Edwin Robert Anderson Seligman Papers

Finding Aid Prepared by June Lord-Wood
Published in Electronic Form December 2002

Date Range: 1750-1939
Size of Collection: 51 linear ft. (ca. 52,700 items in 148 boxes; 1 flat box; 2 map cases )
Date of Acquisition: Purchase 1929 and 1942
Material on Microfilm: The Ernest Charles Jones Papers are on microfilm, as well as the correspondence of James Bryce and Sir William Ashley
Terms of Access: Available for faculty, students, and researchers engaged in scholarly publication projects.
Restrictions on Use or Access: Readres must use the microfilm of the Ernest Charles Jones Papers, as well as the correspondence of Sir William Ashley and James Bryce.
Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Director of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

Location in Stacks: In sequence
Processing Information: Processed by June Lord-Wood 04/1986; Revised by Henry Rowen; revised by Daniel Eshom, 2/11/2005.
RLIN ID: NYCR90-A162-166


       Columbia A.B. 1879, A.M. 1884, L.L.B. 1884, Ph.D. 1885, L.L.D. 1904. Seligman served on the Columbia University faculty 1885-1931, the Tax Committee of New York City 1914-1916 and of New York State 1929-1931, the League of Nations committee on economics and finance 1922-1923, financial advisor to Cuba in 1931, and editor of the Political Science Quarterly and the Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, among many other roles.


       Correspondence, manuscripts and documents. Included among his personal and professional correspondence are letters from famous economists collected by Seligman. Among these are:

I) William Shirley (Box 95). 1741-1745. Copies of letters and documents by Shirley, Royal Governor of Massachusetts, addressed chiefly to the Board of Trade, London

II) Paul Flobart (Box 96). Recherches sur les Billets de la Banque de Law 1716-1720. Lille, 1920. Notes, page proof and printed for of this pamphlet

III) John Francis Bray Papers (Box 97). Bray, 1809-1895, early socialist writer and labor agitator in England, 1822, returned to America in 1842. Michigan experiences, 1842-1896, papers 1860-1890

IV) Ernest Jones Papers. Correspondence, family and business papers of Ernest Jones, 1819-1869, English militant socialist and leader of the Chartist movement, and publisher of two newspapers propagating Marxist doctrines. Collection consists of ca.1,708 items, and some family correspondence and mementoes. The most valuable part appears to be his notes refuting various libel charges brought against him. In 10 boxes at the end of the collection.



 Abbey, Edwin Austin

 Abbott, Lawrence Fraser

 Abbutt, Lyman

 Adams, Charles Francis

 Adams, Henry Carter

 Adams, Thomas, S.

 Addams, Jane

 Adler, Cyrus

 Adler, Felix

 Aftalion, Albert

 Agger, Eugene Ewald

 Albee, Edward F.

 Alger, Hiratio, Jr.

 Allison, William Boyd

 Anderson, Benjamin McAlester, Jr.

 Anderson, Edward Hatfield

 Anderson, Mary R.M.

 Anderson, Thomas Davis

 Andrew, Abram Piatt

 Andrews, Charles Mclean

 Andrews, E. Benjamin

 Angell, James Haterhouse

 Angell, James Howalnd

 Angell, Jane N.

 Ashley, Sir William James

 Atkinson, Edward

 Aulnis de Bourouill, J.

 Babson, Roger

 Baker, Bernard Nadel

 Baker, Charles Whiting

 Baldwin, William Henry, Jr.

 Bancroft, Frederic

 Banks, Enoch Marvin

 Bannister, Lucius Ward

 Baring, Sir Francis

 Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter

 Barnard, George Grey

 Barnes, Harry Elmer

 Barnes, Julius Howland

 Barone, Enrico

 Barrault, Emile

 Barrett, Robert

 Barrows, David P.

 Baruch, Bernard M.

 Bastable Charles Francis

 Battle, George Gordon

 Bauer, Stephen

 Beard, Charles A.

 Bechaux, Auguste

 Bellom, Maurice

 Bemis, Edward Webster

 Bender, Albert Maurice

 Bender, Harold Herman

 Benson, Roberty Dix

 Bergson, Henri

 Berkeley, George, Bishop of Cloyns

 Bernays, Edward L.

 Beveridge, Albert Jeremiah

 Bixby, William Keeney

 Blair, Henry William

 Blanshard Paul

 Bliss, William Dwight Porter

 Bliven, Bruce

 Blunden, L.H.

 Boas, Franz

 Bodio, Luigi

 Bogart, Ernest L.

 Bogert, Marston Tayloe

 Bohm-Bawerk, Eugen von

 Boisservain, G.M.

 Bolles, Albert S.

 Bonar, James

 Bonbright James Cummings

 Borah, William E.

 Boucke, Oswald Fred

 Bourne, Edward Gaylord

 Bowker, R.R.

 Brandeis, Louis Dembitz

 Breckenridge, Roeliff Morton

 Brentano Lujo

 Brett, george Platt

 Brinton, Clarence Crane

 Brookings, Robert Somers

 Brooks, John Graham

 Brown, Elmer Ellsworth

 Brown, Francis Shunk

 Bruce, E. Marion (Mrs. James)

 Bruere, Henry

 Brunner, Arnold William

 Bryce, James

 Bullock, Charles J.

 Burbank, Luther

 Burgess, John William

 Burns, John

 Burt, Thomas

 Burton, Theodore Elijah

 Butler, Nicholas Murray

 Cadwalader, John Lambert

 Cairns, Huntington

 Caldwell, Robert J.

 Calhoun George Miller

 Canby Henry Seidel

 Canfield Cass

 Cannan, Edwin

 Cardozo, Benjamin Nathan

 Carnegie, Andrew

 Carpenter, Willaim Henry

 Carver, T.N.

 Cather, Willa

 Cattell, J McKeen

 Cecil, Robert

 Celler, Emanuel

 Chaddock, Robert Emmet

 Chailley, Joseph

 Chalmers, Thomas

 Champney, James Wells

 Chapin, Roy D.

 Chapman, John Jay

 Chapman, S.C.

 Chapman, Sydney

 Chase, Stuart

 Chevalier, Michel

 Cheyney, Edward P

 Childs, Richard Spencer

 Chisholm, Hugh Joseph

 Choate, Joseph Hodges

 Cholmeley-Jones, Richard Oilder

 Clapham, J.H.

 Clark, John Bates

 Clark, John Maurice

 Clark, Walter E.

 Cleveland, Frederick Albert

 Cobden, Richard

 Cochran, Charles Fremont

 Coghlan, J.A.

 Cohn, Gustav

 Coit, Stanton

 Colbert, J.B.

 Colby, Bambridge

 Colby, James Fairbands

 Cole, Frand Nelson

 Cole, Thomas Casilear

 Collings, Harry Thomas

 Commons, J.R.

 Comstock, Alzada

 Conant, Charles Arthur

 Conrad, Johannes

 Conway, Eustace

 Conway, W.M.

 Cook, Albert Stanburrough

 Cort van der Linden, R.W.A.

 Cortelyou, George Bruce

 Cossa, Luigi

 Costigan, Edward P

 Coudert, Frederic Rene

 Couzens, James

 Coykendall, Frederick

 Crampton, Henry E.

 Croly, Herbert

 Crook, J.W.

 Cross, Ira Brown

 Cross, Wilber Lucius

 Crowell, John Franklin

 Crowninshield, Frank

 Crowther, Samuel

 Cunliffe, John William

 Cunningham, William

 Curtis, George William

 Cutting, Robert Fulton

 D Melvil

 Dalla Volta, Richard

 Damrosch, Walter

 Dana, Richard Henry

 Dana, Richard Henry

 Davenport, Frederick Morgan

 Davenport, Frederick Morgan

 Davies, Julien Tappan

 Davies, Julien Tappan

 Davis, Andrew McFarland

 Davis, Andrew McFarland

 Davis, John William

 De Ford Miriam Allottt

 De Forest, R.W.

 De Kay, Charles

 De Leon, Daniel

 De Leon, Daniel

 Dean, Bashford

 Dean, Bashford

 Dell, Floyd

 Deming, Horace Edward

 Deming, Horace Edward

 Denis, H.

 Denis, H.

 Dent, J.N.

 Dent, J.N.

 Deschamps, Auguste

 Desehamps, Auguste Dewey, Davis Rich

 Dewey, David Rich

 Dewey, John

 Dewey, John

 Dewey, Melvil

 Dickinson, G.L.

 Dickinson, Sidney E

 Dickinson, Sidney E.

 Diehl, Karl

 Diehl, Karl

 Dixon, Frank Haigh

 Dixon, Frank Haigh

 Dodd, Samuel C.T

 Dodd, Samuel C.T.

 Doten, Carroll Warren

 Douglas, Paul Howard

 Droppers, Garrett

 Du Bois, W.E.B.

 du Pont, Pierre Samuel

 Duboc, Julius

 Duckworth, A.

 Duggan, S.P.H.

 Dulles, Eleanor L.

 Dulles, John Foster

 Dunbar, Clarles F

 Duncan, William Butler

 Dunning, William Archibald

 Durand, E. Dana

 Dutton, George Burwell

 Easley, Ralph Montgomery

 Eastman, George

 Eastwick, William J.

 Edgeworth, Francis Y.

 Edwards, George William

 Eells, Howard Parmelee

 Einaudi, Luigi

 Einstein, Albert

 Eliot, Charles William

 Elliott, Howard

 Elliott, John

 Elliott, T.H.

 Elwell, Frank Edwin

 Ely, Richard T.

 Ely, Robert Erskine

 Emery, Henry Crosby

 Erskine, John

 Espinas, A.

 Estournelles de Constant, P.

 Evans, Frederick William

 F'lagler, Harry H.

 Fackenthal, Frank D.

 Fairchild, Fred R.

 Farnam, Henry W.

 Farrand, Livingstone

 Faulkner, Roland P.

 Feis, Herbert

 Ferenczi, Sandor

 Ferguson, John M.

 Fetter, Frank A.

 Field, Marshall

 Finley, John H.

 Fish, Hamilton

 Fish, Stuyvesant

 Fisher, Irving

 Flagg, Ernest

 Flagler, Harry H.

 Flexner, Abraham

 Flux, A.W.

 Foerster, F.W.

 Foldes, Bela

 Folger, Henry Clay

 La Follette, Robert M

 Ford, Franklin

 Ford, Guy Stanton

 Ford, James L.

 Ford, Worthington Chauncy

 Fosdick, Raymond B.

 Foskick, Harry Emerson

 Fox, Austen George

 Fox, Dixon Rran

 Foxwell, Herbert Somerton

 Frame, Andrew Jay

 France, Joseph Irwin

 Frank, Glenn

 Frankfurter, Felix

 Franklin, Fabian

 Frear, James A.

 French, Daniel Chester

 Freund, Ernst

 Fried, Hans

 Frisch, Ragnar

 Frothingham, Arthur Lincoln

 Fuller, Harold de Wolf

 Fuller, Paul Jr.

 Gabrilowitsch, C.C. & Co.

 Gale, Zona

 Gallatin, Albert Eugene

 Gallinger, Jacob H

 Gardner Henry B.

 Garland, Hamlin

 Garrison, Wendell Phillips

 Gates, George A

 Gay, Edwin Francis

 Gaynor, William Jay

 George, Annie C.

 George, Henry

 Gerard, James W.

 Gibbins, Henry

 Gibson, C.D.

 Giddings, Franklin H.

 Gide, Charles

 Giffen, Robert

 Gilbert, Seymour Parker, Jr.

 Gilchrist, Huntington

 Gild Helena (Mrs. Richard Watson)

 Gilder, Joseph B.

 Gilder, Richard Watson

 Gildersleeve, Virginia C.

 Gilman, Nicholas Paine

 Gimton, George

 Gladden, Washington

 Gladstone, William E.

 Glass, Carter

 Glasson, William Henry

 Godkin, Edwin Lawrence

 Godwin, William

 Gompers, Samuel

 Goodnow, Frank Johnson

 Goodrich, Caspar Frederick

 Gore, Thomas P.


 Gould, Elgin Ralston Lowell

 Grady, Henry Francis

 Grant, Percy Stickney

 Gray, John H.

 Gray, Louis Herbert

 Graziani, Augusto

 Green, William

 Green, William Raymond

 Greene, Belle

 Greene, E. B.

 Grew, Joseph Clarke

 Griffin, Edward Herrick

 Griffin, Nathaniel Edward

 Groat, George Gorham

 Grosvenor, G.H.

 La Guardia, Fiorello H

 Gulick, Charles Adams, Jr.

 Gulick, Luther Halsey

 Gunton, Amelia (Mrs. George)

 Guthrie, William Dameron

 Guyot, Yves

 Hadley, Arthur Twinning

 Haensel, Paul

 Haig, Robert Murray

 Hale, William Gardner

 Halle, Ernest von

 Hamilton, Howland

 Hamilton, Walton Hale

 Hammond, Matthew Brown


 Hart, Albert Bushnell

 Harvey, George

 Hasback, Wilhelm

 Hatfield, Henry Rand

 Hawkes, Herbert Edwin

 Hawley, Frederick Barnard

 Haynes, Carlton Joseph Huntley

 Hays, Arthur G.

 Hazard, Rowland Gibson

 Hazlitt, Henry

 Heer, Clarence

 Hellman, Geoffrey Theodore

 Hellman, George Sidney

 Hepburn, Alonzo Barton

 Herbert, Victor

 Herriott, John

 Herriott, John

 Herter, Christian

 Hess, Myra

 Hewins, William A,B.

 Hewitt, Abram S

 Hicks, Frederick C

 Higgins, Frank Wayland

 Higgs, Henry

 Hilles, Charles Dewey

 Himes, Norman E

 Hirsch, William W

 Hirst, Francis W

 Hobhouse, L.T.

 Hobson, John A

 Hodges, Nathaniel Dana Carlile

 Hollander, Jacob H

 Holmes, John Haynes

 Holmes, Oliver W., Jr

 Holt, Hamilton

 Holt, Henry

 Holt, Lucius Hudson

 Hook, Sidney

 Hooper, Franklin Henry

 Hoover, Herbert

 Hopkins, Edward Washburn

 Hotchkiss, Willard Eugene

 Houston, David Franklin

 Howard, George E

 Howard, Timothy Edward

 Howells, William Dean

 Howland, Fred Arthur

 Hubbard, Elbert

 Hughes, Charles Evans

 Hughes, Thomas

 Hull, Charles H

 Hull, Cordell

 Hullihen, Walter

 Hume, David

 Hunt, Edward Eyre

 Huntington, Archer Milton

 Huntington, Henry Edwards

 Hurst, Fannie

 Ingram, John Kells

 Isaacs, Stanley M

 Isaak, A

 Jackson, Abrahm Valentine Williams

 James, Edmund J

 James, William

 Jameson, John Franklin

 Jannaccone, P

 Jannet, Claudio

 Janschul, Catherine

 Janschul, Ivan

 Jaques-Dalcroze, Emile

 Jay, Pierre

 Jenks, Jeremiah Whipple

 Jeze, Gaston

 Johnson, Allen

 Johnson, Alvin S

 Johnson, Edgar A.J.

 Johnson, Edgar Hutchinson

 Johnson, Emory R

 Johnson, Joseph French

 Johnson, Robert Underwood

 Johnson, Rossiter

 Johnston, Alexander

 Judson, Frederick Newton

 Jusserand, Jean Adrien Antoine Jules

 Kahn, Otto Hermann

 Kaneko, Kentaro

 Keasbey, Lindley

 Kelley, Florence

 Kellogg, Frank Billings

 Kellogg, Paul U.

 Kemmerer, E.W.

 Kennedy, William

 Keppel, Frederick Paul

 Keynes, John Maynard

 Keyser, Cassius Jackson

 Kinley, David

 Knies, Karl

 Knopf, Alfred A

 Knox, Philander C.

 Koo, V.K. Wellington

 Krock, Arthur

 Kropetkin, Pietro

 Kuntsford, Viscount

 Lambeth, Walter

 Lamont, Hammond

 Lamont, Thomas William

 Lamprecht, Karl

 Landbury, George

 Lasker, Bruno

 Lathrop, Francis

 Lathrop, George Parsons

 Laughlin, James Laurence

 Laurier, Wilfrid

 Laveley, Emile de

 Lazarus, Emma

 Leach, Henry G.

 Leadam, Isaac Saunders

 Lee, Frederic Schiller

 Lee, Ivy Ledbetter

 Lehman, Herbert H

 Lercy-Beaulieu, Paul

 Lerner, Max

 Levasseur, Emile

 Levy Bruhl, L

 Levy, Raphael Georges

 Lewisohn, Adolph

 Lewisohn, Sam A

 Leyen, Alfred von der

 Lichtenberger, James Pendleton

 Lilienthal, David E.

 Lindsay, Samuel McCune

 Lippman, Walter

 Little, Bascom

 Liveright, Horace B.

 Livingston, Arthur

 Lodge, Henry Cabot

 Loeb, James

 Longworth, Nicholas

 Lord, Herbert Gardiner

 Loria, Achille

 Lorwin, Lewis L.

 Lothian, Philip

 Love, Robert Alonzo

 Lovejoy, Arthur O.

 Lovett, Robert Morse

 Lovett, Robert Scott

 Low, Seth

 Low, William Gilman, Jr.

 Lowell, Abbott Lawrence

 Lowell, Josephine S.

 Luce, Robert

 Ludlow, John Malcolm

 Lungren, Fernand

 Lyon, Hastings

 Lytton, 3d Earl of

 Mabie, Hamilton W.

 MacDonald, J. Ramsay

 Mack, Julian William

 Macmillam, F.O.

 MacVeagh, Franklin

 MacVeagh, Wayne

 Macy, Jesse

 Madariaga, S. de

 Mahan, Alfred T.

 Malone, Dumas

 Malthus, Thomas Robert

 Mandello, Julius

 Manes, Alfred

 Mann, Fritz Karl

 Manning, William Thomas

 Marburg, Theodore

 Marin, Louis

 Markham, Edwin

 Marks, Marcus M

 Marling, Alfred Eeskine

 Marshall, Alfred

 Marshall, Henry R.

 Marshall, Mary P. (Mrs. Alfred)

 Martin, Alfred Wilhelm

 Martin, Germain

 Masaryk, Thomas Garrigue

 Mason, Alfred Bishop

 Mason, Arthur Huntington

 Mason, Daniel Gregory

 Mastick, Seabury

 Mather, Frank Jewett, Jr.

 Matthews, Brander

 May, Samuel Chester

 Maye-Snith, Richmond

 Mayer, Joseph

 Mayor, James

 McAdoo, William Gibbs

 McAnery, George

 McBain, Howard Lee

 McClellan, George Brinton

 McClure, Wallace

 McCormick, Cyrus H.

 McCrea, Roswell C

 McCullock, John Ramsey

 McLean, George Payne

 McLean, James

 McPherson, Logan Grant

 McRae, Thomas C

 McVey, Frank LeRond

 Meeker, Royal

 Mellon, Andrew William

 Menger, Carl

 Merriam, Charles Edward

 Merritt, Schuyler

 Menuhin, Yehudi

 Meyer, Baithasar Henry

 Meyer, Eduard

 Michel, Henri

 Midleton, 1st Earl of

 Mill, James

 Miller, Adolph C

 Miller, Charles R.

 Miller, Harry E

 Mills, Frederick C

 Mills, Ogden Livingston

 Mills, W.E.

 Millspaugh, Arthur Chester

 Mitchell, John

 Mitchell, John Purroy

 Mitchell, Lucy Sprague

 Mitchell, Wesley Clair

 Moley, Raymond

 Molton, Robert Russa

 Monahan, Michael

 Moody, William Revell

 Moon, Parker Thomas

 Moore, Henry L

 Moore, J.B.

 Moore, William Underhill

 More, Paul Elmer

 Morel-Journel, Henry

 Morgenthau, Henry

 Morogues, Baron de

 Morrison, William Hampson

 Morrow, Dwight Whitney

 Moses, Bernard

 Moses, Montrose J.

 Moton, Robert Russa

 Moulton, Harold Glen

 Mowbray-Clarke, John

 Mullan, George Vinceny

 Mumford, Lewis

 Murray, Gilbert

 Murrow, Edward R.

 Mussey, Henry Raymond

 Mussey, Henry Raymond

 Muste, A.J.

 Myeyer, Eugene, Jr

 Myrdal, Gunnar

 Nash, John Henry

 Nathan, C

 Neale, Edward Vansittart

 Nearing, Scott

 Newton, A. Edward

 Newton, Cahrles B

 Nicholson, Joseph Shield

 Nitti, Francesco

 Nixon, Sir Frank Horsfall

 Nordhoff, Charles

 Norman, Montagu

 North, S.N.D.

 Northrop, Cyrus

 Ochs, Adolph S.

 Ogburn, William Fielding

 Ogden, Rollo

 O'Mahoney, Joseph C.

 Oncken, Auguste

 Ordway, E.W.

 Oseroff, Ivan

 Osborn, Henry Fairfield

 Osgood, Herbert Levi

 Oswald, John Clyde

 Ottinger, Albert

 Oursler, Fulton

 Outerbridge, Eugene Harvey

 Overstreet, H.A.

 Page, Thomas Walker

 Page, Walter Hines

 Paigrave, Robert Harry Inglis

 Pantaleoni, Maffeo

 Pareto, Vilfredo

 Parker, Henry T.

 Parsons, Elsie C.

 Parsons, Herbert

 Parsons, William Barclay

 Patten, Simon Nelson

 Payne, Kenneth W.

 Peabody, George Foster

 Pearson, Drew

 Peck, Harry Thurston

 Peel, Robert

 Pellew, Henry Edward

 Pendleton, Ellen F

 Penrose, Boies

 Perkins, Frances

 Peterson, Henry John

 Pethick-Lawrence, F.

 Pettengill, Sanuel B

 Phillippovich, Eugen

 Phillips, William

 Pickford, John

 Pierson, N.G.

 Pinchot, Gifford

 Place, Francis

 Plehn, Carl C

 Plimpton, George A

 Plunkett, Horace

 Polk, Frank Lyon

 Pope, Arthur Upham

 Pope, Jesse

 Posada, Adolfo

 Pound, Roscoe

 Powell, Thomas Reed

 Pratt, Edward Ewing

 Prendergast, William A

 Prentice, William K

 Price, Langford Lovell

 Prince, John Dyneley

 Pritchett, Henry Smith

 Proskauer, Joseph M

 Pupin, Michael I

 Purdy, Lawson

 Putnam, Emily James

 Putnam, George Haven

 Putnam, George P.

 Putnam, Herbert

 Putnam, Ruth

 Pyrnne, George

 Quinn, John

 Rabbeno, Ugo

 Rachmaninoff, Sergei Vassilievitch

 Raffalovich, Arthur

 Rall, Sidney

 Reeves, William Pember

 Reid, Whitelaw

 Reynolds, James Bronson

 Ricardo, David

 Ripley, William Z.

 Rist, Charles

 Rives, George Lockhart

 Robbins, Hayes

 Roberts, George E

 Robinson, Leland Rex

 Rockefeller, John D. Jr.

 Roosevelt, Franklin D.

 Roosevelt, J. R.

 Roosevelt, Theodore

 Root, Elihu

 Roper, Daniel C.

 Rorty, Malcolm Churchill

 Roscher, Wilhelm

 Rosenwald, Julius

 Ross, Edward A

 Rowe, Leo

 Ruml, Beardsley

 Rylance, Joseph Hine

 Saint-Gaudens, Augustus

 Salter, Arthur

 Salter, William

 Salvemini, Gaetano

 Samuel, Herbert

 Sanger, Margaret

 Sarnoff, David

 Satterlee, Herbert Livingston

 Sax, Emil

 Saxe, John Godfrey

 Say, Jean Baptiste

 Scbmoller, Gustav

 Schanz, Georg

 Schieffelin, William Jay

 Schiff, Jacob Henry

 Schlesinger, Arthur Meier

 Schonberg G

 Schumacher, Hermann

 Schumpeter, J.A.

 Schurz, Carl

 Schuyler, Eugene

 Schwab, Joseph S

 Seager, Henry R

 Sedgwick, Ellery

 Sedgwick, William Thompson

 Seitz, Don Carlos

 Seligman, Edwin R.A.

 Seligman, Eustace

 Senior, Nassau William

 Seward, George

 Shaw, Albert

 Shearman, Thomas G

 Sheffield, T.B. Holroyd, 1st Earl of

 Shepard, Edward M

 Sheppard, Morris

 Sherwell, Guillermo Antoinio

 Sherwood, Sidney

 Sherwood, Yates

 Shortt, Adam

 Shotwell, James Thomson

 Shoup, Carl (Sumner)

 Sibbald, William

 Sidgwick, Harry

 Siegfried, Andre

 Siegfried, Jules

 Sikes, George Cushing

 Simiand, F.J.C.

 Simkovitch, Vladimir

 Sinclair, Upton

 Singer, Isidore

 Sloan, Alfred P.

 Sloane, William Mulligan

 Smart, William

 Smith, Adam

 Smith, Afired Emanuel

 Smith, Chhrles Sprague

 Smith, David Eugene

 Smith, Francis Asbury

 Smith, Henry Preserved

 Smith, Munroe

 Snavely, Tipton Ray

 Sombart, Werner

 Sorokin, P A

 Spahr, Charles B

 Spargo, John

 Speyer, James

 Spingarn, Joel Elias

 Stamp, Josiah C.

 Steel-Maitland, A.

 Stein, Gertrude

 Stephano, C

 Sterne, Simon

 Stetson, Francis Lynde

 Stimson, Henry Lewis

 Stirling, James

 Stokes, J.G.P.

 Stolberg, Benjamin

 Stone, Harlan F.

 Stopes, Marie C.

 Stourm, Rena

 Strachey, Amy S.

 Strachey, John St.L.

 Straus, Jesse Isidor

 Straus, Isidor

 Straus, Oscar S.

 Strauss, Anna Lord

 Sullivan, Mark

 Sulzberger, A.H.

 Sulzberger, C.L.

 Sumner, William Graham

 Suranyi-Tinger, Theo

 Suret, Louis

 Sutherland, Douglas

 Sutherland, William A

 Swift, Louis F.

 Swope, Herbert B.

 Swope, Gerard

 Taft, Lorado

 Taft, William H.

 Tannenbaum, Frank

 Taussig, Frank William

 Tawney, R.H,

 Taylor, Horace

 Tebb, Sidney

 Thatcher, Thomas D

 Thayer, William Roscoe

 Thomas Garrigue

 Thomas, John Lloyd

 Thomas, M. Carey

 Thomas, Norman

 Thorndike, Ashley Horace

 Thorp, Willard Long

 Tillard, Oswald G

 Tooke, Thomas

 Treadway, Charles Tenr

 Trent, William P

 Tugwell, Rexf Guy

 Turgot, Anne R.U.

 Tuttle, Charles A

 Tweed, Harrison

 Tyler, Harry Walter

 Van Doren, Carl

 Van Doren, Mark

 Vanderlip, Frank Arthur

 Viner, Jacob

 Vinogradoff, P

 Wagner, Adolph

 Wagner, Robert Ferdinand

 Walcott, Charles Doolittle

 Wald, Lillian D

 Walker, Francis

 Wallace, Henry A.

 Wallas, Graham

 Walras, Leon

 Walters, Edgar

 Ward, Lester F

 Ward, William H.

 Ware, William Robert

 Warner, A.G.

 Warren, George Frederick

 Warren, Howard Crosby

 Washington, Mrs. Booker T.

 Watson, Thomas J

 Waymouth, Bernard

 Weatherly, Ulysses Grant

 Webb, Beatrice (Mrs. Sidney)

 Weber, Max

 Weizmann, Chaim

 Weld, William Ernest

 Welling, Richard

 Welliver, Judson Churchill

 Wells, David Ames

 Wells, Herbert George

 West, Max

 Westergaard, Harold

 Weston, Stephen F

 Whitaker, Albert C

 White, Andrew Dickinson

 White, E.D.

 White, Horace

 Whitney, Arthur

 Whitney, Edward B

 Wicksell, Knut

 Wieser, Friedrich von

 Wigmore, John H

 Wilbur, Ray Lyman

 Willeox, Walter F

 Williams, George Huntington

 Williams, Talcott

 Willoughby, W.F.

 Willis, H.P.

 Wilson, James

 Wilson, Thomas Woodrow

 Winder, William H

 Winn, Henry

 Wise, Otto I

 Wise, Stephen S.

 Wood, Edith Elmer

 Woodbridge, Frederick James Eugene

 Woodward, George

 Woodward, Robert Simpson

 Wright, Carroll D

 Young, Allyn Abbott

 Young, Benjamin Loring

 Young, James Carleton

 Young, John Parke

 Young, Swen D

 Young, W.F.


1          Uncataloged correspondence

2          Uncataloged correspondence

3          Uncataloged correspondence

4          Uncataloged correspondence

5          Uncataloged correspondence

6          Uncataloged correspondence


6           Uncataloged correspondence received

7          Uncataloged correspondence received

8          Uncataloged correspondence received

9          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1922a & 1922b

10          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1922c & 1923a

11          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1923b & 1924a

12          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1924b & 1925a

13          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1925b & 1926a

14          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1926b & 1927a

15          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1927b & 1928a

16          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1928b & 1929a

17          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1929b & 1930a

18          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1930b, 1931a & 1931b

19          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1932a & 1932b

20          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1933a, 1933b & 1934

21          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1935 & 1936

22          Uncataloged correspondence received
        1937 & 1938

1.4 SENT

23           Uncataloged correspondence sent
        1919 - 1924

24           Uncataloged correspondence sent
        1925 - 1931

25          Uncataloged correspondence sent
        1932 - 1934

26          Uncataloged correspondence sent
        1934 - 1938


27          Academic freedom

28          A.A.U.P.
        1921 & 1922

28          A.A.U.P.

28          A.A.U.P.
        1929 & 1930

29          A.E.A. Finance Committee

29          A.E.A. Nominating Committee

29          A.E.A. War Finance

30          Authors' Club

31          Automobile Installment Selling

31 & 32          Barnard Correspondence

32          Census

33 & 34          Checks

34 & 35          Christmas Cards

35          Clark, John Bates

35          Coal, Iron Co.

36          Code Authority of the Millinery Industry

36 & 37          Columbia

37          Columbia-Cattell Case

37          Cuba Received

38          Cuba Sent

38          Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences

39          Eurpoe
        1912 & 1913

39          Farm Relief (Sent)

40          Farm Relief

41 - 43          Installment Selling

43          Instruction (Committee on)

44          Lake Placid

44          League of Nations

44          Lomansy

45          Public Health Instruction

46 & 47          Real Estate

47          Resale Price Maintenance

48          Rosanoff

48          Ross Case

48          San Salvador

49 - 52          Shore Owners Association of Lake Placid

52          State Tax Commission

53          Sugar Institute Case

53          Taxation (Committee on)

54          University in Exile

57 & 58          Father, School, and College - I-III

58          Papers: School , College, University

59          College Notebooks

60          Law School Notebooks

60          Personal

61          Bills Paid

62          Correspondence with Family

62 & 63          Correspondence with Carrie

64 & 65          Correspondence with Eustace

65          Correspondence with Frances

66          Correspondence with Mabel

67          Correspondence with Mother, Mother Beer

68 - 70          Correspondence with Violet

70          Scrapbook (In Memoriam Alfred E. Seligman)

71          Portraits & medals, etc.

72          Higgs list--Seligman list

73          Mss. (Historical mss. collected by Seligman)

74 & 75          Bibliography, 1470-1929

76          Financial histroy, notes

77 - 82          Financial histroy, manuscripts

83          Notes from lectures

84 & 85          Miscellaneous

86          Lecture notes taken while a student in Berlin

87          Berlin lecture notes and French lecture notes

88          Miscellaneous typescripts (not by Seligman)

89          N.Y.C. Taxation, 1911-1913; Maritime Union

90          N.Y.C. Taxation, 1914-1916 (one binder)

91          N.Y. State Commission on Revision of Tax Laws

92          Miscellaneous printed materials: Reports of Committees on which Seligman served

93 & 94          LeRoy-Beaulieu, Paul
     Clippings on finance written or collected by him
       6 scrapbooks

95          Shirley, William
     Letters & documents

96          Flobart, Paul
     Recherches sur les billets de la banque de law


98          Printed material re. Seligman

99 - 101          Printed material: Pamphlets and reprints inscribed to Seligman by authors, B-Z

99          Card catalog for Boxes 99 - 101

115          Double Taxation unbound volumes
        1922 - 1923

116          Double Taxation unbound volumes
        1923 - 1926


102          Scrapbooks of clippings by Seligman
        1909 - 1910

103          Scrapbooks of clippings by Seligman
        1910 - 1912

104          Scrapbooks of clippings by Seligman
        1913 - 1914

105          Scrapbooks of clippings by Seligman
        1915 - 1916

106          Scrapbooks of clippings by Seligman
        1917 - 1918

107          Scrapbooks of clippings by Seligman
        1918 - 1922

108          Scrapbooks of clippings by Seligman
        1922 - 1925

109          Scrapbooks of clippings by Seligman
        1925 - 1928

110          Scrapbooks of clippings by Seligman
        1927 - 1929

111          Scrapbooks of clippings by Seligman
        1929 - 1931

112          Scrapbooks of clippings by Seligman
        1931 - 1932

113          Scrapbooks of clippings by Seligman
        1932 - 1933

114          Scrapbooks of clippings by Seligman
        1933 - 1938

Flat Box 638          Bas-relief plaque

Map Case 14-16-04          Memorabilia: Commemorative diploma celebrating the acquisition of the Louisiana territory

Map Case 14-16-04          Photograph, signed, 59 x 22 cm.


97          Abstract of the Michigan Experience

97          "Brief Sketch of the Life of John F. Bray - Social, Political and Religious Reformer"
        Photostat of original manuscript

97          Family records of births, marriage, death

97          Family record; photostats of Bible entries

97          "God and Man A Unity"
        Original draft

97          "God and Man A Unity"

97          "God and Man A Unity."
The attempt is made to sell it and to pay for the printing

97          "God and Man A Unity."
Bills for printing and 2 letters from Judson Grenell for selling the book

97          "God and Man A Unity" - Miscellaneous

97          Log books

97          Miscellaneous pamphlets

97          Reviews; Quotations, Advertisements from the Labor Review
       Detroit, 1880-1882


 Eight cataloged boxes

 Two miscellaneous boxes: correspondence, family and business papers