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News Magazines

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Addis Tribune   Ethiopia
Africa Recovery   UN
AfricaUpdate   CCSU
ANC Today   S. Africa
Arusha Times   Tanzania
Botswana Gazette   Botswana
Cape Business News   S. Africa
Chimurenga   South Africa
The Express   Tanzania
Financial Gazette   Zimbabwe
Findings   World Bank
La Lance   Guinea
Le Lynx   Guinea
Le Mauricien Week-End
Le Messager   Cameroun
Le Monde Diplomatique   via CU
The Namibia Economist   Namibia
Nasaha   Tanzania
La Nation   Djibouti
Newsflash   Zimbabwe
The Perspective   Liberia via USA
Die Republikein   Namibia
San Finna   Burkina Faso
The Shopsteward   South Africa
The Sunday Mirror   Zimbabwe
The Zimbabwe Independent  

Alochona Magazine   Bangladesh
archipelaGo   Indonesia
Bulatlat.com   Philippines
The Bulletin   Australia
Chowk   South Asia
Diplomatist   India
The East   Japan
Eh Din   Punjab via UK
Feng Hua Yuan   China
The Friday Times   Pakistan
Frontline   India
InfoChange   India
Inside Indonesia   Indonesia
The International Indian   India
Jai Jai Din   Bangladesh
Kansai Time Out   Japan
Nepal News   Nepal
Newsline   Pakistan
Outlook   India
Pakistan & Gulf Economist
Pakistan Review   Pakistan
Spotlight   Nepal
South Asian Outlook
Tempo Interaktif   Malaysia
Tokyo Journal   Japan
The Weekly Post   Japan

Amanecer   Spain
Cuisle   Ireland
Der Spiegel   Germany
The Economist  UK
Epoca  Spain
L'Express  France
Figyelo  Hungary
Geneva News Online  Switzerland
International Community   Germany
Magyar Demokrata   Hungary
Mein Geld   Germany
Novoe Vremia   Russia
Le Point   France
Paris Match   France
Polityka   Poland
Slovenia News   Slovenia
Le Soir Illustre   Belgium
The Spectator   UK
Stern   Germany
Swiss News   Switzerland
Visao   Portugal
Wirtschafts Woche   Germany

Latin America
Ahora   Dominican Republic
Brecha   Uruguay
Caras   Chile
Caretas   Peru
Confidencial   Nicaragua
Conozca Mas   Chile
Crónicas   Uruguay
Al Dia    Costa Rica
Istoé   Brazil
Juventud Rebelde   Cuba
Mercado   Argentina
Nexos   Mexico
Proceso   Mexico
Pulso   Bolivia
Revista Cambio   Colombia
Semana   Colombia
Siete   Panama
Veja on-line   Brazil

Middle East/North Africa
Al-Ahram Weekly   Egypt
Aksiyon  Turkey
Arabies  via France
Arab Week  Lebanon
Baghdad Bulletin  Iraq
Bahrain This Month  Bahrain
Beirut Times  Lebanon
Challenge  Israel
Emirates Today  UAE
Gozaresh  Iran
The Gully: Middle East
Al Hewar  via USA
Iran Javan  Iran
Israel Today  Israel
Al Jadid  via USA
The Jerusalem Report
Al-Midan  Sudan
Realites  Tunisia
Le Revue du Liban  Lebanon
Al Sabar  Israel
The Star  Jordan
Status  Israel
Al-Watan  via USA
Al-Watan al Arabi
Washington Report  via USA
Yemen Times  Yemen
Yeni Mesaj  Turkey

North America
L'Actualite  Canada
The Atlantic Monthly
Canadian Geographic
Forbes Magazine
Life Magazine
Macleans   Canada
Mother Jones
The Nation
National Geographic
Service restricted to members of the Columbia communityNational Journal
National Review
New York Magazine
The New Republic
The New York Observer
The Progressive
Time Magazine
U.S. News & World Report
The Village Voice
The Washington Diplomat
Washington Monthly
Weekly Standard