Kenneth Miller

Center for Theoretical Neuroscience
Columbia University

Mailing Address:
Dept. of Neuroscience
3227 Broadway, L6-070
Mail Code 9864
New York, NY 10027

Voice: 212-853-1086
Office: Room 70, 6th Floor, Jerome Green Science Building (pictured below), 3227 Broadway, between 129th and 130th on W. Side of Broadway (near 125th St. stop of 1 train)

Lab Members & "Co-conspirators" (who have projects w/ more than one lab or group):

Former Lab Members & Co-conspirators:

Some Links:

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  • Neuroscience at Columbia
  • A few links/thoughts on politics, history, scientific ethics ...
  • If you're just getting started in research, or if you mentor people who are just getting started in research, you should watch this talk by Uri Alon
  • Melissa's beautiful paintings!
  • My op-ed, "Will you ever be able to upload your brain?"