The Willma and Albert Musher Program at Columbia University was established in 1995. The purpose of the program is promotion of activities that contribute to improving the lives of others. The program seeks to use science and technology for life betterment. The program is directed by the Willma and Albert Musher Professor of Social Work.

The Program was established because science, scientific knowledge, and technology have been insufficiently developed within social work. This Program seeks to redress this underdevelopment. The Program focuses specifically on social work as the core profession that deals with life betterment in all of life's complexities. The Program is unique in that it supports the use of science and technology within the social work profession for the purpose of life betterment.

The establishment of the Willma and Albert Musher Chair and Program was made possible by a generous gift to Columbia University from Mr. Albert Musher in memory of his wife, Willma Musher. The Program is an expression of Mr. Musher's concept that life betterment, individually and collectively, can be enhanced through better use of science and technology. The Chair and Program are permanent reminders of the legacy of the Willma and Albert Musher family, and of the commitment of this family to the welfare of others.