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Living With the Genie: How Does Scientific Progress Measure in Social, Economic and Political Terms?

The "Living with the Genie: Governing Scientific and Technological Transformation in the 21st Century," conference has brought 300 prominent figures together for three days of discussion that organizers hope will be the first step toward the development of a new social contract between the scientific community and society as a whole -- one that more closely mirrors the aspirations of a democracy and that opens the scientific process of discovery and particularly its outcomes to more meaningful discussion by democratic institutions and better accountability of the scientific community.

Tuesday, March 5

What can we learn from past scientific and technological transformation of society? Are things different now, if so, how are they different? (10:20-11:50 Session; Moderator: Daniel Sarewitz)

What can we say about the world we are now making? Can we talk meaningfully about using science and technology to "design" the future? To what extent do we see evidence of such design in the present? What is under our control, and what is not? (2:00-3:45 Session; Moderator: Michael Crow)

Wednesday, March 6, 2002

What research should we be doing? (9:00-10:45 Session; Moderator: Daniel Sarewitz).

What do we want from science and technology? How do scientific and technological change influence the quality of our lives and mediate our ability to pursue "the good life"? (11:45-1:15 Session; Moderator: Chris Desser).

How are the products of science and technology appropriated and distributed? (3:30-5:00 Session; Moderator: Michael Crow)

Published: Mar 07, 2002
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002

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