Musher Computer Laboratory

The state-of-the-art Columbia University School of Social Work Computer Laboratory located on the first floor of the School’s main building at 1255 Amsterdam Avenue in New York City is named in honor of Willma & Albert Musher and the Musher Family. The laboratory is open to students and faculty throughout the academic year.

Musher Program Symposium on Use of Computer Technology in Social Work Education

On November 8th, 1995 the Musher Program sponsored a national symposium on the Use of Computer Technology in Social Work Education. This symposium brought together the key scholars working on this topic. The symposium examined the rapidly changing use of computer technology in both social work practice and education. It addressed questions regarding the technologies then available to social work practitioners and practitioners, the extent to which these technologies were being used at the time, as well as what could be anticipated.

The symposium was planned by Associate Dean Peg Hess, Willma and Albert Musher Chair Professor Edward J. Mullen, Systems Development Coordinator Ann McCann Oakley, and Musher Program Administrative Coordinator Karen M. Staller.

Speakers and chairs included:

·       Rami Benbenisky, Hebrew University

·       John Black, Columbia University Teachers College

·       Ronald A. Feldman, Columbia University

·       William Ferns, Baruch College

·       Wallace J. Gingerich, Case Western Reserve University

·       Peg Hess, Columbia University

·       Walter Hudson, Arizona State University

·       Lawrence Martin, Columbia University

·       Edward J. Mullen, Columbia University

·       Paula Nurius, University of Washington

·       Dick Schoech, University of Texas at Arlington

·       Laura Shubilla, Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation and Columbia University


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