Rand books and publications
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Rand books and publications
Contains citations and abstracts for Rand publications, 1946-1997; full text, 1998-present.
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Africa, arms control, Asia, California, China, civil defense, civil justice, communications, communication satellites, cost analysis, criminality, justice & public safety, critical technologies, Delphi and long-range forecasting, economics, education, energy and nuclear power, environment, Europe, expert systems, former Soviet Union, gaming, game theory, health care costs and coverage, housing, health-related research, human resources, information sciences, international trade and economics, Latin America, logistics, management, mathematical programming, Middle East, military manpower, narcotics control, NATO, New York City, operations research methods, policy sciences, population, program budgeting, public policy, R&D systems acquisition, regulatory issues, SDI, smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse, space technology and planning, systems analysis, television and communications policy, terrorism, transportation, urban studies, U.S. foreign relations, USSR, water resources
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Rand Corporation.
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Rand books & publications
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