Recent Ph.D.s
Yashin, Veli N. TBA Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California
Lewis, Yitzhak TBA Adjunct Lecturer Hebrew Union College and Brooklyn Institute for Social Research
Shelley, Nathanael TBA 2015-2016 IRCPL Post-Doctoral Researcher
Soleimani,Kemal TBA Mardin Artuklu University (Turkey)
Ollett, Andrew TBA Post-Doc Fellow, Harvard (2015-18)
Nikpour, Golnar TBA A.W. Mellon Post-doc Fellow, UW Madison
Cornwall, Owen TBA Post-doc Fellow, Asian Institute at University of Toronto
Schneider-Reich Suzanne TBA Director of Operations for the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research; Visiting Scholar at the Center for Religion and Media at NYU and a regular contributor to The Revealer
Maheen Zaman TBA Assistant Professor, Augsburg College, MN
Elazar El-Hanan TBA Assistant Prof of Hebrew and Yiddish Literature, Dept of Classical and Modern Languages and Literature at City College
Williams, Tyler TBA Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
Ramadan, Yasmine TBA Assistant Professor of Arabic at the University of Iowa
Amzi, Leyla TBA Adjunct Asst Professor, Columbia University MESAAS
Fisher, Elaine TBA A.W. Mellon Post-Doc Fellow (2014-16), Uwisconson-Madison
Johnston, Elizabeth TBA Lecturer, CUNY General Education College Program
Batmanghelichi, Soraya TBA Works at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, teaches a course on the politics and economy of the Middle East at the W.E.B. DuBois Scholars Institute at Princeton University
Chaudhary, Ajay TBA Core lecturer at MESAAS
Ramadan, Dina TBA Assistant Prof. of Arabic at Barnard and Director of Middle Eastern Studies
Khayyat, Yasmine TBA Assistant Professor, Rutgers
Truschke, Audrey TBA Asst Professor Rutgers Univ (Newark)
Arthur Dudney 2013 Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Cambridge University
Leyla Amzi 2013 Adjunct Asst Professor, Columbia University
Elaine Fisher 2013 Adjunct Asst Professor, Columbia University
Elizabeth Johnston 2013 Post-Doc Fellow, Berlin
Soraya Batmanghelichi 2013 Assoc. Faculty, Brooklyn Institute for Social Research
Ajay Chaudhary 2013 Lecturer in Discipline, Columbia University
Dina Ramdan 2013 Assistant Professor, Bard College
Yasmine Khayyat 2013 Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Audrey Truschke 2012 Mellon Post-Doc Fellow, Stanford University
Rebecca Gould 2012 Rebecca Gould, Reader in Comparative Literature and Translation Studies, University of Bristol
Hamid Rezai 2012 Asst Professor, Sarah Lawrence College
Kaveh Niazi 2011 Defense Language Institute
Andrea Siegel 2011 Term Asst Professor Jewish Studies, Pepperdine University
Chad Kia 2009 Lecturer at Harvard Divinity School
Ari Ariel 2009 Assistant Professor, NYU
Laurel Brown 2009 Writer for
Preshant Keshavmurthy 2009 Assistant Professor, McGill Univ. Montreal
Tsolin Nalbantian 2011 Lecturer at the Institute of Area Studies at Leiden University, Netherlands
Nader Uthman 2009 Clinical Assistant Prof. of Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, NYU
Elizabeth Holt 2009 Assistant Professor of Arabic, Bard College
Bedross Der Matossian 2008 Assistant Professor of History, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Mara Na'aman 2008 Assistant Professor of Arabic, Williams College
Alexander Pue 2007 Assistant Professor, South Asian Literature and Culture, Michigan State University
Sebouh Aslanian 2007 Postdoctoral Fellow, Society for the Humanities Cornell University
Selma Zecevic 2007 Assistant Professor, Division of Humanities, York University, Toronto
Jeffrey Sacks 2006 Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature, University of California, Riverside
Kamran Rastegar 2005 Assistant Professor of Arabic Department of German, Russian and Asian Languages and Literatures Tufts University
Mikhal Dekel 2005 Assistant Professor, City College of New York
David Mellins 2004 Lecturer in Sanskrit, Yale
Alexander Elinson 2004 Assistant Professor, Arabic Language and Literature, Hunter College, CUNY
Rebecca Joubin 2004 Malcolm O. Partin Assistant Professor of Arabic, Davidson College
Abraham Matalon 2004 Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University
Ellen McLarney 2004 Assistant Professor, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Duke University
Jason Mohaghegh 2004 Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Northeastern Illinois University
Philip Hollander 2004 Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies, Tulane University
Cyrus Schayegh 2004 Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University
Martha Hammond 2003 British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford
Pamela Lothspeich 2003 Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Amy Bard 2002 Visiting Lecturer, South Asia Studies, Wellesley College
Seth Richardson 2002 Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago
Dana Sajdi 2002 Assistant Professor, Department of History, Boston College