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Navy Memorial Foundation Endowment Honors Columbia Navy V-12 Alumni in New Book


In World War II, thousands of young men received college credit to qualify for officer commissions while serving our country with the help of an extraordinary program -- the Navy V-12 Program.

During World War II, the Navy and Marine Corps wondered where they would obtain college-educated candidates to be commissioned as officers. A program was established on 131 college and university campuses, including Columbia's, to provide young men with up to seven semesters of college courses, thus qualifying them for Navy Midshipmen Schools and Marine Corps Officer Candidate Schools. Some 120,000 men throughout the United States participated in the program, with 60,000 receiving commissions by the end of World War II.

Many of the veterans of V-12 could not have continued their studies past high school without the assistance of the program. In appreciation, the Navy V-12 National Committee wants today's young men and women to be told about the educational opportunities available in the Navy and Marine Corps. Information is provided on the Scholarships and Education Resources Available Through the Navy and Marine Corps web site, which is listed on the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation's web site.

To fund this web page, as well as to support Navy/Marine Corps Interns in the Education Institute of the Navy Memorial Foundation, a Navy V-12 Foundation was established. To date over $100,000 has been raised. The Foundation wants to increase this amount so these interns can be supported on a year-round basis.

If you participated in the Navy V-12 Program, or are a Columbia alumni interested in learning more about Columbia's participation in V-12, a book is now available. James G. Schneider's "The Navy V-12 Program: Leadership for a Lifetime," will be given to donors who make a tax-free contribution of at least $58 (2001 was the 58th Anniversary of V-12), to the Navy V-12 Endowment at the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation -- an endowment that supports the work of college interns and supplies information on-line about college scholarships.

The book covers the creation and operation of the program, and has a section on each of the 131 colleges and universities that participated.

To give a tax-exempt donation of $58 or more, send a check --made out to the "U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation," with "Navy V-12" written in the memo section -- to the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation, 701 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Suite 123, Washington, DC 20004. Be sure to include your address and telephone number.

Published: Apr 22, 2002
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002

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