Ernst Jäckh Papers

Finding Aid Prepared by Bernard Crystal
September 2001

Date Range: 1900-1961
Size of Collection: 13 linear ft. (ca. 2,000 items in 6 boxes, 16 file boxes, 12 scrapbooks)
Date of Acquisition: Gift of Ruth Nanda Anshen, 1959
Material on Microfilm: No material on microfilm
Terms of Access: Available for faculty, students, or researchers engaged in scholarly or publication projects.
Restrictions on Use or Access: Permission to publish materials must also be obtained in writing from the Director of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library.
Location in Stacks: In sequence
Processing Information: Processed by Bernard Crystal 8/82 & 11/94
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       Author and academic (1875-1959), was born in Urach Germany. He promoted the German-Turkish Alliance 1908-1914 founded the German Turkish Association 1912 and became professor of Turkish history at the University of Berlin 1914 Jäckh was a member of the diplomatic service during World War I and with Friedrich Naumann an organizer of the liberal movement in Germany 1902-1912 He helped found the German League of Nations and the Hochschule für Politik. Jäckh emigrated to Britain in the 1930s and held the position of international director of the New Commonwealth Institute until 1940 when he became Professor of Public Law and Government at Columbia University specializing in the politics of Germany the Balkans and the Middle East. His published books include Albanian War, Der Austeigende Halbmonde, Background of the Middle East, Deutschland im Orient, and and Des Goldenen Pflug.


       Correspondence, manuscripts, memorabilia, photographs, and printed materials. The correspondence consists of letters relating to the publication and review of Jäckh's books, articles, and book reviews and typescript copies of letters by Hans Jäckh. There are manuscripts for his articles, lectures and speeches as well as clipping files of book reviews and articles by and about Jäckh in the European and North American press. The bulk of the collection is written and printed in German and deals with the Balkans and the Near East before 1920, including the Balkan War of 1912-1914, and the Turkish Revolution. Of particular interest are manuscripts and articles describing his land travels between 1903 and 1913 with the German fleet and on hot air balloons. Other topics covered include the Hocjschule für Politik, German labor unions, German-European relations, European attitudes towards the United States, and his literary works. There are also some manuscripts dealing with the Balkans and the Near East during World War II. An extensive file of photographs depicts, Albania, Asia Minor, Baghdad, the Balkans, Constantinople, Genoa, the German naval fleet, the Hochschule für Politik, hot air balloons, Italy, the Mediterranean, Turkey, the Turkish Revolution, the United States, Versailles, and Weimar. There are books from Jäckh's library, some with marginal notes, some signed and inscribed to him as well as copies of his own works.

Correspondence, Manuscripts Memorabilia


1  Letters, telegrams and postcards re: publication and reviews of his books
1  Jäckh, Hans
     To Veronica Jäckh
        1915-1918 transcripts
1  Jäckh, Hans
     To his parents
        1917-1918 transcripts
1  Miscellaneous


1  Des Goldenen Pflug - Outline for book
1  "Turkey" (in Encyclopedia Americana)
        Proof with corrections


1  Memorial Service at Columbia

Photographs and Printed Materials


2  Turkey
       2 folders
       3 unfoldered photos on boards

   --Printed Materials

      --About Jäckh

2  Book Reviews of Jäckh's Background of the Middle East by Jäckh
2  Jäckh, Ernst
     Articles in Der Schabenspiegel
        Sept. 15, 1900-May 11, 1901
2  Jäckh, Ernst
     Biographical Sketches of German Political Figures
2  Jäckh, Ernst
     Deutschen Werkbundes
2  Jäckh, Ernst


3  Türkische Studierenreisen in Deutschland
4  Türkische Revolution: Adana, Dard anellen, Tripolis
4  Balkan; Mittelmeer; Italien
5  Genoa
5  Kaiserreise; Konstantin und Grundsteinlegung
6  Luftsschiffart und Flotte [Hot air balloons and German naval fleet]
6  Amerika; Hochschule für Politik
7  Konstantinopel; Kleinasien; Bagdad
7  Albanien
8  Türken und Türkinnen
8  Versailles; Weimar

Manuscripts and Printed Materials

9  Amerika: Manuscripts re European attitude towards America
9  Literarische Arbeiten (Schwaben; Vorträge; Heilbronn): Manuscripts and Printed Articles
10  Vorträge und Vorlesungen (Balkans & Near East during World War II): Manuscripts
10  Vorträge und Vorlesungen: Manuscripts and Printed Articles


11  #19: Ausländische Kritiken, 1926-1932

Printed articles and typescripts in foreign publications about Jäckh and his activities, 1926; printed articles by Jäckh, 1926-32.

11  #20: Bücher Besprechungen, 1911-1913: Anno uncements and reviews for Der Austeigende Halbmonde, Deutschland im Orient & Albanian War.

12  #21: Kritiken: Kiderlen Wächter, 1924 [Book reviews]

12  #22: Kritiken über Jäckh, 1902-1908 [Articles about Jäckh in German publications, including some typescripts]

13  #23: Amerika und Wir, 1929-1930 [Book reviews in German publications]

13  #24: Canadasche und Amerikanen Kritiken, 1926-1931 [Articles about Jäckh in Canadian, U.S, and South American publications. Includes several letters to Jäckh]

14  #25: Politische Artikel: TÜrkei, 1912-1914 [Articles by Jäckh: Balkankrieg, 1912-14; Weltkrieg, 1914]

14  #26: Politische Artikel: TÜrkei,: TÜrkei,1908-1914 [JungTürkische Revolution]

15  # 27: Politische Artikel: Länder, E-S,1914-1915 [Articles by Jäckh on German-European relations]

15  #28: Politische Artikel: General and Bulgaria, 1913- 1924 [Articles by Jäckh]

16  #29: Deutsche Besprechungen, 1931-1933 [Announcements and articles about Jäckh chiefly relating to the Hochschule für Politik, Werkersbundes, reviews or commentary on his writings, and a number of his own manuscripts]

16  #30: Reise Besprechungen, 1903-1913 [Articles and by Jäckh describing his travels on land, with the German fleet, and on hot air balloons]

Books from the Library of Ernst Jäckh

17-20  Some books contain Jäckh's marginal notes and others are signed and inscribed to him.