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Former Vice President Gore Teaches First Columbia Class

Former Vice President Al Gore, accompanied by Columbia Journalism School Associate Dean David Klatell, heads to his first class.

Former Vice President Al Gore gave his first lecture to Columbia students at the School of Journalism on Tuesday, Feb. 6. Gore's non-credit seminar, a series of 6 to 8 lectures titled "Covering National Affairs in the Information Age," includes students enrolled in two journalism courses: National Affairs Reporting and Politics and the Press in America, as well as students from SIPA.

Gore's arrival at Columbia turned out to be a major media event with dozens of news organizations lined up outside the Journalism School for an opportunity to photograph and interview the former vice president.

A Visiting Professor at Journalism, Gore is also a Visiting Scholar at Columbia's new Institute for Child and Family Policy. The Institute designs and conducts interdisciplinary research on the most difficult problems facing America's children and families. He will participate in the activities of the Institute focused on family and community development as part of a broad national consortium of research universities.

Published: Feb 07, 2001
Last modified: Sep 18, 2002

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