Lab Head

Research Assistant

  • tim

    Tim Crawley
    B.S., Loyola University

    I am involved in a number of joint projects with other members of the lab and I take care of lab organization.
    Contact me by or Tel. + 1.212.305.3508

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • wei

    Wei Jiao
    Ph.D., Karolinska Institutet

    I am working on the molecular regulation of synaptic terminal branching and I am using Drosophila to understand the genetic relationship between molecules implicated in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • carol

    Carolina Cela,
    Ph.D., CSIC - Universitat de Barcelona[+]

    I am working on the role of RNA processing in synapse development and how defects in mRNA splicing can produce motor neuron disease in particular SMA.
  • souyma

    Soumya Banerjee,
    Ph.D., Miami University[+]

    I am working on the role of activity in synapse stability. I am also developing new techniques to label and manipulate neuronal circuits.

Undergraduate Students

  • Interested Undergrads should contact Brian

    • Postdoctoral Fellows[+]
      Ji-Wu Wang - currently group leader at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
      Wendy Imlach
      - currently at the University of Sydney, Australia
      Zeina Chamoun
      - currently at INSERM in Paris, France
      Anindya Sen - currently at Biogen Idec, Boston
      Gabriel Gasque - currently editor at PloS Biology
    • Graduate Students[+]
      Ben Jiwon Choi, PhD - currently Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU
      Jonathan Brent,
      MD/PhD - currently at Columbia Medical School
      Erin Savner, MD/PhD - currently at Columbia Medical School
      Ellen Penney,
      MD/PhD - currently at Harvard Medical School
      Kristen Werner, PhD - currently data scientist at Facebook
      Kaben Schwartz, MA in Biotechnology - currently at ImClone systems
      Pao-Shu Wu,
      MA in Biotechnology - currently in Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan
    • Research Assistants[+]
      Trudy Morrison - currently in Medical School in Jamaica
      Valentina Ramirez - currently in Medical School in South Africa
      Rini Ghosh
    • Undergraduate Students[+]
      Abigail Orlando
      Anna Solovyeva
      Mitchell Hayes
      Erin Tesny
      Mark Grbic
      Brian Lim
      Judith Holtzman
      Anurag Saraf
      Christian Hinderer
      Matthew Kraushar
      David Mao
      Christian Hinderer
      Nathaniel Montag
      Rahul Jain
      Matthew Kraushar
      Yang Liu
      Nnamdi Offer
      Sara Brittingham

Lab News