Rare Book & Manuscript Library


Arranging to use the Archive in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library

The LCAAJ paper and audio recording collection is maintained by Columbia University's Rare Book and Manuscripts Library. The collection is available for use on site by all Columbia faculty and students, for those in affiliated institutions, and for all researchers engaged in scholarly projects, in keeping with the established rules of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

Access to the audio recordings is limited to tapes for which digital copies have been made, or which are in sufficiently good condition to allow handling. The Library maintains a list of copied recordings. Items not on the list must be evaluated for condition to determine if they can safely be played. Since evaluation may require a 24-hour wait, researchers should build adequate time into their plans, and whenever possible should notify the Library in advance.

Please call in advance to arrange to use the Archive, and to verify hours of opening and paging:

Information: (212) 854-5153
Reference Desk: (212) 854-5590

Acquiring copies of the recordings

Copies of individual interviews on CD can be purchased from Columbia. Send email to prd-orders@libraries.cul.columbia.edu specifying the 5-digit inteview Atlas Number.

Anyone wishing to publish materials from the Archive beyond normal fair use limits must obtain permission in writing.