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Reuters Forum with Leading Economic Experts Begins Jan. 31; Live Webcast

By Kim Brockway

Economic experts, financial journalists, the investment community, public officials, students and the public will join the debate over critical issues in global economics at the Reuters Forum, beginning Jan.31 at Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism. Critical issues regarding globalization and international economics will be hotly debated at the bi-monthly gatherings. The discussions will be webcast live, at http://www.jrn.columbia.edu/reuters/

Now in its eleventh year the Reuters Forum is sponsored by Reuters Foundation, which was established in 1982 by Reuters, the global news and information organization, to support an international range of educational and humanitarian causes. The Reuters Forum is designed to raise awareness of global economic issues among a sophisticated and diverse audience, with significant attention given to the public.

Reuters Forum panelists, including a moderator for each session, are drawn from the worlds of business, finance and economics as well as financial journalism. Others who are actively involved during the sessions, in addition to the public, include graduate and undergraduate students, financial media, the investment community and public officials. The Reuters Forum is held from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism, Broadway and 116th Street. To register, call (212) 854-6840, or register online at http://www.jrn.columbia.edu/reuters/.

Attendance at Reuters Forum events is one of the largest of any course offered by Columbia, with more than 600 registrants expected this year, drawn primarily from New York City and the tri-state area. Because each Reuters Forum is webcast, participants will also be "tuned in" from across the globe. During previous years, individuals have watched the Reuters Forum from as far away as Lima, Peru; Munich, Germany; Lusaka, Zambia, and Kiev, Ukraine.

"This year we will pay close attention to the debate raging over how to achieve social and economic equality on a global basis," said Terri Thompson, Director of the Reuters Forum. "We are proud of the fact that we involve so many people in this debate, from New York and around the world. This is especially appropriate because the issues we discuss influence virtually every economic policy decision made today, affecting billions of people, from the very rich to the very poor."

As in previous years, the Reuters Forum will host an impressive array of speakers in 2001 including: Alice Amsden, (MIT); Benjamin Barber (Rutgers University); Esther Dyson (EDventure Holdings); Edward Luttwak (Center for International & Strategic Studies); Michael Moore (whose documentary films include "Roger and Me" and "The Awful Truth" television series); Sylvia Nasar (Columbia School of Journalism); P.J. O'Rourke (Rolling Stone); John Ruggie (United Nations); Joseph Stiglitz (Stanford University), and Lori Wallach (Global Trade Watch).

2001 Reuters Forum Topics and Schedule

Held every two weeks on Wednesday evenings, from Jan. 31st through May 2nd, the Reuters Forum will address some of the harsh realities of globalization, and the backlash that is calling for a "third way" of global development - a new course between a capitalist agenda and more people-centered development. Participants will address such critical issues as whether social development has failed to keep pace with economic reform, if the world needs a social compact, how market mechanisms can be used to achieve social ends, and the welfare state's place in a global society. The precise schedule is as follows:

January 31: Globalization's Discontents: Is Democracy Being Eroded?
Moderated by Richard C. Longworth, "Chicago Tribune"; with Benjamin Barber, Rutgers University; Pat Buchanan, former Presidential candidate and author of "The Great Betrayal: How American Sovereignty and Social Justice are Being Sacrificed to the Gods of the Global Economy;" Steve Coll, "Washington Post"; and Edward Mortimer, United Nations

February 14: New Economy, Old Politics: Do We Need New Rules to Ensure Fair Growth?
Moderated by Pete Engardio, "Business Week," with Ambassador Thomas Niles, U.S. Council for International Business; John Ruggie, United Nations; Joseph Stiglitz, Stanford University; and Lori Wallach, Global Trade Watch

February 28: Social Capitalism: Can It Close the Gap Between the Rich and the Poor?
Moderated by Nancy Barry, President, Women's World Banking; with Nancy Alexander, Globalization Challenge Initiative; Edward Luttwak, Center for International & Strategic Studies; Sylvia Nasar, Columbia School of Journalism; and Peter Tufano, Harvard Business School

March 21: Trade Dilemma: Should Trade Agreements Champion Workers' Rights?
Moderated by Peter Morici, Economic Strategy Institute and University of Maryland; with Sam Brown, Fair Labor Association; Michael Moore, "The Awful Truth"; and P.J. O'Rourke, "Rolling Stone."

April 4: Emerging Economies: Is Economic Nationalism the Way for "The Rest"?
Moderated by Alice Amsden, MIT; with Sebastian Edwards, UCLA (invited); Brahm Prakash, Asian Development Bank (invited); and David Schlesinger, Reuters America

April 18: Rogue Democracies: Do Elite Interests Control Access to Real Political Power?
Moderated by Robert Kuttner, "The American Prospect"; with Nancy Zucker Boswell, Transparency International-USA; Nitin Desai, United Nations; and Mark Schmitt, Open Society Institute

May 2: Digital Divide: Is the New Economy Creating Economic Inequity?
Moderated by Michael Mandel, "Business Week"; with Anita Brown, Black Geeks Online; Esther Dyson, EDventure Holdings; Stephen Jukes, Reuters America; and Martin Varsavsky, Jazztel Plc

Students in Columbia's Business, International and Public Affairs, Law and Journalism schools may enroll in the Reuters Forum for academic credit and attend lectures preceding each discussion. The best articles they write will appear in the next edition of "The Reuters Forum Journal" published by Columbia University. The 1999 edition can be seen on The Reuters Forum Web site

Published: Jan 29, 2001
Last modified: Sep 18, 2002

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