Philanthropy, Social Services, Human Rights, #88


  88.  Archdiocese of Sao Paulo.  Projeto A "Brasil: Nunca Mais". Sao Paulo: Arquidiocese de Sao Paulo, 1985. -- Arthur W. Diamond Law Library, Special Collections (See fuller description below.)
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"Nunca mais – Never again." On April 1, 1964 a military coup in Brazil established a regime which made political prisoners of dissenting citizens and people who belonged to "clandestine organizations." During the time Brazil remained under military control, from 1964 until March 1985, political prisoners were detained by government security agents. Transcripts from 707 trials conducted by the military indicate that physical and psychological torture was practiced on prisoners in order to coerce confession. Lawyers for the defendants, working with the Roman Catholic Church, photocopied over 1,000,000 pages of these records to analyze the trials and to discover the fate of persons who had disappeared. The results of their investigations were published in "Projeto A" of which this is the volume documenting torture.