Effective April 1, 2009 Ingenta will provide TOC alerts only for electronically available titles. The fax/Ariel TOC service is discontinued.
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Ingenta.com : the global research gateway.
The Ingenta Library Gateway is a searchable database of more than 11 million citations from over 20,000 journals and offers online access to selected electronic journals based on institutional subscriptions, fulltext article delivery services, and current awareness services for journals indexed in Ingenta.
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"Free searching of millions of academic and professional articles from thousands of journals online." – Members of the Columbia community having a valid Columbia email account can request PDF files or faxed copies of electronic journal articles in Ingenta provided a) the journals are not held by Columbia University Libraries and b) the Ingenta article delivery fee is not greater than $30.00. Within these restrictions, the cost of article delivery is paid by Columbia University Libraries; other articles may be purchased directly by the user if desired. – "Company formed through a public/private partnership with the University of Bath"--About Ingenta.
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