Health Sciences, #154b


  154b.  A. A. Turner.  Portrait of Florence Nightingale. New York: D. Appleton & Co., undated. Carte-de-visite, signed, 10 cm. x 6 cm. -- Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library, Archives & Special Collections Auchincloss Florence Nightingale Collection (See fuller description below.)
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"Notes on Nursing" is Nightingale's best-known work and the most influential book ever written on nursing. In simple, direct prose, Nightingale set forth her principles of patient care, which stressed cleanliness, fresh air, warmth, light, and proper diet. A popular book, Notes sold over 15,000 copies within months. Nightingale inscribed this copy in its year of publication.

Cartes-de-visite were small, mass-produced cards with photographic portraits of notable people. They were very popular in the mid-19th century and frequently kept as souvenirs. The production of cartes-de-visite with Nightingale's portrait attests to her fame. Although Nightingale signed this card in 1867, the photograph was likely taken in London soon after her return from the Crimea.