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Area Studies presents
   a digital library demonstration and panel discussion...

Teaching world areas with digital resources:

Digital Tools for Research and Critical Pedagogy:
a South Asian case study

Dr. Henrike Donner
Research Fellow in Anthropology
London School of Economics

Dr. Rashmi Sadana
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Anthropology
Columbia University

Dr. Gustav Peebles
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Anthropology
Columbia University

When: Tuesday, November 29th, 11:00-12:00
Where: 203 Butler Library, Columbia University

This panel seeks to explore how digital tools (in the form of a variety of online resources and repositories) may be organized to enhance pedagogical practices directed toward a population (undergraduates) who are already at home on the Internet, but who may not always tap into its potential for research and critical reflection. Each panelist will offer a case study of a particular digital tool developed and already in use to teach an undergraduate anthropology course. The panel as a whole will show how these discrete tools stand alone as interactive sites, and how they also form part of a larger digital library of research materials relevant to a discipline. The panel is especially interested in exploring how students and instructors may use these tools in a variety of ways, such as to stimulate class discussion, serve as part of course assignments, and to complement traditional course materials. The goals of the tools are two-fold: to promote students' critical thinking and writing skills and to increase their information literacy by engaging directly with online sources rather than prohibiting or denigrating them. In this regard, the panel will ask how these tools change and challenge how anthropology, history, and in this case, South Asia-related course material, might be taught to undergraduates.

Relevant links:
- The DART (Digital Anthropology Resources for Teaching) project at Columbia
- Modern South Asia Resources (Digital Timeline and Syllabus for Anth V3525)
- Digitized Resources from the Fieldwork of Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf
- Project objectives for innovative teaching (London School of Economics)
- Tools used at LSE: Student version of "What's going on"
- Kolkata Explorer

For more information on this event:
    David Magier, Director of Area Studies ( or 212-854-8046)