Other NeuWrite groups

NeuWrite is a collaborative working group in New York City for scientists, writers, and those in between: graduate, postdoctoral and faculty research scientists, fiction and nonfiction writers, filmmakers, radio producers, artists, physicians, and journalists. Our mission is to develop novel approaches for communicating science to the public in compelling and scientifically accurate ways. The group serves as a both a creative and a scientific resource for members pursuing their own projects, and as a forum for collaborative work.

Occasionally we host professional science writers, scientist-writers, and science editors. Guest speakers to date include Darcy Frey of the New York Times Magazine; Irene Pepperberg, cognitive scientist and author of "The Alex Studies"; Dan Frank, editor in chief at Random House; TJ Kelleher, editor at Seed Magazine; Christian Lorentzen, editor at Harper's Magazine; Jonathan Weiner, author of "The Beak of the Finch"; Sam Wang, co-author of "Welcome To Your Brain"; Carl Zimmer, author of "Soul Made Flesh"; Eric Kandel, author of "In Search of Memory" and "Age of Insight"; and Sylvia Nasar, author of "Grand Pursuit" and "A Beautiful Mind".

Neuwrite is sponsored by the Heyman Center for the Humanities, an interdisciplinary center that presents events and sponsors research and discussion across the humanities and the social sciences for members of the Columbia community and the New York City public.

NeuWrite is supported by by the Office of Graduate Affairs, Columbia University Medical Center.