Note: Some of the correspondece with the following institutions is included in this group of files:

I. Special Files

   --Correspondence Files 1895 to 1963

 The Herbert H. Lehman Papers are completely catalogued. The card index catalogue which includes cross references to subjects and correspondents is available for the use of researchers.

This personal and reference material includes autograph letters from Herbert Lehman's parents and a good many useful biographical documents. One folder is of special interest as it outlines his college career; it is a series of letters from his older brother Arthur Lehman written between 1895 and 1899. Gift of Mrs. Richard Bernhard, 1966.

The correspondence with two of Herbert Lehman's biographers, Allan Nevins and William V. Shannon, contains valuable additions to their research files which are in the library of the collection (see The Reference Library of the Herbert H. Lehman Papers.).

There is also excellent material concerning UNRRA in this file, particularly a series of letters from Herbert Lehman to Mrs. Lehman written while he was on overseas missions, and a brief history of UNRRA by Commander Sir Robert Jackson, Deputy Director-Ge neral, which gives a fine outline of the work of the organization.

The special file now also includes correspondence with the most important people who were connected with Herbert Lehman's career. It contains the correspondence with Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman which was not mounted in albums (listing of mounted material). It also contains the complete correspondence with Presidents Herbert C. Hoover, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson, and with Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey. There is a large correspondence with Eleanor Roosevelt and a number of letters of Lady Bird Johnson. It should be noted that the Kennedy, Johnson, and Humphrey files date from the time when all three men were colleagues of Herbert Lehman in the United States Senate.

       [v.p.], 1895-1962
       7 drawers
       ca. 900 folders

     Note: This was originally a small special file for particularly important or personal letters that Herbert Lehman wished to use for personal reference or did not want in the general files at a certain time.

 Americans for Democratic Action
 American Jewish joint Distribution
 Committee American Labor Party
 Dairymen's League
 Democratic National Committee
 Joint Distribution Committee
 New York: Young Democratic Club
 Palestine Economic Corporation
 Williams College

Gifts of original or photocopies of correspondence with Herbert Lehman have been added to this collection by:
Milton E. Krentz, 1967
Professor Maurice F. Neufeld, 1966
Judge Edward Weinfeld, 1966
 The following selective list of names gives an indication of the variety of correspondents represented in this file of more than 900 folders:
 Dean G. Acheson
 William Benton
 Adolf A. Berle, Jr.
 Chester Bowles
 Benjamin N. Cardozo
 James B. Carey
 Josephus Daniels
 Paul H. Douglas
 David Dubinsky
 John Foster Dulles
 James A. Farley
 Thomas K. Finletter
 Edward J. Flynn
 Homer Folks
 Felix Frankfurter
 Arthur L. Goodhart
 C. J. Hambro
 Joe R. Hanley
 W. Averill Harriman
 Leon Henderson
 Lister Hill
 William Hodson
 Paul G. Hoffman
 Harry L. Hopkins
 Harold L. Ickes
 Hugh R. Jackson
 Robert H. Jackson
 Sir Robert G. A. Jackson
 Philip Jessup
 Estes Kefauver
 Robert F. Kennedy
 Fiorello H. LaGuardia
 Henry Morgenthau
 Henry Morgenthau, Jr.
 Wayne Morse
 Richard L. Neuberger
 Maurice F. Neufeld
 Allan Nevins
 Lithgow Osborne
 Frances Perkins
 Charles Poletti
 John J. Raskob
 Walter P. Reuther
 Anna M. Rosenberg
 Samuel 1. Rosenman
 Alfred E. Smith
 Adlai Stevenson
 Herbert Bayard Swope
 Robert L. Wagner
 Robert L. Wagner, Jr.
 Lillian D. Wald
 Edward Weinfeld
 Walter White
 Roy Wilkins
 G. Mennen Williams

Special Subject Personal File

 Material that was kept in Herbert Lehman's desk, or in a nearby cabinet, for ready reference.
       2 drawers

 American Jewish Conference
 American Jewish Tercentenary
     Community Manual
 Bank holiday
     Canavan notes
James A. Broderick material
Gordon A. Rentschler material
       4 folders
 Campaign clippings
       8 folders

 Campaign material
       8 folders

 Civil rights and civil liberties clippings
 Democratic and Republican platforms
 Depressed areas, Federal aid to
 European Recovery Programs
       7 pamphlets
 Fulbright Stock Exchange Act (S. 2054)
 Fund for the Republic
 Glanzstoff strike
 Governor's Advisory Commission
     Cloak and Suit Industry
       9 printed records or briefs
 Housing-Amalgamated Project-Lower Manhattan
     Note: Including file of correspondence with Aaron RabinowitzGift of Aaron Rabinowitz, 1966

 Humane slaughter of livestock
       4 folders
       9 pamphlets
 Israel, tenth anniversary
       11 folders
 Lake Ontario water levels
 Lehman, Orin
     "Report on ECA in Southeast Asia"
 National Council for Industrial Peace
            2 folders
 New York reform politics
       19 folders
 New York State Democratic Convention
 Phillipines trade
 Programs and souvenirs of public events
 Puerto Rican taxes
 Rappaport, Joseph
     "Principles in Politics"
     Note: Completion of research report, "Herbert H. Lehman and the Democratic Reform Movement in New York," 1964

     Job applications and Bills introduced
     Office payrolls
     Office salaries and job applications
     Office personnel
     Problems of constituents
       2 folders

     Security incident
        June 1956
     Voting record and election results
     Swiss watches
             6 pamphlets
 "Voice of the People," letters about the Cardinal Spellman- Eleanor Roosevelt controversy
       2 folders

II. Correspondence, Memoranda And Related Papers

   --General Correspondence

       1/4 drawer

   --Correspondence with Lillian D. Wald and The Henry Street Settlement

 The fifty-two pieces of this material form an addition to correspondence with Miss Wald and Henry Street which is in the Special Files
       1 folder
     Note: Gift of the Henry Street Settlement and the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, 1967

   --Correspondence with Carolin Flexner

 Miss Flexner was Herbert Lehman's long-time personal secretary in New York, and was entrusted with the day-by-day administration of his philanthropic interests.
        1921 to 1929
       4 folders
 Aid Requests
        1924 to 1940
       One and one-half drawers

        1924 to 1940
       one half drawer      Note: 1/2 drawer

 Correspondence between Edith Lehman and Carolin Flexner
       3 folders

   --Paul Baerwald Papers

 Paul Baerwald, a founder and long-time chairman of the joint Distribution Committee, was a good friend of Herbert H. Lehman. These papers illustrate their cooperation on the Committee and in other public works, as well as Mr. Baerwald's other fields of interest. In addition, the Baerwald Papers contain material concerning Hermann Baerwald, 1828-1907, the German historian and educator.
       65 folders
     Note: Gift of Mrs. Myron S. Falk, Jr., 1968.

   --General Correspondence

         1929 to 1931
       1 drawer

   --Lieutenant Governorship Papers

 Arranged alphabetically for the entire period.
       44 reels Microfilm

   --Correspondence With Franklin D. Roosevelt

 Additional correspondence with President Roosevelt is in the Special Files.
       3 elephant-folio volumes

   --Correspondence With Carolin Flexner

       1 drawer

   --General Correspondence

       Three-quarters of a drawer

   --General Correspondence

 Arranged alphabetically by correspondent for the entire period.
       17 drawers

   --Governorship Papers

 Arranged alphabetically by correspondent for the entire period
       106 reels Microfilm

   --Correspondence With Frank Altschul

 Arranged chronologically. This collection is an addition to material in the Special Files and in the general correspondence files in this section. Mr. Altschul, the well-known banker and editor, was Herbert Lehman's brother-in-law and close friend.
       11 folders
     Note: Gift of Frank Altschul, 1967.

   --General Correspondence

 Arranged alphabetically for the combined years
        1941 & 1942
       7 drawers

   --Personal Correspondence of the Director General of UNRRA

       2 drawers

   --General File of the Director General of UNRRA

 Arranged alphabetically for the combined years. Included diaries of missions to London, April 1943, and to North Africa and Cairo, March-April 1944
       25 folders

   --The Hugh Jackson Papers

 Hugh Jackson was Herbert Lehman's chief assistant during the period of organization of OFRRO and of UNRRA, and was Deputy Director General of UNRRA at the time of his retirement from this work. These papers contain important memoranda, correspondence, and conference reports relative to the setting up of this international organziation.
       29 folders
     Note: Gift of Mrs. Hugh Jackson, 1966

   --American Committee for the Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historic Monuments in Europe

 Herbert Lehman was a member of this committee, and this material includes his correspondence on committee business as well as numerous releases and memoranda of the committee
       7 folders

   --Marshall MacDuffie Papers on the UNRRA Mission to the Ukraine

 Marshall MacDuffie was appointed by Herbert Lehman as the first chief of the UNRRA mission to the Ukraine. These papers include reports, correspondence, memoranda, and a review and history of the work of this mission
       6 folders
     Note: Gift of Mrs. Marshall MacDuffie, 1968.

   --Correspondence With Harry S. Truman

 Additional correspondence with President Truman is in the Special Files.
       1 elephant-folio volume

   --General Correspondence

       1 drawer

   --Correspondence With Frances Bergman

 Mrs. Bergman succeeded Miss Flexner as Herbert Lehman's personal secretary in New York for philanthropic matters.
       5 folders

   --General Correspondence

       2 drawers

   --General Correspondence

       2 drawers

   --Senatorship Papers

      --Legislative Files

 Includes staff research reports, correspondence, memoranda, and related material on legislative matters. Some of the more important subjects are:
       30 drawers

 Civil rights
 Post Office
 Civil Service
 Displaced persons
 Foreign policy and foreign aid
 Internal Security Bill

 Minimum wage
 Post Office
 St. Lawrence projects
 Social Security and Welfare
 Taft-Hartley law

      --Bill Files

 Includes copies of Bills sponsored by, or of particular interest to, the Senator, with pertinent correspondence and research notes.
       5 1/2 drawers

      --Departmental Files

 Material and correspondence concerning practically every government department and commission. The last seven drawers are devoted to the State Department alone. The files are divided as follows:
 Postmasters and Armed Forces academies
 State Department
 The most important subjects represented in this file are as follows:

 Hoover Commission and government reorganization
 Joseph McCarthy
 Post Office
 St. Lawrence projects
 Social Security

      --Miscellaneous Files

 Crank file: correspondence received from mentally ill people, bigots, etc.
       1 drawer

 McCarthy and McCarthyism: correspondence and related ma- terial both for and against
       2 drawers
 Postmasters: correspondence on appointments
       1 drawer

      --Research Files

 More than 90 percent of the files are devoted to the following subjects:
       4 1/2 drawers
 Displaced persons
 Internal security
 Rent control
 Social Security

      --"Robo" Files

 These files contain a complete run of all form letters sent out by Senator Lehman and his office. There is also a large amount of correspondence relating to each letter.
       8 drawers

      --"Tissue" Files

 Carbon copies of all correspondence emanating from the Senator and his office staff from November 1949 through December 1956. Arranged chronologically by month, with the material for each month arranged alphabetically by correspondent. The final 21/4 drawers consist of duplicates, January 1950 to March 1956, of those carbons which were kept in the New York office for convenience.
       15 1/4 drwaers

      --General Personal Correspondence

 Arranged alphabeticaly by correspondent under each year; these are files from the New York office.

      --Position Papers

 Full description on cards of the Senator's positions on government topics, made for the use of his office staff. More than thirty-five subjects are covered.
       1 card index box

      --Recommendation File

 All personal recommendations made and recommendation and personnel data letters received for the period
       1 drawer

      --New York Office Correspondence

 Arranged alphabetically by correspondent under each year. This general personal material is duplicated to some extent in the file marked General personal correspondence, 1949-1963 above. However both files contain many documents not duplicated
       15 drawers


 Arranged alphabetically by correspondent under each year
       4 drawers


 Arranged alphabetically by correspondent under each year. Mainly material similar to personal official papers, 1951-1956 above, but with less official correspondence
       2 drawers

III. Campaign Correspondence & and Related Material

   --Campaign Files

 Contain a great deal of correspondence, including some about personal and official matters handled in the midst of campaign work. Also articles, campaign material, duplicate speeches, and related material. The drawers are numbered as follows:
       9 drawers
 1. 1928-1936
 2. 1936-1949

 3. 1949
 5. 1950
 6. 1949-1950 Finance
 7. 1949-1950 Miscellaneous

 8. 1949-1950 Letters of congratulation and thanks
 9. 1954 Wagner campaign

   --Campaign Material

 A large collection of mounted material consisting of campaign "handouts," labels, speeches, reports, lists, instructions to workers, research material, finance, women's division and nationalities division reports, news, clippings including foreign language press, and other campaign miscellany
       28 looseleaf scrapbooks

   --Campaign Correspondence

 Material dealing with the campaign of 1932
       One quarter drawer

   --Campaign Contributions Received

 Includes the campaigns of 1936, 1946, 1949, and 1950
       2 card index drawers
       1 notebook
     Note: A vast amount of campaign information is found in Sereis IV: Clipping Books, Press Releases, Speeches, Articles, and Statements

IV. Clipping Books, Press releases Speeches Articles and Statements

   --Press Clipping Collection

 A complete newspaper record of Herbert Lehman's entire public career. The clippings include items selected from state-wide and country-wide papers in addition to all the New York and Washington metropolitan dailies. Copies of his speeches are also mounted in their proper order, and usually the reading copy is mounted with the clipping. There are also some of the originals of the photographs used in the news stories. Some important subdivisions of the collection are:
       199 bound folio-size volumes
 "Voice of the People," correspondence from the general public pro or con controversial subjects
       10 volumes
       10 volumes
       7 volumes
 Political campaigns
       19 volumes
 Obituary reports and memorial tributes to Herbert Lehman
       2 volumes
 Williams College
      Clippings, playbills, dance cards, tickets, and other souvenirs of Herbert Lehman's college career
       1 volume


        December 6, 1928 through December 31, 1963
       16 looseleaf binders

        January 1, 1946 through December 31, 1963
       5 drawers

 Campaign speeches and news releases
       5 scrapbooks
       5 volumes
 Speech reference index: this is a valuable aid for locating speeches, and positions on specific subjects mentioned in Speeches
       2 card index boxes

   --Articles By And About Herbert Lehman

 Periodical and newspaper articles, both biographical and autobiographical, including a number of Congressional Record reprints and also memorial material of 1964. See VI. Library for bound material of this type.
       1 drawer


 Statements given mainly in answer to specific requests, with pertinent correspondence
       1 drawer

   --UNRRA Documents

 Documents, charts, minutes, press releases, and miscellaneous material

   --Press Releases

Note: Gifts of copies of speeches and articles by or about Herbert Lehman have been received from the following:
  • Professor Julius C. C. Edelstein, 1967-1968
  • Miss Jessica Feingold, 1965
  • Dr. Joseph Rappaport, 1965
 Statements, speeches, background information; in chronological order.
       10 drawers

V. Miscellaneous Papers

   --Personal Family Papers

 Family marriage certificates, notebooks, family trees, and printed souvenirs.

   --College Themes

 About sixteen original manuscripts (100 pages) in cellophane envelopes. Typed copies are also in the file. Much of the material is on topics which held Herbert Lehman's lifelong attention, for example: The Education Test in Immigration Notes . . . on Changing the Present Method of Elections The Political Aspect of Europe
        1898 & 1899
       1 looseleaf notebook

   --Armed Forces Scrapbook

 Letters, carbon copies, official forms and papers, news clippings, and photographs. A complete history of Herbert Lehman's military service
       1 leather-bound folio scrapbook

   --Guest Lists and Entertainment

 Complete list of all social and official entertainment and of invited guests, with addresses of guests and notations of which invitations they received
       5 looseleaf

   --Honorary Memberships

 Correspondence concerning all honorary memerships accepted or rejected during this period; arranged chronologically
       1 drawer

   --Birthday and Other Greetings Received

 Sixtieth birthday, 1938 Seventieth birthday, 1948 Seventy-fifth birthday, 1953 Retirement from the Senate, 1956-1957 Eightieth birthday, 1958 Recovery from illness, 1963 Eighty-fifth birthday, 1963
       2 drawers


 All invitations received during this period, separated into folders by month and further separated as "accepted" and "declined."
       6 drawers

   --Appointment Diaries

 A ten-year record of daily appointments
       10 volumes

   --Democratic Advisory Council

 Collection of notices, releases, letters to directors, etc.
       1 looseleaf notebook


 Messages received by the family at the time of Herbert Lehman's death. A card index file notes names and addresses of all correspondents
       1 drawer
       2 card index boxes

VI. The Reference Library of The Herbert H. Lehman Papers

 The Herbert H. Lehman Papers have their own reference library which includes all books and articles by or about Herbert Lehman, as well as a large collection of inscribed presentation copies of books by colleagues and friends.

All the basic reference works covering the Governorship years and the Senate years are at hand for use with the Papers.

A section of the reference library is devoted to materials by and about the Lehman family. It includes a complete collection of the legal and other writings of Arthur Lehman Goodhart, K.B.E. (gift of Professor Goodhart, 1967), and a good number of works by or about Chief judge Irving Lehman.

The Library includes numerous reference works on special subjects. Included in this category is a set of card index reference cards entitled "The Impact of the State Defense Board on Civil Rights in New York. Gift of Dominic J. Capeci, Jr., 1968.

   --Working Papers fot the Nevins Biography

 Among the most valuable items in the reference library, in addition to the Papers themselves, are the complete working reference files, drafts, manuscripts,. page and galley proofs, notes, memoranda, and correspondence connected with the writing of Herbert Lehman and His Era by Allan Nevins. Included in this collection is the original typescript, with drafts and memoranda
       {New York], [ca. 1963]
       3 drawers
       3 card index drawers
       3 folio-size looseleaf notebooks
       8 manuscript boxes
     Note: Gift of Professor Nevins, 1967

   --Working Papers for the Shannon Biography

 The complete research file and projected chapters of the biography of Herbert Lehman by William V. Shannon which was never completed
       1 drawer
     Note: Gift of William V. Shannon, 1955

   --Reference Works on the Governorship: A Selection of Titles

 The Public Papers of Governor Herbert H. Lehman, 1933-1942 10 volumes
Sate of New York Executive Budget, 1932-1943 22 volumes
The Legislative Manual of the State of New York, 1929-1942 14 volumes
The New York Red Book, 1929, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1936 5 volumes
The New York State Constitutional Convention Committee, 1938 12 volumes
Record of Vote Cast for Herbert H. Lehman, 1928-1938
Record of Vote Cast for Herbert H. Lehman, 1928-1934
New York State Legislative Programs. 1933-1942 10 volumes

   --Reference Works of the Senatorship: A Selectionb of Titles

 The Congressional Record, Volumes 96-102, 1950-1956 103 volumes
Proceedings and Reports, 82nd-84th Congresses: covers all committees of which Senator Lehman was a member: Labor and Public Welfare, Banking and Currency, etc. 72 volumes
The Congressional Directory, 1952-1956 5 volumes

   --UNRRA Publications: A Selection of Titles

 Journals of the Council Sessions, 1943-1946. 6 volumes
The History of UNRRA, edited by George Woodbridge. 3 volumes

   --Oral History

 The Oral History Collection of Columbia University has made available to researchers using the Herbert H. Lehman Papers "The Herbert H. Lehman Oral History" (800 pages) and "The Oral History Memoirs of Herbert H. Lehman by His Associates". The following friends and associates were interviewed for the Memoirs:
  • Helen (Mrs. Frank) Altschul 13 pages
  • Emanuel Celler 3 pages
  • Paul Douglas 22 pages
  • Julius C. C. Edelstein 45 pages
  • James A. Farley 44 pages
  • Carolin Flexner 67 pages
  • Hubert H. Humphrey 25 pages
  • Estes Kefauver 12 pages
  • George Meany 13 pages
  • Henry Morgenthau, Jr. 8 pages
  • Wayne Morse 92 pages
  • Charles Poletti 32 pages
  • Eleanor Roosevelt 17 pages
  • Anna M. Rosenberg 14 pages
  • Samuel 1. Rosenman 23 pages
  • Marc Tanenbaum 38 pages
  • Roy Wilkins 26 pages

The attention of researchers is drawn to the many other oral histories which are not specifically part of the Herbert H. Lehman project but which contain valuable information on the man and his times. Inquiries concerning this group of memoirs should be made directly to the Oral History Research Office, 801 Butler Library, Columbia University, New York, N.Y. 10027. The following sample list illustrates the variety of memoirs available:

  • Chester Bowles
  • James B. Carey
  • William Hammatt Davis
  • James A. Farley
  • Edward Flynn
  • Homer Folks
  • Felix Frankfurter
  • Paul G. Hoffman
  • Philip C. Jessup
  • Lithgow Osborne
  • Herbert W. Parisius
  • Frances Perkins
  • Louis H. Pink
  • Jacob S. Potofsky
  • Lindsay Rogers
  • Samuel 1. Rosenman
  • Francis B. Sayre
  • George S. Van Schaick
  • Roy Wilkins
  • Robert E. Wood

VII. Films, Tapes And Disk recordings


 The Herbert H. Lehman Papers include an invaluable collection of moving pictures of Herbert Lehman's political life and of occasions with his family and friends. There are both silent and sound films, available for showing in The Lehman Suite
       ca. 60 reels

   --Disc Recordings

 The discs are in various sizes and play at various speeds
       200+ recordings
     Note: Some of the discs were presented by Morris S. Novik, 1967


 The tapes, as well as the discs, record speeches, statements, mem- orial addresses, and campaign material. Included through the courtesy of Governor Charles Poletti and Roy Wilkins are taped interviews concerning the study entitled "The Impact of the State Defense Board on Civil Rights in New York, 1939-1942."
       ca. 50 reels
     Note: See also IV. The Reference Library of the Herbert H. Lehman Papers). This Part of the collection also includes material presented by Morris S. Novik, 1967, and Dominic J. Capeci, Jr., 1968.

VIII. Memorabilia

 There is a large and interesting collection of memorabilia with the Herbert H. Lehman Papers. A great deal of it is on permanent display in the Lehman Suite

The memorabilia includes Herbert Lehman's American and foreign medals and decorations, certificates of appointments and memberships, testimonial certificates and presentations, an extensive collection of photographs, and a large number of other inter esting objects

There is a fine collection of original drawings of political cartoons connected with Herbert Lehman's career, including many by Herblock and Rollin Kirby

A portrait of Governor Lehman painted by an inmate of a state prison, which is typical of the material presented to public figures, is part of this collection. Loaned by the State of New York Department of General Services
     Note: The entire collection of memorabilia is catalogued