Peace"
8 Taylor, Amos E. "The Ten Per Cent Fallacy"
9 Whidden, Dr. Howard P. "Preferences and Discriminations in International Trade"
10 Young, Arthur "The Financial Reconstruction of China"
Specific Topics
The Anglo-American Financial Agreement
11 1845-1946 Feb

293 1 1946 Mar-Dec
2 Press releases, reports, clippings
Marshall Plan, 1947-1948
3-4 1947-1948
5 Press releases

294 1 Publications and clippings
2-5 Reciprocal Trade Program (RTA), 1943-1948

The Scherman Study (the relation of foreign trade to domestic economy), 1942-1945
295 1-2 1943-1947
3-5 Reports and data on industrial materials (imports)

296 Reports and data... (cont.)

297 1-3 World Trade Foundation, 1945-1946
Published materials, press releases, reports
4 1944-1946

298 1-2 1947-1948, n.d.