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About CLIO beta


What should I know about the two versions of CLIO?

  • CLIO beta and CLIO classic have exactly the same content - from bibliographic records to "My Account" information.   We will continue to provide access to both CLIO beta and CLIO classic.
  • There are some differences in the search interface and record displays, as well as some additional features in CLIO beta.

Why call it CLIO beta? 

  • It is an evolving search interface.   We will continue to add features and make adjustments based on feedback, assessment and usability testing.  We welcome your comments on all aspects of the interface.

What's new in CLIO beta?

  • A default Keyword search weighted to give priority to words in the title, author and subject; choose a title, journal title, or author search for more focused searching
  • Search box on every page
  • A single record display, with tables of contents (when available) and links to Google Books
  • Book covers: a turned up corner indicates partial or full-text in Google Books
  • Action items (save, email, export, place requests) are more prominently displayed in the right sidebar
  • It is easier to mark multiple items for emailing, saving, or exporting, and you can now include a message when emailing records
  • Send to phone: text or email a brief title, location and call number
  • Permanent URL for each record
  • Quick limits are available for Basic searches; the fuller set of limits is available for Advanced searches only
  • ISBN/ISSN searches available in the basic and advanced searches

What are the differences between CLIO beta and CLIO classic?

  • It is no longer necessary to pre-set limits in CLIO beta.   Selected limits are available for Basic searches.  Full limits are available for Advanced searches.  Post-limits are restricted to Basic search results, and allow you to add and subtract limits on the same results set.
  • Saved Searches from the two systems are incompatible:
    • Some searches saved in CLIO classic will not work properly in CLIO beta and having certain types of saved searches from CLIO classic (namely author, subject, guided keyword) will make it impossible to view or save searches in CLIO beta.
    • Searches saved in CLIO beta will fail in CLIO classic. 
    • If you are unable view Saved Searches in CLIO beta:  Go to CLIO classic and delete any saved author, subject or guided keyword searches.  You will now be able to log in and save searches in CLIO beta.
  • A series title search in CLIO beta will retrieve a list of books in that series, but if they are numbered the series numbering will display only when you open records for the individual titles, not in the list of search results.
  • Text in non-Roman script can be searched in CLIO beta, but the list of search results will display in Roman script only.  When you click on a result, you will then see non-Roman script in the record for the individual title selected.
  • Some titles in CLIO have both a permanent and a temporary location if they are currently shelved in a location different from their intended permanent location.  In CLIO beta, both the permanent and the temporary locations display in the single record display, e.g. Lehman / Shelved in Precataloging - Request at Butler Circulation (a title intended for Lehman Library but not yet shelved there because it has not yet been cataloged).  In the multiple record search results display, only the temporary location will display: Not checked out, Precataloging - Request at Butler Circulation
  • In CLIO beta, the My Account list of checked-out items currently does not include the library location & call number.