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Infrastructure of Terrorist Groups Can Lead to Money Trail, Says Reuters Forum Panelist

You can't stop terrorism by stopping the final payment for a bombing, ascerts John Moscow, assistant district attorney for New York during a Reuters Forum. The most effective way to curb money laundering, he says, is to focus on the infrastructure of terrorist or narcotics groups, to see who gets money over time, and target them.

The forum, entitled "Guns & Money: Tracking Underground Funds in a Borderless Economy," looks at how money moves across borders and what can be done to crack down on money laundering. The discussion is moderated by Michael Mandel, economic editor at Business Week. Panelists include: John W. Moscow, deputy chief of the Investigations Division of the New York County District Attorney's office, John Moynihan, partner and founder of BERG Associates and an expert investigator of financial crimes, and Walt Bogdanich, investigations editor for business at the New York Times.

Published: May 02, 2002
Last modified:Sep 18, 2002

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