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Rubin, A. (2007). Practitioner's guide to using research for evidence-based practice: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.


Recommended Textbooks:

Gibbs, L. E. (2003). Evidence-based practice for the helping professions: A practical guide with integrated multimedia. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole-Thompson Learning.


Thyer, B., & Myers, L. L. (2007). A social Worker's guide to evaluating practice outcomes. Alexandria: Virginia: Council on Social Work Education.



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Greenhalgh, T. (2001). How to read a paper (2 ed.): BMJ Books. (available free on-line as part of the User's Guide series below. See instructions for accessing the Users' Guide provided in the next citation below for Guyatt, et al. The series can be accessed under the "Further Study" tab of the Users' Guide.) These references are available also on the library reserve list for this course. This series includes the following papers:

                     How to read a paper: Assessing the methodological quality of published papers

                     How to read a paper: Getting your bearings (deciding what the paper is about)

                     How to read a paper: Papers that go beyond numbers (qualitative research)

                     How to read a paper: Papers that report diagnostic or screening tests

                     How to read a paper: Papers that report drug trials

                     How to read a paper: Papers that summarise other papers (systematic reviews and meta-analyses)

                     How to read a paper: Papers that tell you what things cost (economic analyses)

                     How to read a paper: Statistics for the non-statistician. I: Different types of data need different statistical tests

                     How to read a paper: Statistics for the non-statistician. II: 'Significant' relations and their pitfalls

                     How to read a paper: The Medline database

Guyatt, G., & Rennie, D. (Eds.). (2002). Users' Guides to the Medical Literature: A Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice. Chicago, Ill: AMA Press. ( Access is restricted to subscribers of the journals listed at this site. However, interactive version available on-line at the JAMA web site can be accessed free if you go on-line through the Columbia University library e-journal portal. In the e-journal portal select JAMA; near the bottom of the JAMA web page select the link to Users' Guide to the Medical Literature. Next select the UGI tab on the right side of the page to sign in.)

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Internet & CD Resources

  • Centre for Evidence-based Medicine web site at: . (Straus, et al. book web site).
  • Danya International, Inc REACH-SW beta CD-ROM (on restricted library reserve for this class's use only.
  • Evidence-based Practice for the Helping Professions (Gbbs' book) web site at: .
  • Social Care Institute for Excellence in the UK has a web site for social work and social care publications at . At that site the data base called Social Care Online provides access to publications.
  • Campbell Collaboration web site includes access to systematic reviews of social work interventions (as well as in education and criminal justice) at .
  • Cochrane Collaboration web site provides access to systematic reviews in health care including mental health at: . This is a companion collaboration to the Campbell Collaboration. Access the web site through Columbia University library's portal for free access to full reviews.
  • Evidence-based Behavioral Practice, Northwestern University at: . The project creates training resources to help bridge the gap between behavioral health research and practice. Professionals from the major health disciplines are collaborating to learn, teach, and implement evidence-based behavioral practice (EBBP). Watch videos of experts from different behavioral health disciplines talk about evidence-based practice (evidence-based practice tab).
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality at: . This site provides access to a range of evidence-based practice resources including a link to the National Guideline Clearinghouse.
  • A wide range of evidence-based policy and practice readings and internet resources may be found at the instructors web site: