The next conference will be on March 1st, 2014

Advisors and delegates like our new Facebook page for posted updates and alerts. Also feel free to email us. We will be actively checking  this email:

Dear Head Delegate(s) and Model Congress Advisers,

This is Starlyte Harris, president of Columbia Model Congress writing to inform you about our Annual High School Simulation this year is March 1st, 2014. We are making sure our conference offers great competition and a great experience for all delegates.
This year the CMC team has been working hard with to make many organizational changes to make my last Model Congress simulation the best that it can be. We are inviting more schools than ever before and hope that this year's Conference is the best one to date.

  1. The CMC Letter of Interest - an invitation outlining all deadlines and rules. Please try your best to keep to the deadline if you want your choice of committees. It is important that the deadlines are met in order to ensure placement. This will also help us in giving you the best conference possible.

  2. The CMC Registration Form - to be emailed to me at SOON! We encourage you to send your list of attendees sooner if possible so that your delegates are placed in the committees of their choice.

  3. The Committee List and Descriptions - I have written a descriptions of each new and old committees with topic ideas (only to be used as a guide) to help delegates think of new and creative issues for their bills. If there is any confusion about the new committees or the traditional committees, once again, please do not hesitate to contact me by replying to this email.

  4. The CMC Bill Template - I have also attached a Columbia Model Congress bill template to ensure a uniform structure for the bills. Please not that this is only a guide and the sections and subsections can be changed. This template was only created to make sure all the necessary delegate information is on each bill so that chairs do not have issues while choosing best delegates and honorable mentions for awards. This template is also attached because last year there was huge issue of students recycling bills from Princeton and Penn Model Congress. While we are aware that the same bills are used for multiple conference, it reflects very badly on the student if his/her bills it headed by the wrong Model Congress title. We will be taking this issue very serious this year because we think it is a necessary exercise for students eventually applying for college. I am not speaking for Columbia University, but I have learned as a high school senior that most students whose personal statement reflects intentions to attend the wrong college risk automatic elimination.

  5. The Columbia Rules of Parliamentary Procedure - last but not the least is the format of parliamentary procedure that Columbia Model Congress will be following. We are specifying this format because disagreements often arise among individuals about which is the proper parliamentary procedure. So this is the document that is proper for Columbia Model Congress. Please note that all delegates should debate in this procedure because the CMC chair will adhere to these procedures. The chairs are also endowed with the right to adjust the rules as he or she sees fit.

Finally, this year you can be in touch with me and the committees chairs. Any and all questions from registration to committee should be directed to me at Specific questions to the chairs can also be addressed to the chairs and cc'ed me (committee emails listed in the "Committee List"). We will be working collaboratively to ensure that you have clear answers to every question and as much access to our staff as possible. We hope that you find our preparation this year more clear and helpful and that you feel excited about the grand conference to come. Looking forward to seeing you all at Columbia University soon.

Yours truly, -- Columbia Model Congress President: Starlyte Harris

Columbia Model Congress 2013-2014