Samuel and Bella Spewack Papers

Finding Aid Prepared by Henry Rowen
March 2002

Date Range: 1920-1980
Size of Collection: 72 linear ft (ca.75,000 items in 150 boxes)
Date of Acquisition: Bequest of the estate of Bella C. Spewack, 1990.
Material on Microfilm: Posters are also available on 29 microfiche ( filmed in 1996 by New York State Program for the Conservation and Preservation of Library research Materials)
Terms of Access: Permission of Arthur and Lois Elias required to access and photocopy this collection
Restrictions on Use or Access: Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Librarian for Rare Books and Manuscripts.
Location in Stacks: In sequence
Microfiche of posters Cab. #1, Drawer 2 [Balcony 654]
Processing Information: Processed by Henry Rowen 2/91 and 8/93


       Samuel Spewack, 1899-1971 Columbia College B. A. 1919 and Bella Cohen Spewack 1899 1990 were authors of Broadway plays and musicals novels short stories and articles. They were also foreign correspondents for Europe and Russia for the NEW YORK WORLD 1919-1926 and the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE 1922-1926 respectively.


       Correspondence, manuscripts, playscripts, screenplays, diaries, documents, contracts, financial records, photographs, phonograph records, motion pictures, playbills, posters, sheet music, cartoons, art work, memorabilia, scrapbooks, and printed materials. . The collection consists chiefly of correspondence and production files relating to the creation, production, and performance of their works for stage, screen, radio, and television, such as LEAVE IT TO ME and KISS ME KATE (with music by Cole Porter), BOY MEETS GIRL, and MY THREE ANGELS. Correspondence (with twentieth century authors, playwrights, musicians, political figures, and actors) includes: George Abbott, Jean Arthur, Bennett Cerf, Katharine Cornell, Jo Davidson, George and Ira Gershwin, Alec Guiness, W. Averell Harriman, Lilli Lehmann, Mary Martin, Laurence Olivier, Mary Pickford, Cole Porter, Regina Resnick, Eleanor Roosevelt, Robert E. Sherwood, Lincoln Steffens, Kurt Weill, Rebecca West, and Thornton Wilder. There is also correspondence concerning Bella Spewack's work with the New York Girls' Scholarship, UNRA, and the Sports Cente of Israel. In addition to the production files, there are manuscripts and typescript drafts for novels, short stories, and articles by the Spewacks

Cataloged Series


A  Abbott, George

 Acosta, Mercedes de

 Adams, Edie

 Aherne, Brian

 Albert, Eddie

 Andrews, Julie

 Arthur, Jean

 Atkinson, (Justin) Brooks

 Aumont, Jean Pierre

 Baker, Russell

 Baum, Vicki

 Beaumont, Hugh (Binkie)

 Bedford, Brian

 Belasco, David

 Berg, Gertrude

 Bernstein, Aline

 Bikel, Theodore

 Blackmer, Sidney

 Blatas, Arbit

 Boag, Gil

 Bocher, Main

 Bonnet, Henri

 Booth, Shirley

 Bousquet, Marie Louise (Mrs. Jaques)

 Boyer, Charles

 Brook, Peter

 Brooks, Van Wyck

 Broun, Heywood

 Brown, John L.

 Brown, John Mason

 Brown, Vanessa

 Burford, Roger

 Calhern, Louis

 Carmer, Carl

 Cerf, Bennett

 Champion, Gower

 Channing, Carol

 Clavé, Antoni

 Clooney, Rosemary

 Clurman, Harold

 Coca, Imogene

 Cohen, Benjamin V.

 Cohen, Harriet

 Cohen, Myron

 Colbert, Claudette

 Collier, Constance

 Connelly, Marc

 Considine, Millie (Mrs. Robert)

 Cornell, Katharine

 Craven, Frank

 Crawford, Cheryl

 Crist, Judith

 Cronkite, Walter

 Cronyn, Hume

 Crowther, Bosley

 Cukor, George

B  Dalrymple, Jean

 Dassin, Jules

 Davidson, Florence (Mrs. Jo)

 Davidson, Jo

 Day, Dorothy

 de Mille, Clara B.

 Douglas, Melvyn

 Drake, Alfred

 Duke, Vernon

 Elath, Zehava

 Eldridge, Florence

 Enters, Angna

 Erdman, Richard

 Eudoxie, Princess (of Bulgaria)

 Evans, Maurice

 Ewell, Tom

 Fadiman, Clifton

 Ferrer, José

 Flon, Suzanne

 Freedley, George

 Freud, Anna

 Fuerholzer, T. H.

 Garson, Greer

 Gassner, John W.

 Geddes, Norman Bel

 Gershwin, Ira and Lee

 Gershwin, Ira

 Gielgud, John

 Gielgud, Val

 Gilmore, Margalo

 Gingold, Hermione

 Glenn, John

 Glenville, Peter

 Goddard, Paulette

 Goldwyn, Samuel and Jennifer

 Goodman, Anson Conger

 Gordon, Max

 Gould, Morton

 Grimes, Tammy

 Graham, Katharine

 Guggenheim, Irene R.

 Guinness, Alec

 Guinness, Merula (Mrs. Alec)

 Guthrie, Tyrone

 Halliday, Richard

 Hammerstein, Oscar

 Harriman, William Averell

 Harris, Jed

 Harris, Julie

 Harris, Rosemary

 Harris, Sam H.

 Harris, William , Jr

 Hart, Lorenz

 Hart, Moss

 Hartl, Leon

 Hassam, Childe

 Hayes, Helen

 Helburn, Theresa

 Hellman, Lillian

 Helpmann, Robert

 Henri, Robert

 Hepburn, Katharine

 Hirsh, Jo

 Holden, William

 Hope, Constance

 Hornblow, Arthur , Jr.

 Hurok, Sol

C  Ives, Burl

 Jones, Barry

 Kanin, Garson

 Karloff, Boris

 Kaufman, George S.

 Keller, Helen

 Kelly, Gene

 Kilty, Jerome

 King, Alan

 King, Alexander

 Kirk, Lisa

 Kirkwood, James

 Klopfer, Donald S.

 La Follette, Clara

 Lansbury, Edgar

 Lawrence, Gertrude

 Lazar, Irving P.

 Lederer, Charles

 Lehmann, Lilli

 Leigh, Vivien

 Leighton, Margaret

 Lewis, Mary

 Lewisohn, Irene

 Loesser, Frank

 Logan, Joshua

 Lombardo, Guy

 Luhan, Mabel Dodge

 Lumet, Sidney

 Lunt, Alfred

 Lyons, Leonard and Sylvia

 McCarey, Leo and Stella

 MacMahon, Aline

 Mankiewicz, Herman

 Mantle, Burns

 Markova, Alicia

 Martin, Mary

 Marx, Zeppo

 Mellett, Lowell

 Merivale, Jack

 Messel, Oliver

 Middleton, George

 Miller, Gilbert

 Moffo, Anna

 Moiseivitsch, Benno

 Montalban, Ricardo

 Montand, Yves

 Moore, Dudley

 Moore, Victor

 Morison, Patricia

 Munsell, Patricia

 Murray, Kathryn

 Murrow, Edward R.

 Nesbitt, Cathleen

 Newmar, Julie

 Nissen, Greta

 Norton, Elliot

 Nugent, Elliott

 Oakes, Nancy

 O'Brien, Edward J.

 O'Casey, Sean

 Olivier, Laurence

 Ostrovsky, V.

 Page, Geraldine

 Palmer, Lilli

 Parker, Dorothy

 Patterson, Elizabeth

 Pickford, Mary

 Picon, Molly

E  Porter, Cole

C (cont.)  Powell, Dick

 Reid, Whitelaw

 Reinhardt, Max

 Reinking, Ann

 Resnick, Regina

 Rice, Elmer

 Richardson, Sir Ralph

 Richardson, Tony

 Rios, Fernando de los

 Ritchard, Cyril

 Robertson, James -Justice

 Robinson, Edward G.

 Rodgers, Richard

 Robson, Flora

 Roosevelt, Eleanor

 Rosay, Francoise

 Ross, Frank

 Rubin, Esther

 Rubin, J. Robert

 Rubin, Reuvin

 Violet Lindsay Manners, Duchess of Rutland

 Salmi, Albert

D  Schary, Dore

 Schildkraut, Joseph

 Schmidt, Lars R.

 Schulz, Charles M.

 Schwartz, Arthur

 Sellers, Peter

 Selznick, Irene M.

 Shaffer, Peter

 Sherwood, Robert E.

 Shumlin, Herman

 Sidney, George

 Simkovitch, Jasha

 Simonson, Lee

 Slezak, Walter

 Smith, Madeline P.

 Spewack, Bella and Sam

 Steele, Wilbur Daniel

 Steffens, Lincoln

 Stokes, Rose Pastor

 Stravinsky, Igor

 Stromberg Jr, Hunt

 Styne, Jule

 Sullivan, Frank

 Sutherland, Joan

 Swinnerton, Frank Arthur

 Swope, Herbert Bayard

 Syms, Sylvia

 Szigeti, Joseph

 Taft, Charles P.

 Tandy, Jessica

 Thimmy-Reinhardt, Helene

 Tomlin, Lily

 Tourel, Jennie

 Townsend, James

 Truman, Margaret

 Tuttle, Frank

 Tucker, Sophie

 Ustinov, Peter

 Villa Lobos, Heitor

 Wagner, Robert F.

 Walker, Stuart

 Wallach, Eli

 Walters, Barbara

 Walton, Tony

 Wanger, Walter

 Weaver, Fritz

 Weeks, Constance

 Weill, Kurt

 Welles, Orson

 West, Rebecca

 Wilder, Thornton

 Willkie, Wendell L.

 Wilson, Julie

 Winchell, Walter

 Winter, Ella

 Wood, Audrey

 Wood, Peggy

 Wright, Robert

 Wyler, William

 Wynyard, Diana

 Zetterling, Mai

 Zolotow, Sam

   --Manuscripts and Documents

E  Abbott, George

 Arthur, Jean

 Baum, Vicki

 Bernstein, Aline

 Cerf, Bennett

 Fletcher, Bramwell

 Gershwin, Ira

 Kern, Jerome

 Lehmann, Lilli

 Lindsay, Howard

 March, Fredrick

 Resnick, Regina

 Spewack, Bella and Sam
     See Also Productions and Short Stories and Articles Series [Boxes 8-99]
     Note: See also Productions and Short Stories and Articles Series (Boxes

 Steffens, Lincoln

 Stokes, Rose Pastor

 Szigeti, Joseph


 Arthur, Jean

 Baum, Vicki

 Bergman, Ingrid

 Bing, Rudolf

 Blasco, Vincente Ibanez

 Cooper, Lady Diana

 Cornell, Katharine

 Davidson, Jo

 Ferrer, Jose and Hagen, Uta

 Harriman, W.Averell

 Hellman, Lillian

 Kazner, Kurt

 Martin, Mary and Preston, Robert and Spewack, Bella

 Masaryk, Jan and Spewack, Bella

 Shaw, George Bernard

 Steffens, Lincoln

 Truman, Harry S. and Spewack, Sam and Bella

 Wilder, Thornton

 Willkie, Wendell


 Baird, Bill

 Gard, Alex

 Davidson, Jo

 Hirsch, Joseph

 Hirschfeld, Al

 Kravchenko, Aleksei Ilich

 L'Anglais, Pacal

 Matorin, Mikhail Vladimirovich

 Pavlov, Ivan Nikolaevich

 Pusey, James Carver

 Sotomayor, Antonio

 Stokes, Rose Pastor

Arranged Series



 Hambold, Ida




 Silver, Joyce


 Stulberg, Tony

   --Personal Correspondence

1  Sam and Bella
     Letters, etc.
       26 folders

2  Sam and Bella
     Letters, etc.
       15 folders

 Sam and Bella with family
            11 folders


3  Bella's childhood friends (Sarah, Rose, Woe)

 Trini Barnes

 Jo Davidson

 Ehle/Harris family

 James family

 Mary Lewis


 Esther and Rueven Rubin

 Julie Wilson

   --General Correspondence

4  Includes information r.e. Tchaikovsky, Pullman Papers, Tahra Bey, Edgar Bergen
       37 folders

5          1950-1968
       19 folders

6          1969-1981
       22 folders

7  Holiday cards and postcards


Note: The productions are alphabetical by title. Some productions have working titles different from their actual titles: see the title list below.

Within each production the material is in this order: correspondence (ordered chronologically by year if a lot); background information; worksheets; summaries; scripts (if more than one version, the scripts are lettered arbitrarily A-F or whatever. Some scripts are annotated.); legal (includes contracts, etc.); financial (includes box office receipts, budget information, etc.

Information re royalties of many the productions are in the separate general file Financial of the collection); photographs (includes photos of rehearsals, live productions, some photos of Spewacks working with cast); playbills (in English and foreign); clippings (includes advertisements, reviews, etc.); other (song lyrics, production information,miscellaneous); printed material (includes scripts printed in magazines, scripts in book form). The scrapbooks, sheet music, and posters for each production are in separate general files, as are audio-visual materials (record albums, audio tapes, films).

If there is not much information on a production (usually because it was never produced) then it is in one of the Miscellaneous boxes at the end of the production file. Also please note that sometimes a production was produced at different times under different titles, but one title--the most famous one--is used as a collective heading. For example, Leave it to Me is the collective heading for information about Clear All Wires and Sweeney, two earlier non-musical versions of the same basic storyline, later rewritten with Cole Porter as the musical Leave it to Me.

The titles in bold are the actual titles or collective headings.

 An Act of Virtue

And the Angels Sang SEE My Three Angels

At Rise SEE Misc.

Big Boy SEE Misc.

Better than Ever SEE Boy Meets Girl

Black Stemmed Cherries SEE Misc.

Blinski SEE Leave it to Me under Sweeney

Borrowed Love SEE Misc.

Boy Meets Girl

Can Can SEE Misc.

Cat and the Fiddle SEE Misc.

Child's Play SEE Festival

Clear All Wires SEE Leave it to Me

A Comedy with Music SEE Misc.

Comfort with Apples

Comrade X SEE Leave it to Me UNDER Clear All Wires

Countess and Conductor SEE The Orient Express

La Cuisine des Anges SEE My Three Angels

Dear Mr. Sweeney SEE Leave it to Me UNDER Sweeney

Deus Anges Sont Venus SEE My Three Angels

Eine Schoene Bescherung SEE My Three Angels

The Enchanted Nutcracker

An English Play SEE Misc.

Ex-Lover SEE Once There was a Russian

Ex-Officer SEE Solitaire Man

Ex-Officer X SEE Solitaire Man

Female Human Being SEE Of Human Bondage


Gambling SEE Misc.

The Gay Bride SEE Misc.

A Gentleman's Gentleman SEE Misc.

The Golden State

Happy SEE Boy Meets Girl

Hizzoner SEE Papa

How to make a Woman Happy SEE Two Blind Mice

I've Got a Book SEE Miss Swan Expects

Kiss Me Kate

A Kiss for Tomorrow SEE Misc.

Kuess Mich Kaetchen SEE Kiss Me Kate

Lady Liz SEE Mrs. A.

The Lamplighter SEE Comfort with Apples

Lawyer Lady and Thief SEE The Night is Young

Leave it to Me

Leo McCrary #2 SEE My Favorite Wife

Liebe=x SEE Under the Sycamore Tree

Life with the Wooleys SEE Misc.

Look to the Ant SEE Under the Sycamore Tree

The Lost Soldier SEE Misc.

Manna Falls for Moses SEE The Shyster

Manhatten Miracle SEE The Night is Young

Meet the Wife SEE My Favorite Wife

Miracle in Manhatten SEE The Night is Young

Miss Swan Expects

Move Over Darling SEE My Favorite Wife

Mr. Broadway

Mr. Jennings SEE Solitaire Man

Mr. Jenkins SEE Solitaire Man

Mr. King's Case

Mrs. A.

My Favorite Wife

My Three Angels

The Night is Young

Nucleus SEE Out West it's Different

Nize Baby SEE Misc.

Of Human Bondage

Once there was a Russian

One Man's Venus

The Orient Express

Out West it's Different

Perfect Pitch SEE Festival

Pincus SEE Poppa

Play it by ear SEE Festival

The Play's the Thing SEE Misc.

Pleasures and Palaces SEE Once there was a Russian


Portrait of Boy with Ladder SEE Out West it's Different

Potemkin SEE Once there was a Russian

Pousse Toi Cherie SEE My Favorite Wife

The Prince and Mr. Jones SEE Once there was a Russian

The Princess and the Pauper

Private Jones SEE Once there was a Russian OR War Song

Eine Schoene Bescherung SEE My Three Angels

The Shyster

Sister Carrie SEE Misc.

Sisters SEE Misc.

Sky Trapped SEE Misc.

The Solitaire Man

Something's Got to Give SEE My Favorite Wife

Spring Song

Spring Song SEE Misc. (this short script seems unrelated to the above--has different plot, different characters)

Swing High Sweeney SEE Leave it to Me UNDER Sweeney

Sweeney SEE Leave it to Me

Theodora SEE Misc.

There Goes the Ballgame SEE An Act of Virtue

Trousers to Match SEE Miss Swan Expects

Trousers to Match SEE Short Stories and Articles, Bella (this story seems unrelated to the play of the same name)

Twisting the Law SEE The Shyster

Two Acts of Virtue SEE An Act of Virtue

Two Angels Have Come SEE My Three Angels

Two Blind Mice

Under the Sycamore Tree

Unmarried Father SEE Misc.

Vogues SEE Misc.

The War Song

The Way of a Hen SEE Festival

Weekend at the Waldorf

White Girl

Wings SEE The Solitaire Man

Woman Bites Dog

Woman Overboard SEE My Favorite Wife

Young Man with a Ladder SEE Out West it's Different

You're Only Young Twice SEE Misc.

Zwei Blinde Huener SEE Two Blind Mice

   --An Act of Virtue

8  Correspondence

Background (clippings about nuns)

Worksheets (2 folders)

Scripts: version A (2 copies); version B (2 copies); version C

Financial (estimated production budget

   --Boy Meets Girl

9  Correspondence
       24 folders
     Note: Includes opening night telegrams, correspondence re. printed book

10  Correspondence
       21 folders

       2 folders

--Script A/2 (prompt script, annotated)
--Script A (2 copies)
--Script B

11  Script C

Script D (film)

Script E (film)

Script F (film, final)

Script E (Italian, annotated)

Script G (German, annotated)

Script H (German)

--contracts [includes contracts r.e. BMG game, re. legal protection afforded title]

12  Financial
       7 folders
     Note: Includes financial information for British production, box office receipts from tour, misc.)

13  Photos



Other (includes menu from Hollywood dinner, list of places BMG was performed, misc.)

Softcover printed books: 2 copies version 1; 2 copies version 2 (includes Spring Song); 1 copy version 2 with inscription and annotations

Hardcover printed books: 2 copies version 1; 3 copies version 2 (includes Spring Song) all inscribed

   --Comfort Me with Apples

14  Correspondence

Worksheets (2 folders)

-- Script A ("The Lamplighter")
-- Script B (2 copies)
-- Script C (2 copies)

   --The Enchanted Nutcracker

15  Correspondence

Background information (playbill from Nutcracker ballet)

Summaries (2 copies)


Scripts: Script A (2 copies); Script B (revision 9/5/61, 2 copies); Script C (revision 9/28/61, 2 copies)

Legal (includes contracts, legal correspondence)

Financial (includes income statements)

Photos (includes photos of rehearsals, of production with printed descriptions)


Other (includes blocking and taping schedules, piece of tape)


16  Correspondence r.e. Perfect Pitch

Correspondence--opening night telegrams

Correspondence 1950-1970 (3 folders)

Worksheets for Perfect Pitch (2 folders)



-- Script A ("The Way of a Hen," 2 copies)
-- Script B ("Perfect Pitch," annotated)
-- Script C ("Perfect Pitch")

17  Script D ("Perfect Pitch," 5 copies, 3 annotated)

Script E (2 copies, both annotated)

Script F (2 copies, 1 annotated)

Script G (incomplete, annotated)

18  Script H (incomplete)

Script I (2 copies, 1 annotated)

--Contracts for Way of a Hen
-- Contracts for Perfect Pitch; Contracts


Photos (of finished production)

Playbills: Perfect Pitch; Festival

Clippings: Way of a Hen; Perfect Pitch; Festival; Typewritten reviews

Other (includes scene design, audience survey, interview questions, misc.)

Printed Material: Printed scripts--"Play it by Ear"

   --The Golden State

19  Correspondence

Scripts: Script A (3 copies, 1 annotated); Script B (3 copies, i annotated)

Financial: Box office statements; Book sale receipts; Budget; Production fees; Prop information; Financial correspondence; Manager's account statements; Cashbooks; Income tax information

20  Financial--vouchers, etc. (2 folders)

Legal (contracts)

Photos (includes rehearsal photos, Spewacks at rehearsal, finished production)


Other (company information, misc.)

Printed Material: Softcover printed scripts (2 copies)

   --Kiss Me Kate

21  Correspondence
     Note: Includes opening night telegrams,13 folders

22  Correspondence
       8 folders

23  Correspondence
       8 folders

24  Correspondence
       9 folders

25  Correspondence
       16 folders

26  Background Material: The Taming of the Shrew in hardback, 2 copies; The Taming of the Shrew, typescript; Hallmark Hall of Fame t.v. script of Shrew, annotated, 2 copies; Worksheets for Hallmark script (non-Spewack)

Worksheets (2 folders)


Song lyrics

Song lyrics revisions

Script fragments

27  Scripts--bound: Script A (5 copies, 2 annotated, 1 labeled British); Script B (2 copies, 1 annotated); Script C (3 copies, 1 annotated, 1 labeled Final)

28  Scripts--for television: Script D (2 copies, both incomplete); Script E (Hallmark Hall of Fame, 3 copies, 2 annotated); Script F (BBC, 2 copies, 1 annotated)

29  Scripts--foreign: Script G (Danish); Script H (French); Script I (Icelandic); Script J (Italian, 2 copies); Script K (Swedish)

30  Script in Braille

31  Legal:

Hurok Attractions

Hallmark Hall of Fame

Scholastic Book Services


Belgium (Brussels)
England (BBC)
England (Sadler's Wells Opera, London)
England (St. Subber and Samuel Ayers)
England (director's)
France (translation)
France (Paris)
France (Societe des Auteurs)
Germany-Austria Switzerland
Holland (SEBA)

Financial (3 folders misc.)

       3 (misc.) folders

32  Financial
       8 misc. folders

33  Photos:
--Cole Porter and Bella
--Ingrid Bergman, Bella, Bob Wright
--Broadway production
--Wagner College production
--North Shore Music Theater production
--Seattle production
--Century Theater production
--The Taming of the Shrew (non-Spewack)

34  Photos--foreign productions:
--Posters for foreign productions:
--Argentina, Buenos Aires
--Austria, Vienna
--Belgium, Brussels
--Canada, Toronto
--Czechoslovakia, Prague
--Denmark, Copenhagen
--England, Sadler's Wells Opera, London
--England, BBC
--Germany, Frankfurt
--Iceland, Reykjavik
--Italy, Trieste
--Japan, Tokyo
--Norway, Oslo
--Poland, Warsaw
--Sweden, Malmo
--Turkey, Ankara
--Yugoslavia, Zagreb

35  Playbills (in English)

36  Playbills (in foreign languages)

37  Clippings (reviews and references--includes printed articles, ads, typescripts):

Anta Album references

ABC t.v. productions reviews

Bergman, Wright, Bella--interview typescript

Century Theater reviews

Civic Light Opera reviews

Hallmark Hall of Fame t.v. production reviews

Kabuki Theater reviews

Elizabeth Larner clippings

"Much Ado About Kate" article by Bella

"My Life with Shakespeare" article by Bella

New York City Center reviews

Playboy article mentioning KMK

Cole Porter clippings, etc.

Shubert Theater reviews

The Taming of the Shrew film reviews (some mention KMK)

Theater Arts cover

"We've Been There Before" article by Bella

"Woman Behind Girl Scout Cookies and Kiss Me Kate"

Misc. references

Misc. reviews

Misc. reviews--financial (box office intake lists)

Misc. typescripts of reviews

Misc. typescripts of reviews by Bella

Misc. retrospective reviews

38  Clippings--foreign:
--Argentina (Buenos Aires) (typescript)
--Austria (Vienna)
--Belgium (Brussels) (typescript and printed)
--England (BBC)
--Germany (typescript and printed)
--Holland (typescript)
--Hungary (Budapest)
--Israel (typescript and printed)
--Italy (Trieste)
--Italy (Verona)
--Poland (typescript and printed)
--Soviet Union
--Sweden (Malmo)
--Yugoslavia (typescript and printed)

--Publicity package
--"Under Discussion: Shakespeare" script
--KMK tour information
--New York Public Library Exhibit
--Production information

39  Printed Material:
--Knopf script (1 copy, 1 photocopy)
--German script ("Kuess Mich Kaetchen") (2 copies)
--Dutch script (2 copies)
--Japanese script
--Script printed in Theater Arts Magazine
--Book jackets for Knopf edition

   --Leave it to Me as Clear All Wires

40  Correspondence


--Script A (annotated)
-- Script B (annotated)
--Script C (annotated)
--Script D
--Script E (incomplete)
--Script F (2 copies, both incomplete)


Financial--box office statements, misc.

Photos--Spewacks and cast members



Printed Material--photocopy of printed script

   --Leave it to Me as Sweeney

41  Correspondence


Scripts: Script A ("Dear Mr. Sweeney"); Script B ("Swing High Sweeney"); Script C ("Swing High Sweeney," annotated); Script D (2 copies); Script E; Script F (2 copies)




Other: Summary for "Blinski," an adaptation of "Sweeney" for the Marx Brothers--4 copies, 2 annotated.

   --Leave it to Me as Leave it to Me

42  Correspondence

Summary (2 copies)

--Script A (3 copies, 1 annotated)
--Script B (2 copies, 1 annotated)

Financial--box office statements, misc. (2 folders)


Photos--of performance



Other--production information, misc.

   --Miss Swan Expects

43  Correspondence


Summary (2 copies)

--Script A
--Script B (3 copies, 1 annotated)

Financial--box office statements, misc.



Printed Material: Printed script Trousers to Match, 2 copies

   --Mr. Broadway

44  Correspondence

Worksheets (2 folders)


--Script A
--Script B (2 copies, both annotated)




Other--rehearsal schedules, misc.

   --Mr. King's Case

45:  Correspondence

Script--4 copies, 2 annotated

   --Mrs. A.

46  Correspondence (2 folders)

Background--clippings re. Gertrude Lawrence

Worksheets (2 folders)

Summary ("Lady Liz")

--Script A (2 copies, both annotated)
-- Script B (2 copies)

47  Scripts:
--Script C (2 copies)
--Script D (3 copies, 1 annotated)

Legal--contracts (2 folders)


Photos--possible actresses to play leading role

Clippings : re. Julie Andrews; re. production

Other: Notes toward production; Song lyrics

   --My Favorite Wife

48  Correspondence

--Script A ("Move Over Darling" by Hal Kanter and Jack Sher)

--Script B (McCarey #2 or "Woman Overboard")
--Script C (incomplete, out of order)
--Script D



   --My Three Angels

49  Correspondence
       33 folders
     Note: Includes correspondence with Hugh "Binkie" Beaumont 1953-1954

50  Background:
--Subber translation of Husson's play
--Millington translation of Husson's play
--Pierre's adaptation of Husson's play (French)
--Translation of Pierre's adaptation (2 copies)

Worksheets (2 folders)

Summary (2 copies, 1 annotated)

51  Scripts:
--Script A
--Script B
--Script C
--Script D "And the Angels Sang" 3 copies, 1 annotated

52  Scripts:
--Script E ("We're No Angels" film)
--Script F (for t.v. 2 copies, 1 annotated)
--Script G (for BBC radio 2 copies)
--Script H (Hebrew)
--Script I (Spanish)

53  Legal:
--Contracts (3 folders)
--Paramount squabble:
  -- Trial transcript
  --Background for case
--Misc. (correspondence, etc.)

54  Financial:
--Information re. audit
--British production
--Australian production
--Misc. (3 folders)

55  Photos--of various performances

Playbills: English and Foreign

Clippings: Reviews of Film; Reviews of t.v. production; Misc.; Misc. foreign

Other: Production information--list of cities for road tour, press releases, etc.

Printed Material:
--Husson play "La Cuisine des Anges" in French
--German version of Husson play: "Eine Schoene Bescherung"
--Script of My Three Angels in Theater Arts Magazine (2 copies)
--Printed scripts of My Three Angels in book form: Uncorrected proof with annotations; Edition A (2 copies); Edition B (2 copies); Edition C (3 copies, 1 inscribed and annotated)

   --The Night is Young

56  Correspondence

Worksheets (2 folders)

--Script A (2 copies:"Lawyer, Lady and Thief" and "Miracle in Manhattan")
--Script B
--Script C (screenplay, first draft)
--Script D (screenplay, final draft, incomplete, 2 copies)



   --Of Human Bondage

57  Correspondence

Background--information re. historical London

Worksheets (3 folders)

--Script A ("Female Human Being," 2 copies)
--Script B (2 copies)
--Script C

Other--song lyrics


   --Once There Was a Russian

58  Correspondence 1928-1975 (17 folders)

Background--historical information about John Paul Jones, etc.

Worksheets (1-3 of 6 folders)

59  Worksheets (4-6 of 6 folders)

Summary ("A Russian Story" 2 versions)

--Script A ("Ex-Lover" 2 copies, both annotated)
--Script B ("Pleasures and Palaces" 2 copies, 1 annotated)
--Script C ("Pleasures and Palaces" annotated)

60  --Script D (2 copies, both annotated, 1 labeled "Ex-Lover")
--Script E ("Ex-Lover," annotated)
--Script F ("Ex-Lover," annotated)
--Script G (untitled, annotated)
--Script H (untitled, annotated, 2 copies, 1 incomplete)
--Script I ("The Prince and Mr. Jones," copies 1-2 of 7, 1 annotated)

61  Script I ("The Prince and Mr. Jones," copies 3-7 of 7, 3-5 annotated)

62  Legal: Contracts; Misc.

Financial--box office statements, etc.

--Posters, Performance with Walter Matthau
--Ari Kutai, Israeli actor trying for role

--The Prince and Mr. Jones
--Once There Was a Russian


Other--rehearsal schedule, actors' phone list, etc.

Printed Material: "The Prince and Mr. Jones" script in book form

   --One Man's Venus

63  Correspondence

--"The Tinted Venus" story by F. Ansley, 2 copies
--Untitled script by Perelman/Nash/Weill, 2 copies
--"One Touch of Venus" script by Kunitz


--Script A (annotated, not in order)
--Script B (3 copies, 2 annotated)
--Script C (2 copies)



   --The Orient Express

64  Correspondence

--Version A (2 copies)
--Version B (3 copies, 1 annotated, "for the Astaires")

Script (3 copies, 2 labeled "The Countess and the Conductor")

Clippings--typescript review

   --Out West it's Different

65  Correspondence

Worksheets (3 folders )

--Script A ("Young Man with a Ladder" 2 copies, 1 annotated)
--Script B ("Portrait of Boy with Ladder" 2 copies)
--Script C (2 copies)

66  --Script D (untitled)
--Script E (annotated)
--Script F (untitled)
--Script G
--Script H (2 copies)






67  Correspondence



--Script A (2 copies)
--Script B
--Script C ("Hizzoner" 2 copies, 1 incomplete)
--Script D (Italian)


Financial--box office statements


Clippings--Italian review, typescript translation

Printed Material--script in book form, 2 copies

   --The Princess and the Pauper

68  Correspondence

Background: Story by Lynn Root and Frank Fenton


--Script A (annotated, incomplete)
--Script B (film, incomplete)
--Script C (film, 2 copies)


   --The Solitaire Man

69  Correspondence

--Summary A (2 copies, 1 annotated)
--Summary B (2 copies)
--Summary C (German, 2 copies)
--Summary D (annotated)

--Script A (annotated, incomplete)
--Script B (annotated, incomplete)
--Script C (annotated, incomplete)
--Script D (2 copies, both annotated, 1 incomplete)
--Script E
--Script F (2 copies)
--Script G (2 copies)



Clippings--includes typescript report, annotated

   --The Shyster

70  Correspondence

Background: "Manna Falls for Moses," a play by Aaron Hoffman


--Script A (2 copies)
--Script B
--Script C (2 copies)
--Script D (2 copies)



   --Spring Song

71  Correspondence

Summary (film, 2 copies)


--Script A
--Script B (3 copies, 2 annotated)
--Script C (annotated)
--Script D
--Script E (2 copies)

72  --Script F (2 copies)
--Script G (annotated, incomplete)
--Script H (2 copies, both incomplete)
--Script I (2 copies)
--Script J





Other: Radio ad script; Mailing list

Printed Material: The script in book form is bound with and filed under Boy Meets Girl.

   --Two Blind Mice

73  Correspondence (3 folders)

Worksheets ("How to Make a Woman Happy")

Summaries: Summary A ("How to Make a Woman Happy, 2 copies); Summary B (film, 2 copies)

--Script A
--Script B (British adaptation)
--Script C ("How to Make a Woman Happy" film 3 copies, 1 annotated)

74  Legal--contracts

Financial--box office statements, misc.


Clippings: In English; Foreign

Other--Columbia University donation slip, not filled out, used as a book mark in printed script, saved for humor value

Printed Material:
--Script printed in Theater Arts Magazine (2 copies)
--Script in book form (3 editions, 2 copies of one)
--Script in book form (Zwei Blinde Huehner, German)

   --Under the Sycamore Tree

75  Correspondence 1950-1976 (26 folders)


--Script A ("Look to the Ant" annotated)
--Script B ("look to the Ant" 2 copies, 1 annotated)

76  --Script C (3 copies, 1 annotated)
--Script D (Italian)

Legal--contracts (2 folders)


77  Photos--performance with Alec Guiness, other performances



Other: Production information; Alec Guiness information; Bella's introduction to play, annotated manuscript; Misc.--includes menu of honorary dinner

Printed Material:
--Script in Italian printed in Sipario magazine
--Script in book form--American edition (2 copies); British edition (2 copies); German edition ("Liebe=X")

   --The War Song

78  Correspondence

Background: "Private Jones," one act play by E. Richard Schayer

--Script A (2 copies, both incomplete, 1 annotated)
--Script B (incomplete)
--Script C (2 copies, both incomplete)





   --Weekend at the Waldorf

79  Correspondence

Background--timeline, historical information about the Ritz and the Waldorf)


Script (2 copies)

Photo--Sam and Bella in front of curtain with woman


   --White Girl

80  Correspondence

--Script A (3 copies, 2 annotated)
--Script B; Script C


   --Woman Bites Dog

81  Correspondence

--Script A (2 copies)
--Script B
--Script C (2 copies, 1 annotated)
--Script D (annotated)
--Script E (annotated)
--Script F (2 copies)


Financial--closing statement



Other: Bella's response to WBD criticism--annotated manuscript

Printed Material: Script in book form (2 copies)

   --Miscellaneous Spewack Productions

82  At Rise by Bella. Worksheets, Script (2 copies)

Big Boy by Bella and Sam. Summary

Black Stemmed Cherries by Bella. Synopsis of play by Hunyady

Borrowed Love by Bella Cohen and Sam. Summary (2 copies)

Can Can by ? Involves Cole Porter. Correspondence, Legal--contracts

Cat and the Fiddle Clipping

A Comedy with Music by Bella and Sam. Summary (2 copies)

An English Play Worksheets

Gambling by Sam and George M. Cohan Correspondence, Script (annotated), Legal--transcription of examinations before trial

The Gay Bride Photo with Bella's note on back

83  A Gentleman's Gentleman by Bella and Sam. Script (2 copies)

A Kiss for Tomorrow by Bella and Sam. Correspondence, Script (2 copies)

Life with the Wooleys by Bella. Involves Billie Burke. Correspondence, Worksheets, Script (2 copies)

The Lost Soldier by Bella Cohen and Sam. Summary (version A 2 copies, version B 2 copies)

Meet the Wife by Bella. Adapted from play by Lynn Starling.

Nize Baby by Bella and Milt Gross. Script, Clipping

The Play's the Thing by Bella and Sam. Script (film, 2 copies)

Sister Carrie by Bella and Sam. Correspondence, Background, Script (film)

Sisters by Bella (and maybe Sam) Summary (3 copies, 1 annotated)

Skipper by ? Summary (incomplete)

84  Sky Trapped by ? Script (annotated)

Spring Song by Bella. Seems unrelated to more famous play. Summary (version A 2 copies, version B 2 copies)

Theodora by ? Script

Vogues by ? Correspondence, Clippings

Unmarried Father by Bella. Summary (2 copies)

You're Only Young Twice by Bella and Sam. Summary (3 copies, 1 annotated), Script (2 copies)

Untitled works:
-- #1: worksheets for play in postwar Germany
--#2: correspondence, background on Anton Dvorak
--#3: "#59" Summary--WWII propaganda
--#4: comedy for Cary Grant and Irene Dunne, by Bella and Leo McCary. Summary (3 copies, 1 annotated)

Misc. notes and worksheets--some notebooks of shorthand (2 folders)

Misc. lists of plays

Misc. clippings re. more than one play

   --Miscellaneous Non-Spewack Productions

85  Anne Frank Correspondence

The Best Butter Correspondence, Legal--contract

A Death of No Importance (Une Mort Sans Importance) by Yvan Noe. Correspondence, Translation, Printed French Script

The Fabrizzi System by Albert Husson. Correspondence, Translation (version A, version B 2 copies), Printed French Script

Ghost Goes West by Arthur Loew. Correspondence, Background, Summary (2 copies)

Les Girls Correspondence, Legal--contract

Les Hussards by P. A. Breal. Translation, Printed French Script

86  The Immortal Idler by Bruno Frank. Translation by Jerome Lachenbruch

An Old Wive's Tale by Arnold Bennett. Correspondence

Reunion in Vienna by Robert E. Sherwood. Correspondence, Script

Send Me No Flowers by ? Notes, Clippings

The Torch Bearers by George Kelly. Script

Misc. playbills

Short Stories and Articles


87  "Arms and the Man" incomplete MS

"Bennie, My Boy!" MS (2 copies), printed

"Bennie's Annie" MS

"[Russian] Bernhardt of the Ballet" MS, printed

"The Big Chance" MS (2 copies)

"Big Town Love" MS (3 copies, 1 annotated)

"The Binding LIne" MS (2 copies), printed

"Birds of a Feather" MS (version A, 3 copies, 1 annotated; version B, 3 copies, 1 annotated; financial)

"Children of the Asphalt" MS, printed

"Cigarette Money" or "Cigarette Over Europe" MS, printed

"Cinderella on Grand Street" MS (2 copies)

"City Girl" MS (3 copies, 1 annotated)

"The Conspiracy on Wheels" MS

"The Cutter's Saturday Night" MS

"Deena's Diary" MS, printed

de la Falaise stories (ghosted):
--"Antiques" MS
--"Paris Luck" MS
--"The Paris Divorce" printed
--"Glorifying the Gigolo" MS

"The Divorce" MS (2 copies)

"Down Czechoslovakia Way" MS

"Fantasies from the Ghetto":
--Part 1: "Roaches are Golden" MS (2 copies)
--Part 2: ? (missing)
--Part 3: "The Magic Mint Mitten" printed
--Part 4: "The Icicle that Wept Alone" MS (2 copies), printed
--Part 5: "The Mustard Millennium of Hester Street" MS (2 copies), printed

"Figure Fragment" or "We'll Do the Rest" MS (3 versions)

"For Certain Temperaments, I Recommend Trial Marriage" (ghosted) MS

"Furniture of the Fourth Dimension" printed (2 copies)

88  "Gramercy!" MS (2 copies)

"The Guy from Heaven" MS, printed

"Half a Dream" MS (version A, 2 copies, 1 annotated; version B, 2 copies, printed, 2 copies)

"Hands: A Few Sketches from Life" MS (2 copies), printed

"The Homerun of the Prodigal" MS (2 copies)

"The House":
--"Lilly" MS (5 copies, 2 in German)
--"Feinstein" MS (4 copies, 2 in German)
--"The Bad Woman" MS (2 copies)

"I Know Nothing of the Einstein Theory" Correspondence, Background, MS

"I'm Thinking of My Darling" MS

"The Ink-Slingers Debacle" printed

"The Iron Horse" MS (2 copies), printed

"The Kesslers" MS

"Kitty" or "Cherry Flats Fairy Tale" MS (version A, 2 copies; version B; version C)

"The Laugh" Correspondence, MS (4 copies, 2 in German), printed

"The Little Lame Chorus Girl" MS (versions A-C)

"The Last Walk" MS (annotated)

"Love Pays to Advertise" MS

"Love Story" Correspondence, MS (2 copies), financial

"The Lyric Daughter of the Sober Russians" printed

89  "Madame Holzappel" MS, printed

"Molly Delaney Finds" MS (2 copies)

"Moscow Mosaics" MS's:
--"The Beggar and the Merchant"
--"In Memorium"
--"Moscow in the Moon"
--"The Old Ballerina"
--"She Who Laughed Last"
--"The Ugly Artist"
--"The Neppa and the Dressmaker"

"My Advent into Society" MS

"My Galatea" (ghosted) MS

"My People":
--1. "The Unwanted Guest" MS (2 copies)
--2. "Painted Cages" MS (2 copies), printed
--3. "The Manicure Set" MS ( 2 copies, printed)
--4. "The Gods of the Movies" MS (2 copies), printed

"Naughty Marietta" MS (versions A-B)

"The Naughty Princess" MS (2 copies)

"Of Mathilda Thecla Forte" MS

"Oh, Yes, The Woman Pays!" MS

"Once there was a Princess" or "The Gay Goddess" MS (2 copies)

"Our Unoffical Ambassadors" MS

"Out of the East" or "Leave it to the Lord" MS (version A, 2 copies; version B, 2 copies; printed)

"Passage to Paris" or "Bird of Paris" or "Via Paradisa" MS

"The Passing of La Vie Boheme" MS

"The Passing of the Stranger" MS (2 copies), printed

"Perel Brandt" MS (3 copies, 1 in German)

"Plays and Reviews on Berlin's Stage" printed

"Princesses I Have Educated" (ghosted) MS (2 copies)

90  "The Reincarnation of Rose Pastor Stokes" Background, MS

"Sara Resnikoff" MS (version A, 2 copies; version B, 2 copies, printed)

"Silent Lydia, a Tale of the Tenements" MS

"Streets of Berlin" MS (2 copies, 1 incomplete)

"Sweet Poppa" MS

"The Theater and Other Things in Moscow" MS

"Thieving Youth" MS (2 copies), printed

"Three American Dollars" MS

"The Three Who Could Not Speak" MS (2 copies), printed

"To the Chesterfield Cluett Peabody Cigarette Man" printed

"Trousers to Match" (seems unrelated to play) MS

"Truman Pictured as Understudy Who Stepped In and Saved Show" printed (4 copies)

"Two New Dresses in Two Years" (ghosted) printed

"Under the Sidewalks of New York" or "The Subway City" MS

"The Upper Deck Girl" MS

"Voices of Spring" MS, printed (2 copies),

"When the Bells Stopped Ringing" MS

"Where Starving Artists Eat" MS (incomplete)

"Why I Voted for Hinkety Blink" printed

"With a Purpose" MS

"Women of Red Russia" printed

"Yetta's Fella" or "An Orchard Street Idyll" MS (version A; version B, 2 copies); printed

"You Look Just Like..." printed

"You Meet So Many Interesting People" MS (2 copies)


91:  List

Letter to Playboy, printed

Articles r.e. Germany, esp. Berlin, under name Isabel Spewack, MS's

Untitled incomplete MS with references to Mrs. Einstein, Princess Eudoxie, "Arms and the Man"

MS fragments r.e. Russia

MS fragments r.e. theater and travel

Housing article--Correspondence, Background, MS, clippings

Info. r.e. Kreuzer

Info. r.e. "For the Love O' Lil"

MS fragments (12 folders)


Clippings (in German)

Scrapbook (small)

      --Special: Long Works [Anastasia Material]

92:  Correspondence (some in German)

Background information (personal statements)

MS by Bella (2 copies)

Financial (cancelled checks)

Photos and pictures

Clippings: Article by Bella (Cohen) in NY Times (original and 3 photocopies); Article by Bella (Cohen) in Titbits (original and 2 photocopies); r.e. Film; r.e. Musical; r.e. Play (includes playbill and printed script); r.e. Ballet; Misc. related clippings

      --Special: Long Works [Streets or Why I Wrote Comedy]

93  Bella's autobiography
--Worksheets (4 folders); Final MS; Photocopy of final MS

      --Special: Long Works [UNRRA Material]

94:  Correspondence
Reports and other information (2 folders)
Transcriptions of Bella's radio broadcasts
Information r.e. Bella's other work with UNRRA
Picture cards
Bella's i.d.'s and letters of introduction

95:  Photographs (3 folders); Clippings; Pamphlets


96  "Anatomy of Humor" Correspondence, MS (2 copies)

"Between Raids" printed (2 copies)

"Boris Buys a Rose" printed (2 copies)

"Brands Across the Sea" printed

"Bread and Salt" MS

"Broadway Revolution" printed 8 part series

The Busy Busy People (first titled "A Can of Peaches") Correspondence, Clippings (reviews)

"Bye Bye Blackbird" MS (2 copies)

"Confession" MS (2 copies)

"Democracy Marches" transcript of radio discussion

"Down Memory Lane" MS (refers to "Spring Song")

"Exiles of the Sky" or "Salvage" Correspondence, MS, printed table of contents from magazine

"Gentleman Joe" MS (2 copies)

"The Gift of the Little Gods" MS (annotated)

"A Grand Dukes's Diary" (translation) MS (3 copies, 2 annotated)

Great Farces introduction MS (3 copies, 1 annotated)

"The Gypsy Pilot" MS (4 copies, 2 annotated)

"Hands Across the Sea" printed (2 copies)

"Hero" MS (version A 2 copies; version B)

"The High Sign" MS (2 copies)

"Home Sweet Home" MS (2 copies, 1 incomplete)

97  "The Last Job" MS

"Madame Luck" printed

"Moonbeam" MS, printed

Murder in the Gilded Cage Correspondence, Legal

"Nameless Coffee House" MS

"Nikita" printed (in Swedish)

"The Philanthropic Urge" MS (version A, version B)

"Presenting Morris Guest": Correspondence; MS version A; MS version B (2 copies, 1 annotated)

"The Prisoner's Song" Correspondence, MS (version A 2 copies; version B 2 copies) Financial

"Quelque Fleurs" MS (3 copies, 1 annotated)

"Red Russia Revealed" printed (in book form, 2 copies)

"The Schoolmaster" MS (annotated)

"Silver Sails" MS

Skyscraper Murder Financial

"The Song of Life" MS

"The Spectators" MS (2 copies, 1 annotated)

98  "This is Russia" Correspondence, MS, Financial

"Trotsky" MS

"The Watch on the Hudson" MS (2 copies)

"Wings and a Woman" MS, Financial, Legal, printed (2 copies)

"Without Benefit of Cook's" MS (2 copies)

"Whom Lola Loves" MS

World at War: Correspondence, notes; Film script (2 photocopies), title list; Press releases and clippings

--#1. List
--#2. Correspondence, story idea
--#3. Story idea
--#4. untitled story
--#5. Editorial MS
--#6. Untitled MS r.e. Fanny Hurst
--#7. Clippings (articles by Sam)

   --Bella and Sam together

99  Fragments of short stories (all mixed together)

Personal Information

   --Bella (and her family)

100  Biographical information (MS and printed)

Information r.e. involvement with Campfire Girls (includes photo of Bella with President and Mrs. Harding)

Information r.e. meeting Thornton Wilder

Rorschach analysis

Grade School autograph book

Diaries 1922-1923

High School report cards

High School diploma


Personal papers


Honorary dinners


Family: Brother Danny Lang's graduation program; Mother Fanny Lang's will

   --Sam (and his family)

101  Biographical information (MS and printed)

School notebook

Grade School diploma

High School diploma


Personal papers

Letter r.e. Columbia Journalism award


Honorary events


Information r.e. health


Funeral guest list and memorial service signatures

--Father Noel Spewack's memorandum (handwritten MS)
--Father's naturalization papers and passport
--Information r.e. death of mother Sema Spewack (includes Sam's notes for memorial speech)
--Clipping r.e. parents

Bella and Sam together

101  Joint biographical information (MS and printed)

Letter r.e. marriage ceremony

Power of attorney documents


102  Address books and loose addresses

Calendars 1948-1959

103  Calendars,

Financial Information

104  Royalties for productions received
       6 folders

105  Royalties for productions received
        1960's -1970's
       4 folders

   --New York Girls' Scholarship Fund

106:  Correspondence 1937-1955 and 1971 (24 folders):
--Letters from recipients after graduation (1942-1943)
--Letters r.e. Brightside Day Nursery (1946-1948)
--Letters r.e. Bella's studenthood at Washington Irving, includes 2 creative pieces from that time (1952)
--Thank-you letters from recipients (1971)

Information about girls--correspondence, photos, transcripts of meetings--1939-1941 (3 folders)

107:  Information about girls--correspondence, photos, transcripts of meetings--1942-1956 (15 folders)

Information about girls post high school, not dated

108:  Financial information
       7 folders

109:  Financial information,
       10 folders

110:  Financial information 1952-1955 (5 folders)

Other--high school graduation programs

Printed Material: Newspaper clippings from Washington Irving High School and Wadleigh High School; Yearbooks--Central High School 1960 and Washinton Irving High School 1960; Literary Magazines--Washington Irving Sketchbook, Spring 1948; Winter 1949; Spring 1949; Spring 1950; Spring 1951; 1952 (includes pieces by alumni, including one by Bella); 1954

   --Palestine Endowment Fund (PEF) Sports Club

111:  Correspondence
       22 folders
     Note: Includes personal correspondence from Esther and Rueven Rubin

112:  Financial information
       17 folders
     Note: Includes receipts, etc. for Cole Porter's contributions

113:  Photos--include some of Bella and Sam in Israel


Other: Honorary dinner; Spewacks' award; General information; Sports information; Speech transcripts; My Three Angels production--correspondence, playbills; Maps; Press releases on Wheelchair Basketball; Other--letter from tourist dept., gift to Bella

114:  Printed Material: Pamphlets and Booklets

115  Financial books,
       6 books

116  Financial books,
       6 books

117  Financial correspondence

Cancelled checks

Records and Documents: General; r.e. Dramatist's Play Service stock

   --Personal financial information

118:  Cancelled checks for family members: Danny Lang (Bella's brother); Fanny Lang (Bella's mother); Noel Spewack (Sam's father)



Lot purchases


Karen Norwood's trust account (2 folders)

Spewack vs. Bachman ($900.00 settlement--over what?)

Auto repair

   --Household financial information

119:  Farm at New Hope, PA (4 folders)

Apartment at 930 5th Ave. (2 folders)


120  Tax records,
       27 folders


121  Photo Albums
     Note: Includes fairly good black and white and color photos mostly of Sam and Bella not chronological. Also includes signed photo of Jo Davidson)

   --Sam and Bella and family photos

122:  Sam alone

Sam with others

Bella alone

Bella with others

Sam and Bella alone

Sam and Bella with others

Norman Klein's photos of Sam (and Bella)

Album of black and white photos of young Bella

Sam's family

Bella's family

   --Friends and Acquaintances

123:  Trini Barnes family

Jo Davidson

Rosemary Harris/John Ehle family

James/Norwood family

Mary Lewis

Cole Porter

Regina Resnick

Sylvia Sims

Stevenson sisters

Igor Stravinsky

Julie Wilson

Misc. labelled photos

Misc. old black and white photos, unlabelled

Misc. newer photos, unlabelled

Farm at New Hope, PA


The Ritz

"Child Refugee Bill" production

Misc. theatrical


124  Asia; Mexico; Misc.


 Interiors; Exteriors

Artsy photos by Bella

Ambulance and Jungle Gym donated by Spewacks

Photos for an article on art by Bella

All the negatives


   --General Memorabilia

125:  Happy New Year cards

Sam's cigarette case, gift from Bella

Spewack Sports Center: banners, pin, 2 commemorative coins, patch

Columbia University: alumni sticker, Journalism School 50th Anniversary Award--commemorative coin inscribed to Sam

Cloth scarf (gift to Bella from "Pat M.")

Cloth American flag

Sam's United Airlines 100,000 Mile Club plaque

Metal beer stein inscribed to "S.S."

   --Kiss Me Kate Memorabilia

126:  Antoinette Perry ("Tony") Award

Japanese matchbox

Matted photo of cast

Lawrence Olivier Award nomination for Musical of the Year--framed certificate

Printed Material

   --Books by Sam

127  Murder in the Gilded Cage: 3 copies in English--1 includes printed bookmark with title and slip of paper with alternate title; 2 copies in Spanish (Asesinada en la Juala de Oro); 1 skinny copy with different chapter titles--first chapter only within

Busy Busy People--2 copies

The Best Short Stories of 1926 ed. J. O'Brien--lists 3 titles by Sam in back

The Best in the World 1921-1928--"Justice by Limelight" short story by Sam p.36

   --Books by Bella

127:  The Best Short Stories of 1925 ed. J. O'Brien--"The Laugh" short story by Bella Cohen p.81

   --Books with reference to productions

128:  Boy Meets Girl: Sixteen Famous American Plays--script p. 533, 3 copies (1 in next box); Twenty Best Plays ed. John Gassner--script p. 371 2 copies

129:  Boy Meets Girl continued: Sixteen Famous American Plays--script p. 533; Great Farces--introduction by Sam p.5, script p.245 2 copies; Hello, Hollywood! by Allen Rivkin and Laura Kerr--mention p.24; World Drama by Allardyce Nicoll--excerpt from script p.845

Kiss Me Kate: American Drama since World War II by Gerald Weales--mention p.139; Musical Comedy in America by Cecil Smith--mentions pp. 303,. 320-321, 342. 350; Horizon September 1958--mention p.61

130:  Kiss Me Kate continued: Ten Great Musicals of the American Theater--script p.213--includes pictures; The Making of the American Theater by Howard Taubman--mentions pp. 267, 269; Complete Book of the American Musical Theater by David Ewen--mention p. 20--also mentions Leave it to Me p.214

Leave it to Me: Great Musicals of the American Theater vol. 2 inscribed--script p.1

My Three Angels: Twenty Best European Plays on the American Stage--script p.164

131:  Spring Song: The Best Plays of 1934-1935 by Burns Mantle--cast list and summary p.381

Under the Sycamore Tree: Theatre World Annual London--script excerpts and photos p.148; Plays of the Year Vol. 7 (1951-1952)--script p.243

   --Large books with reference to productions

131:  Cole by Brendan Gill Kiss Me Kate and Leave it to Me :--song lyrics, photos. Includes photo of Cole and Bella

Great Stars of the American Stage by Daniel Blum (photos and a brief bio of each actor): Billie Burke in Life with the Wooleys p.66; Victor Moore in Leave it to Me p.68; Mary Boland in Meet the Wife p.76; Francine Larrimore in Spring Song p.82; William Gaxton in Leave it to Me p.101; Mary Martin in Leave it to Me p.123; Alfred Drake in Kiss Me Kate p.131

A Pictoral Histoy of the Talkies by Daniel Blum Kiss Me Kate--photos from film p.268

   --Books with reference to the Spewacks

132:  The Society of Independent Artists--art pictures. According to note, Bella handled publicity.

The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffans Incribed by author--Story about Sam as reporter for World pp.809-811

A History of the Theatre by Freedly and Reeves--Paragraph about Spewacks p.691

The World of Swope Biography of Herbert Swope by E.J. --Kahn. Ref to Bella's series on slum housing, p. 242; Ref to Sam's reporting in the Soviet Union pp.248-252--series "Behind Red Curtains" "may have been the first use of "curtain" in connection with the Soviet Union"

Weekend at the Waldorf novelization by Charles Lee of screenplay by Spewacks

   --Books by Daniel Lang, Bella's half brother

132  The Man in the Thick Lead Suit dedicated to Sam and Bella

Die Maenner im Bleianzug (German translation of above)

Early Tales of the Atomic Age includes clipping of review

   --Books for research for plays and articles

133:  For Anastasia article by Bella:: "Anastasia" play by Marcelle Maurette; Anastasia by H. von Rathlef-Keilman; Education of a Princess by Marie, Grand Duchess of Russia; I, Anastasia--autobiography; The Real Romanovs by Gleb Botkin--mentions Bella's article p.259

For Mrs. A: Gertrude Lawrence as Mrs. A by Richard Aldrich. 2 editions--1 includes playbill and clipping; A Star Danced by Gertrude Lawrence 2 copies, both inscribed by Fanny Holtzman

134  For An Act of Virtue "Catholic Digest" July 1969; "Guide to the Catholic Sisterhoods"

For Under the Sycamore Tree: Ants, Bees, and Wasps

For The Best Butter: The Best Butter by Jean Dutourd

   --Signed and inscribed books

134:  Samuel Beckett Three Plays

E.F. Benson Peter

Willa Cather Youth and the Bright Medusa

Eugene O'Neill "The Emperor Jones" and "A Moon for the Misbegotten"

Harold Pinter "The Caretaker" and "A Slight Ache and Other Plays"

135:  Maria (poetry by Maria Ingram)

Offenbach "The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein"

Archibald Henderson Mark Twain

Byron poems

Walter Spearman The Carolina Playmakers

Lord Dunsany Five Plays

John Galsworthy Plays

Henrik Ibsen "Hedda Gabler" and other plays

Chekhov "Rothschild's Fiddle" and other stories

Oevres Completes de Voltaire


Margaret Morris Movement Magazine

Audio-Visual Material


136:  The Enchanted Nutcracker--3 audiotapes

Kiss Me Kate: The Making of Kiss Me Kate BBC telecast--audiotape; Symphonic Suite--2 audiotapes; Songs sung by Bob Wright--2 audiotapes; Tokyo--audiotape; Trieste, Italy--audiotape; ABC TV--2 audiotapes; Hallmark TV--3 audiotapes; Germany--2 audiotapes

137:  My Three Angels--2 audiotapes

The Prince and Mr. Jones (musical version of Once There Was a Russian)--2 cassette tapes

Under the Sycamore Tree, London production--2 audiotapes

Stories and Articles--Bella: UNRRA Material--3 audiotapes

Stories and Articles--Sam: The World at War--9 cassette tapes


138:  PEF Sports Club opening and "Israel"--3 audiotapes, 2 film reels

Sam's memorial service--"old" and "new" audiotapes

Other: Welcome to Britain--film edited by Sam

Oversize Material

   --Sheet Music for Productions

139:  Kiss Me Kate--printed sheet music, 4 folders

Leave it to Me--conductor's score; printed sheet music

Mrs. A--conductor's score

Pleasures and Palaces (musical version of Once There Was a Russian)--printed sheet music

   --Oversize Items from the Collection


139:  Spring Song--photographs; Woman Bites Dog--photographs

Short Stories and Articles--Bella: UNRRA--photographs

Short Stories and Articles--Sam: "Four Years in Europe Made Me and American" printed, 2 copies; "How Johnny Gets His Gun"--printed; "Madame Luck"--printed

Photographs--Sam and Bella, alone and with others


140  Boy Meets Girl


The Golden State

Kiss Me Kate: American clippings #1; Brussels/Zagreb/Holland

141  Kiss Me Kate : American clippings #2; BBC TV production; Trieste, Italy; Film reviews

142  Kiss Me Kate



Germany/Austria /Buenos Aires

Britain--Sadler Wells Opera,

143  Leave it to Me

Clear All Wires

Leave it to Me

My Three Angels,

144  My Three Angels: 1955--U.S.A./Scotland/Great Britain/South Africa; 1952-1953; Film

145  Spring Song

Under the Sycamore Tree--2 scrapbooks

Woman Bites Dog


146  Short Stories and Articles--Bella: Articles about Bella

Short Stories and Articles--Sam: Reviews of The Busy Busy People; 1920's news articles by Sam

Record Albums

147  The Enchanted Nutcracker--7 albums

Festival: Opening night interview of Sam and Bella--4 albums

Kiss Me Kate--27 albums

148  Kiss Me Kate--30 albums

Leave it to Me: Collections including some songs--5 albums

My Three Angels--2 albums

149  My Three Angels--5 albums

Pleasures and Palaces (musical version of Once There Was a Russian)--2 albums

Miscellaneous: Cat and the Fiddle--2 albums; Vogues--2 albums

Short Stories and Articles--Bella: UNRRA reports--13 albums

Events: PEF Sports Center opening--2 albums; Bella and Sam interview on New York Close Up--2 albums; Sam's memorial service--4 albums


150  Sam's The World at War

Flat Boxes

Flat Box 1:  Kiss Me Kate: Hirschfeld plate


Note: All of the posters have been reproduced in microfiche form. The fiche must be used before the original material is called for. Many of the posters are quite large.

   --Boy Meets Girl

ID: SP1 Photographic reproduction not on film
       Court Theatre,        15 x 11
     Note: Not on fiche

Mapcase ID: SP2 Master Negative Number 95-32001
       Teatro Americano,        31 x 23

Mapcase ID: SP3 Master Negative Number 95-32001
       Teatro Americano (2),        31 x 23

Mapcase ID: SP4 Master Negative Number 95-32001
       Teatro Americano (3),        31 x 23

Mapcase ID: SP5 Master Negative Number 95-32002
       Teatro Americano (4),        31 x 23

Box ID: SP6 Master Negative Number 95-32003
       Theater Im Zimmer: Hamburg, 1956
       16 x 12

   --Clear All Wires (Film)

Mapcase ID: SP7 Master Negative Number 95-32003
       MGM,        41 x 27


Box ID: SP8 Master Negative Number 95-32004
       Longacre Theatre: New York,        14 x 22

   --Kiss Me Kate

Mapcase ID: SP9 Master Negative Number 95-32004
       Castellio Di San Giusto: Trieste (1),        13 x 28

Mapcase ID: SP10 Master Negative Number 95-32005
       Castellio Di San Giusto: Trieste (2),        13 x 28

Box ID: SP11 Master Negative Number 95-32005
       Frasier Theatre: University of North Colorado,        14 x 22

Box ID: SP11b Not on Fiche
       Frasier Theatre: University of North Colorado,        5 x 14 handbill

Box ID: SP12 Master Negative Number: 95-32006
       Loeb Drama Center: Cambridge, Mass.,        18 x 23

Roll ID: SP12a Not on Fiche
       Loeb Drama Center: Cambridge, Mass.,        18 x 23

Box ID: SP13 Master Negative Number: 95-32006
       Nieuw Rotterdam Toneel: Rotterdam,        18 x 26

Roll ID: SP13a Not on Fiche
       Nieuw Rotterdam Toneel: Rotterdam,        26.5 x 35.5
     Note: Copy a and Copy b. Observable differences in poster

? ID: SP14 Not Located
       London: Lisceum,        26.5 x 35.5
     Note: Copy a and Copy b. Observable differences in poster

Box ID: SP15 Not on Fiche
       O'Keefe Centre,        22.5 x 14

Box ID: SP16 Master Negative Number: 95-32008
       Operettszinhaz,        19 x 27

Mapcase ID: SP17 Master Negative Number: 95-32008
       Panstwowy Teatr,        19 x 28

Box ID: SP18 Master Negative Number: 95-32009
       Sadler's Opera: London,        13 x 20

Box ID: SP19 Master Negative Number: 95-32009
       Shubert Theatre: New York,        14 x 23

Box ID: SP20 Master Negative Number: 95-32010
       Theatre de la Monnai: Belgium (1),        16 x 12
     Note: Copy 1

Roll ID: SP20a Not on Fiche
       Theatre de la Monnai: Belgium (1),        16 x 12
     Note: Copy 2

Box ID: SP21 Master Negative Number: 95-32010
       Theatre de la Monnai: Belgium (2),        23 x 18

Box ID: SP22 Master Negative Number: 95-32011
       Volksoper: Vienna,        16 x 24

Roll ID: SP22a Not on Fiche
       Volksoper: Vienna,        16 x 24
     Note: Two copies

Mapcase ID: SP23 Master Negative Number: 95-32011
       Castello de San Guisto: Trieste,        25 x 38

Mapcase ID: SP24 Master Negative Number: 95-32012
       Connaught Theatre: [Brighton?],        20 x 30

Mapcase ID: SP25 Master Negative Number: 95-32012
       Devlet Tiyatrosu: Turkey,        40 x 28

Mapcase ID: SP26 Master Negative Number: 95-32013
       Dusseldorfer Schausnielhaus: Dusseldorf,        23 x 33

Mapcase ID: SP27 Master Negative Number: 95-32013
       Estate Teatrale Veronese: Verona,        27 x 39

Mapcase ID: SP28 Master Negative Number: 95-32014
       Israel National,        26 x 42

Mapcase ID: SP29 Master Negative Number: 95-32014
       Kansanyeatteri: Tyovaenteatterin,        27 x 37

Roll ID: SP29a Not on Fiche
       Kansanyeatteri: Tyovaenteatterin,        27 x 40

Mapcase ID: SP30 Master Negative Number: 95-32015
       Nieuw Rotterdams Toneel: Rotterdam (1),        35 x 26

Mapcase ID: SP31 Not on Fiche
       Nieuw Rotterdams Toneel: Rotterdam ,        35 x 26

Mapcase ID: SP32 Naster Negative Number: 95-32016
       Operett Szinhaaz,        22 x 32

Mapcase ID: SP33 Naster Negative Number: 95-32016
       Panstwowy Teatr,        20 x 29

Mapcase ID: SP34 Naster Negative Number: 95-32017
       Teatr Komedi, Zoliborz: Poland,        33 x 23

Mapcase ID: SP35 Naster Negative Number: 95-32017
       Teatr Muzyczyn: Poznan,        23 x 33

Mapcase ID: SP36 Master Negative Number: 95-32018
       Unidentified Spanish Theater,        25 x 35

Roll ID: SP36a Not on Fiche
       Unidentified Spanish Theater,        24 x 46 (2 copies)

Mapcase ID: SP37 Master Negative Number: 95-32018
       Japanese Production,        20 x 29

Roll ID: SP37a Not on Fiche
       Japanese Production,        20 x 29

Table ID: SP38 Master Negative Number: 95-32019
       Teatro Avenida: Argentina,        58 x 45

Table ID: SP39 Master Negative Number: 95-32020
       Volksoper: Vienna, 1960
       48 x 34

   --My Three Angels

Box ID: SP40 Master Negative Number: 95-32021
       Morosco Theatre: New York,        14 x 22

Box ID: SP41 Master Negative Number: 95-32021
       Unidentified Hebrew Production,        19 x 27

Roll ID: SP41a Master Negative Number: 95-32021
       Unidentified Hebrew Production,        19 x 27

   --Once There Was a Russian

Box ID: SP42 Master Negative Number: 95-32022
       National Theatre: Washington, D.C.,        14 x 22


Mapcase ID: SP43 Master Negative Number: 95-32022
       Teatro Nrovo: Milan (1),        14 x 39

Mapcase ID: SP44 Master Negative Number: 95-32023
       Teatro Nrovo: Milan (2),        28 x 39

   --Two Blind Mice

Box ID: SP45 Master Negative Number: 95-32023
       Court Theatre: New York,        14 x 23

Box ID: SP46 Master Negative Number: 95-32024
       Court Theatre: New York,        11 x 14
     Note: Unidentified sample poster

   --Under the Sycamore Tree

Box ID: SP47 Master Negative Number: 95-32024
       Aldwych Theatre: London,        13 x 20
     Note: Unidentified sample poster

Box ID: SP48 Master Negative Number: 95-32025
       Alleteatern: [Stockolm],        16 x 19

Box ID: SP49 Master Negative Number: 95-32025
       His Majesty's Theatre: Aberdeen, 1952
       14 x 25

Box ID: SP50 Master Negative Number: 95-32026
       Lyceum Theatre: Edinburgh,        10 x 15

Mapcase ID: SP51 Master Negative Number: 95-32026
       Theatre Royal: Brighton,        10 x 30

Box ID: SP52 Master Negative Number: 95-32027
       Theatre Royal: Newcastle upon Tyne, 1952
       13 x 25

Mapcase ID: SP53 Master Negative Number: 95-32027
       Aldwych Theatre: London,        21 x 35

Mapcase ID: SP54 Master Negative Number: 95-32028
       Plaza Theatre: Maritius,        19 x 28

Mapcase ID: SP55 Master Negative Number: 95-32028
       Teatre Odeon: [Milan?],        15 x 45

Mapcase ID: SP56 Master Negative Number: 95-32029
       Theatre Royan: Newcastle, 1952
       21 x 34

   --Woman Bites Dog

Box ID: SP57 Master Negative Number: 95-32029
       Ford's Theatre,        14 x 22

   --The Sensational Sacco Vanzetti Case

Roll ID: SP58 Not on Fiche
       30 x 40 (approx.)