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1. February 2014: Jinghui's paper on regenerative oscillations in high-Q cavities is accepted and published in Appl. Phys. Lett. Congrats, Jinghui.

2. October 2013: Chee Wei is elected as a 2013 Fellow of the Optical Society of America.

3. Sept/Aug 2013: Welcome to new members, Yongjun Huang, Sajan Shrestha, Hongjian Qi, and Junbo Yang!

4. July 2013: The joint studies on the decoherence and prolonged spontaneous emission lifetimes of single excitons in nanotubes has been published in Nature Communications, led by the Stevens Institute of Technology. Congrats!

5. June 2013: Our studies on cavity QED with single exciton-photon polaritons in the slow-light regime has appeared in Nature Scientific Reports, based on the strong vacuum Rabi coupling from disorder localized photon states. This is joint work with Thales, UCLA, Humboldt Berlin and Karlsruhe. Congrats!

6. May 2013: Yong-Chun is awarded the 2013 SPIE Optics and Photonics education scholarship - congrats to Yong-Chun! We also welcome new members, Eli Kinigstein, Seth Olsen, Dov Fields and Hangcheng Zhou -- welcome onboard.

7. March 2013: Yong-Chun and Xingsheng's work on the dynamic dissipative cooling of optomechanical resonators has been accepted in Physical Review Letters. Congrats to Yong-Chun and Xingsheng!

8. February 2013: Welcome to new members: Tony Barra, Benjamin Aguilar, and Joey Ge! Tingyi has been selected to receive the 2013 Chinese government award for Outstanding Students Aboard.

9. December/January 2013: Dr. Felice Gesuele will start as an Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Naples Federico II. Congrats to Dr. Gesuele!

10. November 2012: Dr. Chad Husko and Dr. Jiangjun Zheng's work on ultrafast solitons on-chip through frequency-resolved optical gating has been accepted in Nature Scientific Reports. Congrats!

11. November 2012: Dr. Jiangjun Zheng's work on the femtogram optomechanical cavities has been selected as the cover article of Optics Express, November 2012 issue. Cheers to Jiangjun!

12. October/November 2012: Welcome to new members: Yong-Chun Liu visiting our group, and Hao Zhou and Dr. Shu-Wei Huang. Dr. Jiangjun's design on the femtogram nanobeam optomechanical cavities is published in Optics Express, and Dr. Andrzej Veitia's work on mutual preservation of entanglement is published in Physics Letters A - congrats.

13. August/September 2012: Welcome to new members: Xingsheng Luan, Pamela Sanchez, Matthew Miao Yu, Heng Zhou, and undergraduates Silas Wilkinson and Eric Laukkanen!

14. July 2012: Tingyi and James' paper on four-wave mixing and regenerative oscillations in graphene optoelectronics has been selected as the cover article of Nature Photonics, August 2012. Congrats to Tingyi and James!

15. June 2012: Tingyi is awarded the 2012 SPIE Scholarship in Optics and Photonics - congrats, Tingyi! [article]

16. May 2012: Tingyi and James' paper on four-wave mixing and regenerative oscillations in graphene optoelectronics has been accepted as a post-deadline news in our annual optical physics and photonics conference -- Conference of Lasers and Electro-Optics / Quantum Electronics and Laser Science. Selection rate is ~ 2%, out of the 1800+ scientific presentations. Tingyi and James: beautiful measurements!

17. April 2012: Mark Hamilton, a high-school intern in our team, has been awarded the I. I. Rabi scholarship and offered admission into Columbia University. Founded in 1989 by Columbia College and faculty of the science, the Rabi Scholars Program was established in memory of 1944 Nobel Laureate and Columbia physics faculty member I. I. Rabi. A small number of incoming first year Columbia College students who demonstrate exceptional promise in the sciences are chosen to be Rabi Scholars, and the program seeks to support and encourage these talented young scientists by providing research opportunities throughout their undergraduate careers.

18. April 2012: Pamela Sanchez is awarded the NSF fellowship along with the GEM fellowship -- congrats, Pamela!

19. April 2012: alumni Prof. Xiaodong Yang wins the 2012 Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award. Congrats to Prof. Yang!

20. March 2012: Jiangjun's collaborative work with Yale, Prof. Hong Tang's group, on femtogram optomechanical nanobeam cavities has appeared in Nano Letters. Congrats to Jiangjun and Prof. Tang's group.

21. Feburary 2012: A new NSF PhD program on "Optics and Quantum Electronics" is established! This IGERT training program emphasizes on controlling photons in nanostructures, for next-generation optical communications (quantum and high-bitrate) and solar photovoltaics towards a sustainable future. Consisting of 20 interdisciplinary faculty members with cross-linked advances, it provides highly-selective PhD fellowships/traineeships for fundamental science with strong industry inputs and representation. [Optics and Quantum Electronics IGERT]

22. Feburary 2012: XinAn's article on quantum correlations on chip is published in Nature Photonics! Congrats. [publications]

23. January 2012: Jie and James' news article on strongly coupled cavity systems appears in Nature Photonics. Catvu and Jiangjun's APL paper with Prof. Jack Harris (Yale) on Fano-resonances in 50-nm nitride membranes with mechanical Q at 5x10^6 is published! Congrats to all.

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