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Prominent Journalists, Journalism Faculty, J School Alumni Named for Task Force to Discuss Training Tomorrow's Journalists

President Lee C. Bollinger announced the members of a Task Force that will explore what a preeminent graduate school of journalism should look like in the contemporary world. "A critical, but not exclusive question concerns what and how future journalists should be taught," said Bollinger.

The members of the Task Force are drawn from the faculty, student body and alumni of the Journalism School, from faculty in other parts of Columbia, and from a highly distinguished and thoughtful group of individuals in the profession.

The work of the Task Force is expected to conclude with a report this winter. The work of the task force is not to select a new dean. The dean's search committee will continue to meet and receive candidates' names.

President Bollinger will chair the Task Force. The other members include:

Ken Auletta, Media Critic, The New Yorker
Vincent Blasi, Professor of law, Columbia University
Lou Boccardi, President and CEO, Associated Press
Alan Brinkley, Professor of history, Columbia University
Jim Carey, Professor of journalism, Columbia University
Jonathan Cole, Provost, Columbia University
Charles Eisendrath, Director of the Michigan Journalism Fellows
Hector Feliciano, NAJP fellow, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia
Sam Freedman, Interim Associate Dean, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University
Sig Gissler, Professor of journalism, Columbia University
Todd Gitlin, Professor of journalism, Columbia University
Vartan Gregorian, President of the Carnegie Corporation
Allison Hoffman, graduate student, the Graduate School of Journalism
Karen Elliott House, Publisher of the Wall Street Journal
Gwen Ifill, Correspondent, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer
Judith Jones, Professor of public health, Columbia University
James Kelly, Managing Editor, TIME Magazine
David Klatell, Acting Dean, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University
Nick Lemann, Washington Correspondent, The New Yorker
Anthony Marx, Professor of political science, Columbia University
June Massell, Vice President for Communications and External Affairs, Columbia University
Sylivia Nasar, Professor of business journalism, Columbia University
Victor Navasky, Professor of journalism, Columbia University
Michael Oreskes, Assistant Managing Editor, New York Times
Clarence Page, Columnist, Chicago Tribune
Lydia Polgreen, Reporter, New York Times
Anna Quindlen, Columnist, Newsweek, and novelist
Gene Roberts, Professor of journalism, University of Maryland
Tom Rosenstiel, Director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism
Steve Shepard, Editor in Chief, Business Week
Claire Shipman, Correspondent, ABC News
Rick Smith, Chairman & CEO, Newsweek
Susan Spencer, Correspondent, CBS News
Omar Wasow, Executive Director, Black Planet.com
Bob Woodward, Assistant Managing Editor, Washington Post

Published: Sep 24, 2002
Last modified: Apr 15, 2003

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