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Film, 1915-1931 Architecture and Design, 1914-1933

United Shoe Machinery Company, 1914   
List of sketches & plates
3 sketches
20 photos of costumes

Conry's House, 1915   
2 pencil sketches
5 wall decorations
3 photographs of hallwaySee also Liberty Theater 1917

Century Theater Roof, 1916   
5 blueprints, Carrere and HastingsSee also Ziegfeld: Century Roof Garden, January 18, 1917

Liberty Theater, 1917   
2 drawings of mermaid panel
26 photographs, wall decorations

Buck House, Gene, 1919   
5 blueprints

War Memorial, 1919   
8 drawings, watercolor and pencil :
--Ground plan, 22x22 cm.
--Detail A, 26x19 (19x15) cm.
--Detail B, 22x22 (15x16) cm., sig.
--Sanctuary, 41x28 (29x17) cm., sig.
--Conception, 33x25 (23.5x14) cm., sig.
--Portal of Honor, 22x22 (18x15) cm., sig.
--Peace Memorial on Palisade, 22x20 (19x16) cm., sig.
--Perception on Terrace, 26x20 (20x14) cm., sig.
12 photographs of renderings

Sherman Hotel Tiger Room, Chicago, 1920   
34 photographs of wall decorations
Notes and Sketches

Dodge Brothers Banquet, February, 1921.   
3 photographs of decorative detail
2 photographs of the banquet room

Wiener Werkstätte, June 1922   
7 sketches of furniture
3 showroom plans
7 articles re opening, 17 p.
Drawing of chair by fire place, 20x20 (13x13) cm.
Scrapbook, 31 p.
4 photographs of New York showroom
4 photographs of Chicago exhibit
2 photographs of Klimt painting
St. Etienne Gallery catalog and invitation, 1966

Rialto Theater Stage, June, 1922   
Drawing, watercolor and pencil :
--stage elevation
1 working sketch
7 technical drawings

Fulton Theater, Fall, 1922   
2 Fairy Tale Illustrations

Lyon and Healey Store Window, Chicago, November, 1922   (View all images)
Sketches, 10 p.
6 technical drawings
8 photographs of window & plans
photo of window display

Cosmopolitan Theater, August 1, 1923.   
Watercolor drawing of floral panel decoration, 25x71 cm.
Watercolor drawing of floral wall decoration
6 sketches and notes
4 technical drawings
41 photographs of before and after See also Film: Little Old New York and Janice Meredith

Daily Mirror Float, September 5, 1924   
1 photograph

Camp House, Dallas, Texas, 1925-1926   
Specifications booklet, August 1926

Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida, 1925-1926   
Telegram, 8/9/26
141 photographs
141 photographs (cont.)
174 photographs by Geisler
2 American Architect reprints, 6/19/24
3 articles, 1929, 1965

Demarest Little Castle, Palm Beach, Florida, Oct.1925-Apr. 1926   
6 drawings, watercolor and pencil:
--Arch/chandelier detail
--Grounds and house plan, 54x39 cm.
--South end elevation and plan, 39x57 cm.
--Elevation, North and West side, 46x47 cm.
--Elevation, [East side], 38x55 cm.
--Elevations, landings & entrance, 41x49 cm.

Paramount Theater, Sunrise Building, Palm Beach, Florida, 1926   
1 drawing, watercolor and pencil: --Elevation of proposed theater, 38x50 (30x40) cm.
2 ground plans
7 technical drawings on board
1 drawing, Fish panel
6 sketches & notes
7 technical drawings
Rough sketch
8 prints of proposed theater building by D. Douglass
Photograph of auditorium
10 photographs of drawings & building

Biddle House, Palm Beach,1926   
2 technical drawings
18 photographs
Photograph of Grilled door

Bath and Tennis Club, Palm Beach, Florida, July 1926   
2 technical drawings
14 photographs
12 etchings
Patio, Persian Ballroom

Oasis Club, Summer 1926   
8 photographs
4 photographs
2 blueprints

Metropolitan Opera House, Proposed, 1926-1927   
Preliminary sketch 57th St., 75x50 cm.
Scheme I :
--5 plans, photostats
--32 plans, photostats
--7 photographs and plans on board
Scheme II :
--Specs, 13 p.
--15 plans, photostats
--17 plans on board
Scheme III :
--Specs, 11 p.
--11 plans on board
Scheme IV :
--Specs, 10 p.
--10 plans, photostats
--10 plans on board
Scheme V :
--13 plans, blueprints and photostats
Scheme VI :
--38 plans, photostats
--2 plans, photostats
--13 Scheme VI plans on board
--Ground floor plan, undated, ink & pencil
Scheme VII :
--10 sketches and plans
--21 sketches and plans
Scheme VIII :
--81 plans
--36 plans
Scheme IX :
--Material, 58 specs, plans, photos
--Material, 36 etchings, plans, photos
--Material, 36 plans
--Ground plan, 82x126 cm.
--14 mounted photographs of models
Start of Sch. 9 file, 5/10/27, 23 p.
Start of Sch. 9 file, 5/21/27, 8 p.
7 negatives of Scheme IX June 1927
96 plans, photostats
Specs, 4 p.
62 negative photostats, June 1927
14 photographs of plans
36 plans on board
2 positive photostats, Jan. 1928

Ziegfeld Theatre, 1926-27   (View all images)
3 wall patterns
2 wall mural drawings
6 drawings, watercolor and pencil :
--lobby, Flower detail, not used A, 27x35 (20x25) cm.
--lobby, Flower detail, not used B, 26x31 (24x29) cm.
--lobby, Flower detail, not used C, 23x36 (19x32) cm.
--lobby, Flower detail, not used D, 26x31 (24x29) cm.
--lobby, Flower detail, not used, 20x29 (9x29) cm.
--balcony ceiling, 32X36 (29X34) cm.
25 technical drawings
Secretary's journal and budget, 2 p.
37 photographs, interior & exterior
13 photographs
2 etchings of front exterior, Douglass
5 etchings of front exterior, Douglass
Ground plan, balcony
2 drawings :
--Street front, watercolor, 49x57 cm.
--Street front, charcoal on paper, Hugh Ferriss, 100x92 (84x73) cm.
4 articles, 1927-1930, 17 p.
2 congratulations notes
2 articles, 1967See also Architectural Detail scrapbook, p. 12-14, 19 in C17
Set Model
Apron & Proscenium

St. Regis Hotel, 1927-1928   
Notes and sketches, 16 p.
7 drawings, watercolor and pencil :
--Roof Garden dining room, 29x36 cm.
--Screen scheme, 50x31 (30x12) cm., sig.
--Room A and B print, 20x25 (15x15) cm.
--Fish Details [#1], 15x18 cm.
--Fish Details [#2], 15x18 cm.
--Seaglade Wall Decoration, 24x42 (22x40) cm.
--Door panels
26 technical drawings
22 photographs
1 postcard

Temple Israel, Lawrence, Long Island, Fall 1927-1929 (not built)   
2 drawings, watercolor and pencil :
--exterior, 46x62 (36x57) cm.
--interior, 48x43 (36x41) cm.
3 ground plans
Bookplate for Rabbi Isaac Landman
8 photographs of plans

Reinhardt Theater, proposed, 1928   
4 drawings, watercolor and pencil, sig. :
--Front elevation, 35x43 (25x34) cm.
--Facade, 50x38 (37x29) cm.
--View of Stage, 38x29 (24x17) cm.
--Auditorium, 38x29 (24x16) cm.
Print of facade drawing, 32x27 (23x18) cm.
22 plans, photostats
48 plans, photostats
5 photographs of drawings

Music Center, 1928   
2 drawings:
--Greek Theater garden, pencil, 49x38 (23x27) cm.
--Greek Theater Concert set, print, 37x37 (27x23) cm.
11 photostats of plans
4 photostats of plans dated 2/1/28
6 mounted photographs of model
4 photographs
Photograph of prosceniumSee also Theatres 1929

Hotel Gibson Roof Garden, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1928   
Sketches, notes, letter
1 drawing, watercolor and pencil :
10 technical drawings
4 photostats of chair designs
9 photographs of roof garden

Unidentified Drawings, 1928   
6 drawings, watercolor and pencil on board, sig. :
--5th Ave side, night street scene, 43x35 (29x21) cm.
--5th Ave elevation, 49x38 (36x28) cm.
--lobby, 43x50 cm.
--Armchair, 41x31 (33x24) cm.
--Front elevation, 2nd scheme, 44x35 (34x26) cm.
--Building in daytime street scene, 44x35 (30x23) cm.
4 photostats of arm chair
2 photographs of Night street scene drawing

Kaufmann Department Store, Proposed, Pittsburgh, Pa., July 23, 1928   
11 drawings, watercolor and/or pencil, sig.:
--Front elevations, 47x49 (42x40) cm.
--Entrance, 47x49 (21x23) cm.
--Counter area, 47x49 (21x23) cm.
--View towards Mezzanine, 47x49 (21x31) cm.
--First Floor Plan, 47x49 (38x41) cm.
--Mezzanine Floor Plan, 47x49 (38x41) cm.
--Special Counters, 47x49 (31x32) cm.
--Counters, grill detail, 47x49 (25x28) cm.
--First Floor detail, 29x30 (25x27) cm.
--First Floor Ceiling Plan, 29x30 (25x27) cm.
--Ground plan of beauty Salon, Scott and Teegen

Bossert Hotel, Grill Room, Brooklyn, 1928   
3 watercolor drawings of screen & plans, 33x59 cm., 2 sig.
13 technical drawings, detail
3 technical drawings & prints
9 photographs

Bedell Department Store, New York City, August 6, 1928   (View all images)
2 drawings, pencil, sig. :
--34th Street elevation, 48x48 (26x26) cm.
--Section, Rotunda, Exhibition Hall, 48x48 (21x21) cm.
5 drawings, watercolor, August 6, 1928, sig. :
--perspective of 34th St. elevation, 48x49 (20x20) cm.
--show window, 48x49 (20x20) cm.
--Show room, 48x49 (20x20) cm.
--Millinery Department, 48x48 (20x20) cm.
--elevator, 28x31 (23x20) cm.
1 watercolor sketch of Millinery Department
5 photographs of design
9 photographs of store
photo of interior store window
7 photographs of Store
Architectural Forum, 2 p.

William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, August 1928, 1932   
6 drawings, watercolor and pencil :
--Tea Room detail and plan, 51x43 cm., sig.
--Exhibition Room, 51x43 (33x34) cm., sig.
--Men's Lounge, 51x43 cm., sig.
--Ballroom, 34x51 (25x45) cm., sig.
--Ballroom Ceiling Decoration, 37x50 (30x41) cm.
--Wall Panel, 46x19 (18x12) cm.
2 Wall panels, Chatterbox Room
--Wall panel [#1], Chatterbox Room, 20x68 cm.
--Wall panel [#2], Chatterbox Room, 20x68 cm.
Hotel magazine cover, 5/29
3 photos of Chatterbox Room

New Amsterdam Roof, 1928   
2 drawings, watercolor and pencil :
--Butterfly-floral pattern, yellow, 26x32 (15x32) cm.
--section: elephant panel, 37x16 (27x11) cm.
5 technical drawings

International Magazine Building, 1928-1929   
6 photographs
8 photographs and one etching

Article on Steele MacKaye, 9 p.
Letter from Percy MacKaye, ts., 4 p.

3 drawings, watercolor and pencil on board :
--A: Mountain background, 29x38 (23x33) cm.
--B: Mountain with floral foreground, 36x42 (24x30) cm.
--C: Chinese lanterns, 33x42 (20x29) cm.

American Designers' Gallery, 1928-1929   
14 photographs
7 letters, ts., 10 p.

Central Park Casino, 1929   (View all images)
3 drawings, watercolor :
--external view, 26x36 (14x24) cm., sig.
--Ceiling pattern, 34x53 (30x45) cm.
--North and South Wall, Ballroom, 28x63 cm.
2 detail drawings and letter
9 technical drawings
26 photographs
10 photographs
photo of ballroom
photo of dining room
16 photographs, Sigurd Fischer
2 articles from Architectural Record, 32 p.

Metropolitan Museum of Art 11th annual exhibition of American Industrial Art, February and March 1929   
16 photographs of sun porch and man's den
American Architect reprint, 9 p.
Mosaic Messenger cover
Woman's Journal, 3 p.

Emerich Residence, Chicago, Il., interior design, 1929   
2 photographs of interiors

2 drawings and 1 photostat of patterns

Jewish Art Theater, proposed, 1929   
4 photostats of plans
19 photostats of plans
8 plans
2 photographs of proscenium

Cadillac magazine advertisement, 1929   
6 ad sketches
1 letter, McManus Inc, ts
7 sketches and ads

Gingerbread House, 1929   
18 photographs of building
1 tearsheet, Fortune, p 89
Postcard, letter and ceramics catalog

Theatres, 1929   (View all images)
10 prints of ground plans
3 Music Center ground plans, photostats, 40x28 cm.
2 Reinhardt Theater ground plans
Mock up of p. 35, Music Center Site
Detail of plastic relief, p. 48
5 Music Center plans
5 Music Center plans, photostats
photostat of ground plan
47 loose pages

New School for Social Research, 1929-1931   (View all images)
19 [i.e. 18?] drawings, watercolor and/or pencil :
--Talk over corner perspective, 32x41(15x22) cm.
--Talk-over niches, 36x30 (22x19) cm.
--Classroom, 30x45 (13x28) cm.
--12th Street Front, 1929, 46x32 (33x19) cm.
--Main Lobby Color Treatment, 37x37 (26x26) cm.
--Classroom perspective, 32x41 (19x31) cm.
--Auditorium perspective, 32x41 (20x31) cm.
--Street elevation, 38x52 (25x34) cm.
--Basement Lobby Color Treatment, 37x50 (24x40) cm.
--Reception Room Color Treatment, 37x50 (19x42) cm.
--Faculty Dining Room Color Treatment, 37x52 (19x40) cm.
--Faculty Dining Room Color Treatment, Green, 37x50 (19x40) cm.
--Director's offices, 36x50 (20x41) cm.
--Assistant Director's offices, 37x53 (19x41) cm.
--Ground plan, classrooms, 37x51 (25x33) cm.
--Dance Studio Color Treatment, 37x67 (19x56) cm.
--Street elevation Color Treatment [#1], 47x67 cm.
--Street elevation Color Treatment [#2], 47x67 cm.
13 ground plans
Main floor ground plan
Letters and notes, 6 p.
Book of Color Control Patches
Ordynski correspondence, 11 p.
10 photographs
30 photographs, interior & exterior
photo of corridor
photo of auditorium
photo of auditorium balcony
photo of exterior façade
4 photographs, interiors
5 flyers, pamphlets, forms
2 articles, Architectural Digest, 14 p.
Architectural Record, 13 p.
2 booklets
1 chapter from Johnson's autobiography, 18 p.

Atlantic Beach Club, Long Island, NY, 1930-1931   
13 drawings, watercolor, pencil and ink :
--Main entrance Terrace Apartments, 33x34 (17x19) cm., sig.
--Isometric view of Terraced Apts., 47x51 (40x44) cm., sig.
--Beach front view, blue background, 57x74 (40x44) cm.
--Beach front, green, 51x76 (42x72) cm.
--Room, color isometric drawing, 56x76 (43x36) cm.
--Apartment perspective and floor plan, 76x51 (60x39) cm., sig.
--Detail of End bays, 51x76 (38x55) cm.
--Alternate floor plan, 51x76 (35x60) cm.
--Typical floor plan, 51x76 (42x72) cm., sig.
--Basement ground plan, 51x76 (43x72) cm., sig.
--First floor ground plan, 51x76 (43x72) cm., sig.
--5th and 6th floor plan, 51x76 (43x72) cm., sig.
--Penthouse floor plan, 51x76 (43x72) cm., sig.
11 photographs
Photograph of Café de Paris, August 1930
18 photographs
10 photographs

Suburban Movie Theater, 1931   (View all images)
Interior, facing screen, pastel, 21x55 (16x50) cm.
Plan, longitudinal section, 46x75 (26x63) cm.
4 photographs of model
3 photographs of model
photo of model interior
photo of model exterior
2 articles, 6 p. (See also Architectural League Exhibition, 1932-1933)

Park Avenue Restaurant, 1931   
4 photographs of club interior
2 Architectural Forum reprints, 8 p. ea.

Palace of the Soviets, 1931   
130 p. reports, specs
79 p. correspondence
2 booklets, Russian
Map of Moscow
7 drawings, watercolor, pencil and ink :
--Assembly Hall, 36x46 (33x41) cm.
--Colonnade, 34x55 (27x41) cm.
--Perspective Central Plaza, 34x46 cm.
--Interior, Large Hall with demonstration, 74x64 (70x61) cm.
--Ground plan, 47x60 (39x54) cm.
--Ground plan with landscaping, 43x57 cm.
--Perspective of large hall, 46x63 cm.
10 plans
31 photographs
5 photographs

Lerner, Max Suburban House, 1932   
Photograph of model, back view
Photograph of model, side view

Architectural League One-Man Show, February 1932   
5 photographs of Joseph Urban's office
Plan for small house, awarded 4th prize

Fairy Tale book illustration reprints, April 22, 1932   
34 reprints of illustrations with index
5 reprints of illustrations with index
9 photographs of illustrations

Congress Hotel, Joseph Urban Room, Chicago, Illinois, 1932   
2 drawings, watercolor :
--Urban Room, 41x41 (29x25) cm.
--Pattern, 23x23 (18x18) cm.
Print of Joseph Urban Room
Blueprint of Balloon Room
2 photographs
Photograph, mounted

Urban, Harrison and Hood Houses Co-design, 1932   
Two drawings watercolor:
--Neighborhood, 43x52 (22x40) cm.
--Houses, front elevations
Ground plan for house

Book-Cadillac Hotel, Mayfair Room, Detroit, Michigan, 1932   
6 sketches
15 detail sketches
2 photographs

Architectural League Exhibition, 1932-1933   
Letters, lists, plans, 84 p.
4 technical drawings
11 photographs of exhibit and award ceremony
2 photographs of exhibit
2 certificates of award
Exhibit catalog
Architecture, 2 p
Medal with case

Chicago World's Fair  
1 letter from Raymond Hood, ms.
1 blueprint of New York State Exhibit
Reference picture for NY State Exhibit
17 drawings, watercolor and pencil :
--Drawing 1: panels of buildings, 33x84 cm.
--Drawing 2: panels of buildings, 33x84 cm.
--Drawing 3: panels of buildings, 33x84 cm.
--Drawing 4: panels of buildings, 33x84 cm.
--Drawing 5: panels of buildings, 33x84 cm.
--Drawing 6: panels of buildings, 33x84 cm.
--Drawing 7: panels of buildings, 33x84 cm.
--Drawing 8: panels of buildings, 33x84 cm.
--Drawing 9: panels of buildings, 33x84 cm.
--Drawing 10: panels of buildings, 33x84 cm.
--Drawing 11: panels of buildings, 33x84 cm.
--Agricultural Building, 63x41 cm.
--Fountain of metal, 34x61 cm.
--Esplanade of flags, 42x58 cm.
--Buildings in blue, yellow, 44x70 (41x67) cm.
--Orange building with radiator center, 34x59 (26x46) cm.
--Green building with gray circle, 48x64 (45x58) cm.
1 booklet, Light Recommendations
2 newspaper magazine pullout sections
6 programs

Katherine Brush Apartment, 1933   
3 photographs
Article, House & Garden, January 1933

Decorative Illustrations

Hearst House   
1 ground plan, blueprint of room

Huron Building, Detroit   
Blueprint, ceiling plan

Knickerbocker Hotel   
2 blueprints

Mallin Furniture Company   
Furniture designs, notebook

Pennsylvania Hotel roof garden   
Photograph of roof garden

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