Law, #187


  187.  Edmonston Studio.  Harlan Fiske Stone with his law clerks. Photograph (26 x 35 cm.) Washington, D.C., 1938. -- Arthur W. Diamond Law Library, Special Collections, Stone Collection (See fuller description below.)
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Harlan Fiske Stone was dean of Columbia Law School from 1910 to 1924 before his appointment, first to be Attorney General of the U.S., then to the U.S. Supreme Court. Every year on the Court, Justice Stone held a dinner for his current and former law clerks, many of them graduates of Columbia Law School. Pictured in row 1: Oliver Merrill, Milton Handler, Robert Cogswell, Justice Stone, Alfred McCormack, Francis Downey, Adrian Leiby; in row 2: Warner Gardner, Howard Westwood, Herbert Wechsler, Alexis Coudert, Thomas Harris, Walter Gellhorn, Louis Lusky, Harold Leventhal, Wilbur Friedman, and Allison Dunham.