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Mid-term Assignment


Listing of assignments associated with this course.


Most classes sessions will require that you complete a brief quiz based on the assigned readings for that session. These quizzes can be accessed through the "Test & Quiz" section of Courseworks for this class. Refer to the course syllabus for each class to determine if a quiz is assigned. All quizzes will be available immediately following the class session for that topic. Quizzes must be completed prior to the beginning of the following class at which time the quiz will no longer be available. All quizzes have randomly selected questions from a larger pool of questions so individual students will not have identical quiz questions. The quizzes are automatically graded and students may access their grades upon completion in the "Grade Book" section of Courseworks. The quizzes will count 50% toward the final course grade.


Team Assignments:

The class will be subdivided into teams of approximately six students each. These teams will work throughout the semester on assignments. Teams may be organized around areas of common interest to the extent possible such as field of practice, population or problem. During the first class students will be offered the opportunity to form teams on their own. Most classes will provide break-out time for students to work in their teams on in-class problems. Students are encouraged to assist one another in completion of the in-class problems as well as the assignments. Please see the course syllabus for each session team assignment. The course grade will be based on quizzes (50%) and in-class team assignments completed by each team (50%). Team members will share the team grade. Teams will post their weekly in-class assignments  on the Discussion Board prior to the beginning of the following class (teams can begin to work on the assignment during class in the breakout groups and then continue working on them during the week). Please see Discussion Board link for more information.


Elective Bonus Assignment:

·         In Chapter 3 of the Rubin text four types of evidence-based practice questions are described. Identify one question from your field work for each of the four types described by Rubin in Chapter 3. Rubin lists four common types of EBP questions that a practitioner might ask as follows:

o   What intervention, program or policy has the best effects?

o   What factors best predict desirable or undesirable outcomes?

o   What’s it like to have had my client’s experiences?

o   What assessment tool should be used?

·         For each of the four questions state your proposed evidence search plan including databases that you will search and search terms you will use.

·         Locate one published article relevant to each one of your four evidence-based practice questions.  Write a brief assessment of each article’s quality and relevance to your evidence-based practice question.

·         Taking into account the information you have gathered draw conclusions about the quality of the evidence and what you consider the best answer to the evidence-based practice questions that you have posed.