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E-Resources Off-Campus Access Exceptions


Off-Campus Access Exceptions

While Columbia Libraries' goal is to make access to licensed electronic resources on LibraryWeb available to all members of the Columbia community wherever they may be located, both on and off-campus, some commercial information services are not yet technically configurable for non-Columbia ISP access.

As a result, direct dial-up to the Columbia modem pool remains at present the only feasible route for off-campus access to a few LibraryWeb resources. (Such resources are flagged on their Connect Screens with the note: "Available on-campus or via the Columbia dial-in modem pool only" or other appropriate caveat.)

Columbia Libraries and Academic Information Systems --along with our colleagues at other insitutions -- are continuing to work with online resource providers and publishers to solve this problem.


Log In Access Only

The providers' license agreements require all users of these resources to log in with Columbia University Network IDs (UNIs), even when on campus:

On-campus Access Only

Available On-campus Only at Special Workstations

Web access to CD-ROM databases is available to the Columbia community at specialized "Library Netstations" within the Libraries. See: Locations of Library Netstations.


Other Special Cases

Selected Health Sciences curriculum hosts have been specially proxied. There are no connect screens for these links:

The following hosts at CPMC are being proxied:
Siku Quanshu: To view the contents of this database you will need:
  • Windows OS and Internet Explorer (problems with Mac OS and Netscape have been reported.)
  • Program to input Chinese, either Microsoft Global Input Method Editor or other products.
  • Downloading Chinese fonts is recommended.