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2002 Reuters Forum: Current Anti-American Sentiment Partially Rooted in U.S. Foreign Policy

Heightened anti-American sentiment has prompted many to ask "Why do they hate us so much?" The answer is likely rooted in U.S. foreign policy decisions and perpetuated by insufficient international news coverage and lack of public awareness of foreign affairs, say panelists at the 2002 Reuters Forum held Jan. 30 at Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism. The first of seven Reuters Forums to be held this spring, panelists included Stephen Jukes of Reuters America, Raghida Dergham of the Arabic daily newspaper Al-Hayat, and Ambassador Edward S. Walker, Jr., of the Middle East Institute. Benjamin Barber of the University of Maryland and author of the bestseller "Jihad vs. McWorld" was the moderator.

Click to view the video (1:38:16). (Note: RealPlayer 8 is required to view this video. You may need to download software to upgrade RealPlayer on your computer.)

Published: Feb 04, 2002
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002

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