Law, #175


  175.  Johannes Andreae (d. 1348).  De arbore consanguinitatis, affinitatis et cognitionis spiritualis. Manuscript on paper,. Germany, November 24, 1483. -- Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary, MS 8 (See fuller description below.)
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The famous Bolognese authority on canon law, Johannes Andreae, wrote several treatises in regard to relationships considered too close for marriage. These were often illustrated with tree diagrams to facilitate understanding of the concepts of consanguinity, or blood relationships, affinity, or relationships by marriage, and spiritual relationships, those created through sacramental duties such as that of godparent. In this manuscript, the Arbor affinitatis (f. 7v) shows a person in an Italianate hat above the tree who may represent the author. The Arbor consanguinitatis (f. 3v) shows a pope above the tree, undoubtedly Innocent III. The work was often found bound after early printed copies of the great collections of canon law. The Burke Library has copies so bound, but this one came to New York with the library of Leander van Ess unbound, as it remains today.