Practicioner-Researcher Partnerships

Practitioner-Researcher Partnerships: Building Knowledge from, in, and for Practice

Peg McCartt Hess and Edward J. Mullen, Editors
ISBN: 0-87101-252-9
285 pages
Item no. 2529


"As the profession pursues its struggle toward collaboration between practice and research, this volume will serve as a mark of progress. Some of the best minds in social work present prevailing viewpoints on research and offer many examples of collaboration through a variety of models. The reader will be encouraged that the field is serious about bridging the gap."

Carol H. Meyer, DSW
Norman Professor of Family and Child Welfare
Columbia University School of Social Work

"More than ever before social work needs to form a closer alliance between its practice and research arms. This book helps the profession do just that—through its analyses of collaborative processes and issues, through its many examples of the variety of ways that productive partnerships can evolve, and through its presentations of new developments in how practitioners and researchers can work together. It is a major step toward turning rhetoric into reality in this vital arena of professional collaboration."

William J. Reid, DSW
School of Social Welfare
University at Albany, State University of New York

"This book has profound ramifications for social work education. It points the way toward practice-based research and research-based practice. It will change the way social workers practice, and it will change the way social work educators teach. It is an important book for social work practitioners, researchers, educators, and students."

Martha N. Ozawa, PhD
Bettie Bofinger Brown Professor of Social Policy
George Warren Brown School of Social Work
Washington University

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