Team Members

*****  See Below for  Details on Contest & Party  *****

Team Members
Summary Judgement
Javier Bleichmar
Bill Charron
Matt Clayton
Alex Cohen
Dan Filor
Hayden Horowitz
Wally Larson
David Mollow
Trevor Morrison
Brian Skretny
Randall Sommer
Ekow Yankah

Res Ipsa
Rex Adebanjo
Joe Berger

Alex Barnard
Ron Chowdhury

Mark Falkoff
Carlos Fonseca
Troy Foster
Juan Mendez
Tricia Seith

Drew Thompson
Joel Taylor

Marco van Baston
Steven Williams

Tort Feasors

All games will be in Levien Gym

WED - April 1.
8:00 Sum. Judgement v. SIPA
8:50 Qid Pro quo v. Zeta Psi
9:40 Res Ipsa v. Tort Feasors

SUN - April 5
8:40 Conquistidors v. SIPA

WED - April 8
8:50 Quid Pro Quo v. Shape Shifter

WED - April 15
9:40 Sum. Judge. v. Conquistidors
10:30 Tortfeasors v. B-School

SUN - April 19
7:00 Res Ipsa v. Quid Pro Quo
8:40 Sum Judge v. Big Bucks
9:30 Conquistidors v. Aysh's team

WED - April 22
9:40 Torfeasors v. Quid Pro Quo

SUN - April 26
7:50 Res Ipsa v. Zeta


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Kick It.


APRIL 29 -

Quid Pro Quo
Lindsay Barton
Rob de los Reyes
Daryl Fairburn
Maurice Gray
Robin Herr
Rachel Izower
Heather Johnston
Larry Korb
D. Lindenbaum
D. McAlexander
David Nelson
Adam Oppenheim
Kim Owens
Kee Bong Paik
Brian Reynolds
Emily Stein

Grant Thompson
Seth Weiner
Gonzalo Zeballos


Lorenzo Corte
Paul Loeb
Oliveiro Lew

Jesper Lange
Maurice Courvoisier
Juan Del Sel
Cristobal Jimeno
Einar Glomnes
Francisco Vial

FREE Tickets to The World Cup!!!
Still get good beer if you don't win!!

TSI Soccer and ADIDAS are giving away a pair of tickets to the world cup with plane tickets and full accomodations.  There is no purchase necessary.  All you need to do to enter is provide a team roster of at least eight players.  In order to facilitate your entry, the Soccer Club will have envelopes and rosters at its April 8th Party.  Join us for a keg in the hall at 5 pm and you just might win free tickets to Europe.