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Selected Set Models

Note: The models listed below reflect only a selection of the ca. 240 stage models preserved as part of the 2002-2004 stabilization and access project.

Golden Dawn (1927): Scrim with Sticks

Golden Dawn (1927): Scrim with Sticks

Flying High (1930): Roof Apartment in New York City

Flying High (1930): Roof Apt. in NYC

George White Scandals (1931): Empire State Building Scene
George White Scandals (1931):
Empire State Bldg Scene

Theater, 1914-1933

Around the Map (Here Comes Tootsie), November 1, 1915
Act I, Sc 3; Tootsie's Bedroom


Golden Dawn, November 30, 1927
Act II, Sc 4; Exterior w. Cross (incl. QuickTime VR)
Scrim with Sticks (incl. QuickTime VR)
Act I, Sc 4; Rope Bridge (incl. QuickTime VR)
Nets and Huts (incl. QuickTime VR)


Sons O' Guns (Tin Hats), November 26, 1929
Act II, Sc 4; Cabaret Scene


Ripples, February 11, 1930
Fall Tree Scene


Flying High, March 3, 1930
Act I, Sc 6, Blue-Silver Room, "In Front of the Canteen"
Gray Room
Act II, Sc 8, Blue Gold Room, "Ballroom", "Reception Hall at the Flying Field"
Act I, Sc 3, Red Room, "Canteen at Newark Airport" (incl. QuickTime VR)
Roof of Apartment House in Heart of Manhattan


Princess Charming, October 13, 1930
Red Ballroom
Garden w/ treehouse
Act II, Sc 2


George White's Scandals, September 14, 1931
Empire State Bldg. Scene


Theater Scene
Unidentified Miscellaneous II

Ziegfeld Productions, 1915-1932

Ziegfeld Theatre, 1926-1927
(Architecture and Design Series
Apron & Proscenium


Rio Rita, February 2, 1927
Courtyard of a Mexican mansion


Ziegfeld Follies of 1927, August 16, 1927
Scrim with Horse


Show Boat, December 27, 1927
'Boat Auditorium' Scene


Rosalie, January 10, 1928
West Point Scene


The Three Musketeers, March 13, 1928
Jolly Miller, exterior
Jolly Miller, interior
Act I, Sc 2; Outside Miller's House
Bedroom Scene
Chapel Scene


Whoopee, December 4, 1928
Adobe Mission with Bells
Chuck Wagon
Sheriff's Room
Mountain Pass Scene
Corral Scene
Kitchen Scene


Show Girl, July 2, 1929
Act 1, Sc 4, Penthouse


Smiles, November 18, 1930
Café le Berry
Salvation Army Scene


Ziegfeld Follies of 1931, July 1, 1931
Blue Nursery Scene (incl. QuickTime VR)

Show Boat (1927): 'Boat Auditorium' Scene

Show Boat (1927): Boat Auditorium Scene

Whoopee (1928): Corral Scene

Whoopee! (1928): Corral Scene

Smiles, November 18, 1930: Café le Berry

Smiles, November 18, 1930: Café le Berry

Metropolitan Opera, 1917-1933

Tristan und Isolde, November 20, 1920 (1958)
Act II (King Mark's Castle?)


Turandot, November 16, 1926 (1930)
Act I (upright model)
Act IV; Steps, no border
Unidentified Scene; revolving stage


Norma, November 16, 1927 (1945)
Act IV


Jonny Spielt Auf, January 19, 1929
Act II Sc 5 Railroad Station (6 boxes, 1 carton)
Jonny on Globe with violin


Fra Gherardo, March 21, 1929
Act I, Sc 1; Inside the Garden Wall


Don Giovanni, November 29, 1929 (1953)
Act I, sc 5: Ballroom Scene
Garden Scene
Arched Courtyard
Street Scene
Act I, Sc 3; Countryside with Tavern


Luisa Miller, December 21, 1929 (1931)
Act I, Outside Miller's House
Boccaccio January 2, 1931.
Unid. Sc - Villa Plaza with Gardens


Peter Ibbetson, February 7, 1932 (1935)
Act I Sc 1 Drawing Room


Electra, December 3, 1932 (1962)
Unidentified Scene - Dark entrance, Red columns


Walküre (Unproduced)
Set model: Felsengegund (upright)

Turandot (1926): Act I

Turandot (1926): Act I

Turandot (1926): Unidentified Scene, Revolving Stage

Turandot (1926): Unidentified Scene, Revolving Stage

Walküre (unproduced): Felsengegund

Walküre (unproduced): Felsengegund

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