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A SEQUEL TO THE NATIONAL ARTS JOURNALISM PROGRAM'S groundbreaking 1999 study of arts coverage in the American press, Reporting the Arts II builds on the comprehensiveness of its predecessor by examining how our media landscape has been dramatically transformed by recent newspaper mergers, the September 11th attacks, and declines in the U.S. economy. By tracking arts coverage in 20 newspapers around the U.S., the study concludes that at a time when the arts are proliferating nationwide, arts coverage in most news outlets is flat or declining. In addition to analyzing how the traditional press, whether local or national, attempts to balance its content between both the high and popular arts and critical and celebrity journalism, RTA II also scrutinizes arts reporting abroad, in the non-English and alternative press, and on the radio and the web. RTA II provides foundation for an informed and well-researched discussion of America's cultural news as it continues to serve as a forum for assessing future trends in the arts.

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Introduction: Arts Coverage in a New Century
The Arts Take Center Stage
The Dailies: Old Formats, New Challenges

Local Media

Sidebar: Los Angeles Times
Sidebar: The Shreveport Times
San Francisco Bay Area

National mediadownload chapter

Defining Their Turf: The Nationals Fine Tune Their Strategies
Alternative Weeklies Enter the Mainstream
National Public Radio: Challenges to a Trusted Friend on the Dial
Reviews at a Click of a Mouse: Online Coverage Comes of Age
Culture on Television: Celebrity Muscles In
Spanish-Language Arts Coverage
Asian-American Arts and the Media
Coverage of the Arts Abroad

Critical Perspectivesdownload chapter

A History of Rock Criticism
Subject/Object: Firsthand Knowledge in Criticism
Classical Music Criticism at the Crossroads
Reflections of an Outsider Critic
When Dramaturgs Ruled the Earth
Thoughts on Architecture Criticism
The Fine Arts on TV
Below the Radar: Covering the Arts Underground

Appendix download appendix

Methodological Summary

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