Stonewall and Beyond:  Lesbian and Gay Culture

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Exhibition Copyright.   This online virtual exhibition is © by Columbia University in the City of New York.   Brief excerpts from the site may be reproduced for non-commercial, educational use only, except where limited by other copyrights, so long as a) appropriate citation and attribution are used (see below) and b) a courtesy copy of the publication / reproduction is forwarded to:, or to Stonewall 25, c/o Stephen Davis, Butler 207A, Columbia University Libraries, 535 W. 114th Street, New York, NY 10027.

Illustrations & Reproductions.  All copyrights for the illustrations and textual images reproduced here are retained by the respective creators, authors and assignees.  As with any copyrighted material "fair use" guidelines of the applicable copyright laws may apply to educational or other non-commercial uses. Because Columbia University does not own the copyright for these materials, however, it has no authority to grant permission for their further reproduction nor is it able to research or respond to questions about specific rights and permissions.

Original Contributions.  The essays and narrative prose written especially for this online exhibition are copyrighted by the individual authors (i.e., the "Guest Curators").   Brief portions of these texts may be quoted or excerpted for non-commerical, educational purposes, provided that such quotes are accurate and proper attribution is given.

Citation & Attribution.  This electronic exhibition as a whole may be cited as:

"Stonewall and Beyond: Lesbian and Gay Culture," the online edition of a Columbia University Libraries exhibition held from May 25 to September 17, 1994. New York: Columbia University Libraries, 1995.

Individual essays may be cited as:

From: Rice, Eugene, "The Pioneers: The Earliest Writers in English on Homosexuality."  In: "Stonewall and Beyond: ...  [etc. as above]

Research Assistance.  The curators and editors of this 1993 exhibition are not able to provide specialized research assistance on gay and lesbian history and culture.  Those interested in further exploration or specific information may wish to contact other institutions who have as their mission the study or preservation of U.S. gay and lesbian history.   These include:

It may also be useful to contact directly some of those who have written about gay and lesbian history, such as

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