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Compiled by Dr. Edward J Mullen, Willma & Albert Musher Chair Professor for Life Betterment through Science & Technology, Columbia University in the City of New York


Evidence: Its Meanings in Health Care and in Law

In April 2000, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) hosted an expert meeting, "Evidence: Its Meanings and Uses in Law, Medicine and Health Care," to explore the differences in how scientists, clinical practitioners, judges, legal scholars, and juries interpret and use evidence. Participants included attorneys, judges, legal researchers, policymakers, physicians, and health services researchers. As the participants in the workshop came to realize, the concept and attributes of "evidence" depends on where one sits. Although time-honored legal and medical science interpretations of "evidence" were recognized, it was also acknowledged that the legal system and the health care system would each benefit from sustained efforts of mutual education of practitioners from both fields. A Special Issue of the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, entitled Evidence: Its Meanings in Health Care and in Law, was dedicated to thoughtful and provocative discussions of how "evidence" is defined and used in medicine and the law. The issue answers such questions as: How are courts dealing with clinical practice guidelines? How can the courts' use of medical evidence improve health care? How do privacy concerns fit into the evidence debate? Electronic versions of the articles are provided at this site.

Institute for the Advancement of Social Work Research

List of upcoming events on trainings, conferences, meetings.


National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors Research Institute

Applied Research and Evaluation Outcomes to Enhance Mental Health Services, February 12-14, 2007. See prior conferences related to Evidence Based Practice and Policy:


New York State Office of Mental Health Best Practices Conference Videos

This 2001 institute combined an opportunity for participants to learn about the current thinking on evidence-based practices with audience feedback on key challenges facing public mental health authorities and others who seek to implement and integrate these in routine mental health settings. Videos of presentation are available at this site.

Society for Social Work Research

The Society for Social Work and Research was founded in 1994 as a free-standing organization dedicated to the advancement of social work research. Holds annual conferences every January.


Social Work Access Network

Provides list of upcoming conferences related to social work.

4th International Conference on Evaluation for Practice

University of Tampere, Finland

Papers pertaining to evidence-based policy and practice as well as evaluation research.

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