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EYDES - Evidence of Yiddish Documented in European Societies - Provides access to selected recordings and transcriptions from the Language and Culture Atlas of Ashkenazic Jewry.

LCAAJ Samples - Click on the underlined text to hear the voice recording. Use the 'back' button on the browser window to return to this screen after listening to the recording.

1. Bir = Birzai 56243
  'n xejder bin ix egan biz drajtsn jor  
  I went to "heder" till I was thirteen

  in besme'dres[!]  
  in the prayer and study house

  in ste'tlsn besmedres  
  in the town prayer and study house

  xo gelernt in siti kaledzh in ovnt  
  I studied at City College in the evening.

2. Cho = Chorzele 53203
  ni:, ot der tate nim gehentfert  
  So, Father answered him

  si dox a kint  
  He was a child, you know

  si gevejn der pxor  
  He was the first-born

  ot im gehentfert "kenst, kenst kimen"  
  So he answered him, "you may, you may come".

3. Ka = Kalisz 51187
  s'amul gevezn ajner  
  There once was a man

  ot nis gehat kan sajder ci maxn  
  had nothing to make a seder with.

  iz er nebex gezesn mitn va:p  
  So he, poor guy, was sitting there with his wife

  zenen ze gezesn in di sti:b 'n obn gevajnt  
  sitting there in the room and crying.

  obn gurnis gehat  
  They had nothing.

  obn ze cezamingenimen di pur zaxn  
  So, they gathered up their meagre possessions

  zenen gegangen avegajn  
  were on the verge of leaving

  i gekimen der kintsnmaxer  
  when the magician arrived.