Douglas Moore papers

Finding Aid Prepared by Bernard Crystal
September 2001

Date Range: 1907-1963
Size of Collection: 21 linear feet. (ca. 200 items in 45 boxes and 1 flatbox)
Date of Acquisition: Gift of Mrs. Douglas Moore & family, 1971 & 1973. Gift of Mrs. Bradford Kelleher & Miss Sarah Moore, 1980, 1987, & 1991.
Material on Microfilm: No material on microfilm
Terms of Access: Film of "Gallantry" as performed on a CBS television program may not be used without the permission of the Librarian for Rare Books and Manuscripts.
Restrictions on Use or Access: Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Librarian for Rare Books and Manuscripts.
Location in Stacks: In sequence
Processing Information: BRC: 6/23/1972; 4/4/74; 4/80
RL 3/86
Jl-W 4/87
MK 2/91


       Douglas Moore was composer who succeeded Daniel Gregory Mason as head of the music department at Columbia University in 1940. He was born in Cutchogue, New York on 10 August 1893 and died in Greenport Long Island on 25 July 1969 He was educated at Yale University and B.A., 1915 and Mus. Bac. 1917

Known mostly for his operas he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Giants in the Earth 1951.


       Professional and personal correspondence and original scores and sketches. In addition to the numerous original compositions, thre are letters and related materials dealing with these works. These include production notes, libretos and data concerning the production and performances of such works as: "The Ballad of Baby Doe," "The Devil and Daniel Webster," "Giants in the Earth," and "White Wings." There is material relating to the curriculum and administration of Columbia's Music Department, of which Moore was chairman from 1926. His correspondence related to his membership of the Century Club, the McDowell Association, and the National Institute of Arts and letters, and correspondence concerning his editorship of the Prentice Hall Music Series is also included. Of interest are several dozen printed scores and a few books written, inscribed, and signed by fellow composers such as Ernest Bloch, Vincent D'Indy, and Roger Sessions.

1991 addition: Correspondence with some related photographs and clippings. The majority of the letters are by Douglas Stuart Moore to his mother, Myra D. Moore. This correpspondence, which spanned a 27 year period from the fall of 1906 to late 1933 represents perhpas the most comprehensive record of Moore's life, for it was his habit to write to his mother every Sunday, a ritual to which he was remarkably faithful. The various stages of Moore's life are apparent in his letters: his first experience away from home at the Hotchkiss School in Connecticut, his undergraduate years at Yale, time spent in a Maritime Academy in Maryland, his service in the Navy during the First World War, his tenure as Musical Director of the Cleveland Museum of Art, further travels in Europe, his position in the Music Department o f Columbia University (1926-1962). The letters also follow the course of Myra Moore's life, where she lived in Brooklyn, Long Island, and finally Orange County, California. There are some letters from other members of the family to Myra Moore. A few remaining letters that are not addressed to Moore's mother, are letters he wrote to other members of his family.

Cataloged correspondence: A-W, Box 1; Cataloged correspondence: Moore, Douglas Stuart to Myra D. Moore, Boxes 2-9; Cataloged correspondence: Moore family correspondence. Box 10; Arranged correspondence (topically and chronologically): Boxes 11-19; Columbia University course material, Boxes 20 & 21; Printed scores and books inscribed to Moross, Boxes 22 & 23; Manuscript scores and sketches by Moore, Boxes 24-44; Film of "Gallantry" as performed on a CBS television program (2 reels), Box 45.

Cataloged Correspondence

1  Adler, Kurt Herbert
     To Douglas Moore
     San Francisco 2 May 1960
     1 page t.l.s.
1  Barlow, Wayne
1  Bacon, Ernst
1  Belmont, Eleanor Robson
1  Benet, William Rose
1  Bing, Rudolph
1  Borge, Victor
1  Brooks, Van Wyck
1  Butler, Nicholas Murray
1  Cleland, Thomas Maitland
1  Copland, Aaron
1  Damrosch, Walter
1  Eisenhower, Dwight David
1  Fekete, Zolton
1  Foss, Lukas
1  Glanville-Hicks, Peggy
1  Goossens, Eugene
1  Graham, Martha
1  Hanson, Howard
1  Hartford, Huntington
1  Langstaff, John Meredith
1  MacDowell, Marian Nevins (Mrs. Edward)
1  MacLeish, Archibald
1  Mannes, Leopold
1  Mason, Daniel Gregory
1  Mason, Gregory
1  Menuhin, Yehudi
1  Meyerowitz, Jan
1  Mitropoulos, Dimitri
1  Partch, Harry
1  Rodzinski, Artur
1  Rudel, Julius
1  Schoenberg, Arnold
1  Schuman, William
1  Sessions, Roger Huntington
1  Szigeti, Joseph
1  Weisgall, Hugo
2 - 9  Moore, Douglas Stuart
     To Myra D. Moore

Arranged Correspondence

10  Moore Family Correspondence
     1904 - 1948
11  Adam was my Grandfather
11  American Academy in Rome
11  American Academy of Arts and Letters
11  American Society of Composers and Publishers (A.S.C.A.P.)
11  Ballad of Baby Doe
Central City
General Correspondence (Folders 1-1.)
M.S. and I.S. Iscaas, Lucy Kroll, Michael Myerberg et. al. 1-3
11  Ballade Of William Sycamore
11  Biographical Material - with Portraits
12  Carry Nation
12  Century Association
12  Clarinet Quintet
12  Columbia University
   Music   Department Budget (Folders 1-2)
     Music Department Curriculum
     Music Department Reports
12  Composers Survey - American Music Center

   --Correspondence Referring To More Than One Work

13  Correspondence
     1928 - 1936
     1941- 1944
14  Correspondence
     January 1951 - April 1951
     May 1951 - August 1951
     September 1951 - December 1951
15  Correspondence
     1960 (2 Folders)
16  Cotollion
Destroyer Life
Devil and Daniel Webster
Documents - 1955 -1959
Down East Suite
Farm Journal
Gallantry and the Boor (See Also Box 31)
General Information About Works
Giants in the Earth (Folders- l-2)
Giants in the Earth Libretto (Ditto Sheets)
Gook Night Poor Harvard
Headless Horseman
Lectures and California Trip - January 1950
17  MacDowell Association
     1926 - 1928
     (Folders 1-2)
17  MacDowell Association
     1947 - 1959
     (Folders 1-2)
17  McGraw-Hill
Mary's Player
Miscellaneous Printed Material
Music in the Making (Folders 1-2)
Mysterious Cat
National Institute of Arts and Letters - 1948-1960 (Folders 1-4)
Old Song
Overture on an American Tune
18  The Pageant of P.T. Barum
Partch, Harry Oedipus
Prayer for the United Nations
Prentice Hall Correspondence - A-Z
Printed Materials
Programs and Advertisements
Puss in Boots
19  Quartet 1933
Quintet for Winds
References and Recommendations 1948 -1950
Society for Music in the Liberal Arts College
Suite for Piano
Symphony in A Major
Village Music
White Wings
Wings of the Dove
Wonderful Violin
Yale Alumni Council 1948 -1954

Columbia Course Material

20  Grades
Student Papers
Course Outlines
     (Binders 1-3)
21  "GS Music I"
"Modern Music"
"Music 107"
"20th Century Music"


Note: Printed scores and a few books inscribed and signed by the following composers to D. S. Moore
22 & 23  Bacon, Ernst
22  Barnett, David
22  Binet, Jean
22  Bloch, Ernest
22  Carter, Elliott
22  Daniels, Mable
22  D'Indy, Vicent
     His cours de composition musicale
     Paris 1912
     Note: With annotations in Moore's hand
22  Dupre, Marcel
22  Helfer, Walter
22  Maganini, Quinto
22  Moore, Douglas
     (Folders 1-2)
23  Moore, Douglas
23  Myers, Richard
23  Parker, Horatio
23  Saminsky, L.
23  Sessions, Roger
23  Shepherd, Arthur
23  Spelman, Timothy Mather
23  Thompson, Randall
23  Trimble, Lester
23  Vasco, Mariz
23  Weisse, Hans
23  Winternitz, Emanuel

Manuscripts Scores and Sketches in Moore's Hand

Note: Boxes 24 - 44
24  April Weather
24  Ballad of Baby Doe
24  Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique First Movement
24  Bird Song
24  Carry Nation
24  Cat Sat
24  Cello Sonata
24  Choral Varie
24  Class Song
24  Cleopatra's Mother
24  Copy Book
25  Cruise
25  Dear Dark Head
25  Dedication
25  Dedicatory Hymn
25  Destroyer Life (Folders ~-2)
25  Discouraged Churchill
25  Doughbcy S'eu , Fiche
25  Down at the North Fork Country Club Cabaret
25  Down East Suite
25  Early Song
25  Emperor's New Clothes (Folders 1-2)
25  Etude in Tenths
25  Fall of the City
25  Pantasie Polonaise
25  Film Music No. A
25  First Composition 1907
25  Fourth Calvary- Regiment March
26  Friends, Elis Countrymen
26  Gallantry (See Also Box 31)
26  Giants of the Earth
26  Greek Games
26  Greenfield Christmas Tree
26  He's Gone Away
26  I Followed Lonely Down the Marne
26  In a Glass of,Water Before Retiring
26  In Springtime
26  Jesse James (Folders-1-3)
27  Jungle Heroes
27  Kimogenor
27  King Lear
27  Kitty-Cat Bird
27  Lja ne
27  Macleish Songs
27  Manuscript Notebook No. 8
27  March
27  Martha
27  Miscellaneous (Folders 1-3)
28  Moby Dick (Folders 1-9)
29  Movie Music
Much Ado About Nothing
My Garden
North Atlantic Suite
Notebook A-B
Not this Alone
Oh, Oh, Tennessee (Folders 1-2)
30  Oh, Oh, Tennessee
Old Gray Mare
Olympian Song
Overture L'Atlan-Itique
Overture Sketches
Parabalou (Folders 1-2)
Pelican Chorus
Piano Scores
Piano Sonata
Poor Wayfaring Stranter
31  Power and the Land - Bass
31  Power and the Land - Cello
31  Power and the Land - Viola
31  Power and the Land - Violin (Yolders 1-4)
32  Power and the Land - Basson and Horn
32  Power and the Land - Clarinet
32  Power and the Land - Flute and Oboe
32  Power and the Land - Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion and Tympani
32  Power and the Land - Notes
32  Power and the Land - Rest of Score
32  Power and the Land - Suite
33  Prayer for England
Prayer for U.N. (See also Flat Box)
Puss in Boots
Quartet Sketches
Rural Electrification Film Parts 1-4
Rutgers Marching Song
Snake Dance
34  Soldier Song
Sonata for Piano and Violin 1-2
Sonata for Violincello
Summer Evening 1-2
Symphony in A Major - Sketches
Symphony of Autumn - Orchestral Score, (bound) 1980 Gift
Symphony of Autumn - Parts Score, Setting copy in copyist's hand. 1980 Gift
35  Symphony of Autumn - Violin 1-7
36  Symphony of Autumn - Viola 1-2
36  Symphony of Autumn - Cello 1-2
36  Symphony of Autumn - Bass
37  Tale of a Carp
Then and Now
Trio for Violin, cello.and Piano, Score, s. (See also Box 30) 1980 Gift
Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night and William Sycamore Sketche3
Valse Janet
Variations for String Quartet
White Wings 1-2
38  White Wings - Choral Parts (mimeographed) 1-5
39  White Wings - Choral Parts (mimeographed) .1-3
40  White Wings - Choral Parts
     photocopy with handwritten annotations
41  White Wings 1-3
William Sycamore
Wings of the Dove
Yale Pageant
Yo Ho
Young People Record
42  Youth get a Break - Manuscript Scores


43  Devil and Daniel Webster
     Score and Sketches 1-2
43  Down East Suite
     Photocopy with handwritten Annotations
44  Devil and Daniel Webster
Giants in the Earth
Symphony, No. 2 in A Major - Two Pianos, Score, and 2 sets of blue prints
Tamara M. Bliss - The Tyger Rit, excursion for oboe and piano, Come Away Death
Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano, parts Score, 2 (Violin and Cello only)
Master cories and extracts
White Wings and Simon Leg
After 44  Greenfield Christmas Tree
     Score rolled up in a white folder
45  Gallantry as performed on CBS television program: Arias and Arabesques
     Sept. 19, 1962
See related letters in Douglas Moore Office File.
Flat Box  Babitt
Prayer for the U.N.
White Wings