It is our pleasure to welcome you to Columbia Math Club (COLMAC),

The club was established in the fall of 2006 by Dmytro Karabash and Mikhail Shklyar with the purpose to build closer mathematical community, uniting undergrads, graduates and professors. In particular some of the goals that we pursue are to create semi-formal lectures, regular gathering and supplemental materials that would excite the interest in mathematics among undergrad and help math majors to pursue their interest.

We hope that you will enjoy our initiatives and wish you good luck in your life.


First Board of COLMAC

Dmytro Karabash, President/Webmaster
Mikhail Shklyar, Vice-President of Events
Boyko Traychev Kabakchiev, Treasurer
Michelle Judith Bettelheim, Vice-President of Information
Olga Lepigina, Secretary
Stanimir Momchilov Rachev, Webmaster


Constitution of COLMAC


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