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Provost Cole to Host NCAA Recertification Forum on Thursday, Feb. 7

As part of a process to recertify that the University's intercollegiate athletics program conforms to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regulations and guidelines, Provost Jonathan Cole will host a forum for students and other members of the University community in the Satow Room in Alfred Lerner Hall on Thurs., Feb. 7, at 4:00 p.m.

The lengthy NCAA recertification process, which began in the spring of 2001, examines the athletics program's fiscal and academic integrity; commitment to equity, student welfare and sportsmanship, and governance and compliance with NCAA rules. The forum will provide an opportunity for broad-based participation by students and others to a University self-study report, which will be submitted to the NCAA in anticipation of a visit by an NCAA-appointed peer review team of administrators and faculty members from other institutions in June 2002.

Costantino Colombo, dean of student affairs for Columbia College and SEAS, chairs the University steering committee, which is composed of administrators, faculty, alumni and current students, and is coordinating the certification process. The four subcommittees of the steering committee include: academic integrity, chaired by Sandra Johnson, associate dean of residence life and advising programs for Columbia College and SEAS; fiscal integrity, chaired by Susan Mescher, Columbia College's associate dean for administration; equity, welfare and sportsmanship, chaired by David Charlow, director of undergraduate financial aid for Columbia College and SEAS, and governance and rules compliance, chaired by Colombo. These subcommittees are working with the steering committee on the self-study report, which will be mailed to the NCAA in April. Timothy Cross, director of electronic programs in the Columbia College alumni office, is the report's chief writer.

Colombo, the chairs of the four subcommittees, Athletics Director John Reeves, and members of the athletics department will be present at the forum to discuss the certification process. Columbia's athletics program is unique within the Ivy League because student-athletes from four schools, Columbia College, SEAS, Barnard and General Studies, can play on Columbia's intercollegiate sports teams.

This is the second time that the University has undertaken NCAA certification. In 1996, Columbia became the first Ivy school to complete the process, which was instituted by the NCAA in the mid-1990s for all member colleges and universities.

For more information about the forum, contact Kenya LeNoir at 212-854-2446, Timothy Cross at 212-870-2194, or send e-mail to ncaacertification@columbia.edu.

Published: Feb 06, 2002
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002

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