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Section A Section A School of Social Work/Social Work Library
Section A Section B Section B
West 120th Street
Section C Section D Section F
Section C Section E Section F
W. 116th St. College Walk W. 116th St.
Section G
West 114th Street

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Note: The following libraries are not located on the Morningside Heights campus:
 Geoscience Library
 Health Sciences Library
 Offsite Shelving Facilities
Section A
Jewish Theological Seminary
Burke Library
(Union Theological Seminary)
School of Social Work
Social Work Library
Section B
Teachers College Library
Section C
Barnard College Library (Wollman)
Section D
Business & Economics Library
Engineering Library
Geology Library
Section E
Avery Library (Art & Architecture)
Columbia University Archives
East Asian (Starr)
Mathematics & Science
Music & Arts
Starr (East Asian)
University Archives
Section F
Area Studies
Electronic Data Service
Lehman (Social Sciences)
Lehman Suite (Rare Books)
Map Collection/GIS (Lehman)
Social Sciences (Lehman)
U.S. Government Documents
Section G
Electronic Text Service
History & Humanities (Butler)
Media Center (Butler)
Milstein (Undergrad, Butler)
Oral History Research Office
Rare Books & Manuscripts
Undergrad (Milstien, Butler)

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