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CLIO is the online catalog for the Columbia, Barnard and Union Theological Seminary libraries.

CLIO does NOT include the collections of the Law Library, Jewish Theological Seminary, and Teachers College, which have their own separate catalogs.

What is in CLIO?
bullet Over 5 million records for over 95% of the Libraries' collections.
bullet Catalog records for library materials (books, serials, journals, newspapers, online resources, government documents, microforms, sound recordings, video recordings, archival collections).
bullet Catalog records for electronic versions of books and journals contain links to the online full text.
bullet Records for items on order or in the process of being cataloged.

What is not in CLIO?
bullet Citations to articles in magazines, journals, newspapers. CLIO includes records for the journals and newspapers that the Libraries subscribe to, but not the articles published in them.

Some types of materials are only partially included in CLIO
bullet Manuscript materials and rare books (call or visit Rare Book & Manuscript Library).
bullet Collections of pamphlets acquired before 1970 (consult card catalog in Butler).
bullet Some periodicals which ceased before 1985 are not fully cataloged in CLIO (check the Serials Catalog or Ask a Librarian).
bullet Analytic entries for volumes in pre-1970 serials and sets (consult card catalog in Butler).
bullet Some research collections in microform (consult card catalog in Butler and guides in Microform Reading Room).
bullet Data (visit the Electronic Data Services in Lehman Library or use DataGate).

What to do if you don't find what you want in CLIO
bullet Ask a reference librarian for assistance.
bullet Try Borrow Direct or ILL (Interlibrary Loan) if you know the correct title and author of the item you want. (HSL,    Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Teachers College, Law and UTS affiliates should use the ILL services of those libraries.)
bullet Use  WordCat to verify the title and author. 

Is there an EndNote connection file for CLIO?
Yes. For both Windows and Mac connection files go to 

Can CLIO be accessed using a Z39.50 client?
Yes. For more information see Using a Z39.50 Client to Access CLIO 

What are the system requirements for using CLIO?
bullet CLIO can be accessed by any computer with a web browser, Z39.50 client.
bullet We recommend the use of a browser not more than 2 years old
bullet The built-in AOL web browser does not work properly with CLIO
bullet CLIO is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024 x 760

How do I keep CLIO from timing out?
bullet CLIO is set to time out after 10 minutes of inactivity. 
bullet Any activity: a new search or selecting a new record will refresh the session.
bullet CLIO will not time-out without displaying a pop-up prompt to extend the session.  
bullet  If you are not seeing these prompts, please set your browser to allow pop-ups from Columbia.  


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